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One of the most dazzling photos is Song Yi! She’s so white! It feels like \

If you want to become the same type of \
Like the Song Yi, the \插图 How to choose the mask correctly

Many sisters do not know how to choose facial mask. They always follow the wind into a lot of what they want to do.

Replenishment is the most basic function of mask. It is believed that people all know what the importance of replenishment is to the skin. Many skin problems are caused by water loss. The most important purpose is to replenish water. So if you have no problem with your skin, you just need to choose the mask to replenish your skin.

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But! Skin condition is not good, when face blowout, do not apply moisturizing mask.

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Mask applied to the face to create acne environment is closed, not conducive to the growth and change of acne, and mask with high nutrition, acne is also love to be nourished by water, this time mask is more likely to lead to acne outbreak.

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At this time, you can apply some anti-inflammatory mask to keep the acne down.

Like the Song Yi, the \插图4 In recent years, the wind of medical mask is very large. I believe you all have heard about it. Many sisters think that the ingredients of medical mask are very safe and can be used safely. In fact, it is completely mistaken!

Like the Song Yi, the \插图5
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Like the Song Yi, the \插图7 Frequency and time of applying mask Like the Song Yi, the \插图8

Do not know what time to start, the Internet began to appear some mess mask law, told everyone to apply a mask every day, many ears out of order, do not understand the mask after listening to the sisters, I can not wait for a one night in the morning, the mask to eat.

The loss outweighs the gain. However, too much mask can cause excessive hydration of our skin, and the skin will lose its self regulatory ability, so that it will become more and more sensitive. The right mask is two to three times a week.

There is also a mistake made in the early days of the mask: let the mask stay on your face for a long time. The time of applying the mask is too long, not only does not replenish water, but also suck away the moisture on our face. The best time is 15-20 minutes. Like the Song Yi, the \插图9

Follow up work of finishing mask

After you remove the mask from your face, you must wash your face. wash one ‘s face! Wash your face( Important things are to be repeated for 3 times! It’s all remembered by Rui sauce!) Like the Song Yi, the \插图10

Mask in addition to nutrients, but also contains a large number of preservatives and thickeners, wash your face is very easy to breed bacteria, resulting in long pox, rotten face. After finishing the mask, clean the face with clean water.

Like the Song Yi, the \插图11 After skin washing, the use of skin care products is also out of order. It only needs to reduce skin care. It is enough to apply some mild toners and cream.

Like the Song Yi, the \插图12 You think it will be better to absorb, but there are many nutrients in the mask. At this time, the skin care products can be absorbed by layers of skin.

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