No, it’s so easy to be a spice girl

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Original title: isn’t it? It’s so easy to be a spice girl!

Author: boss Lu

Hi, my fairies, it’s June in the blink of an eye. It’s getting closer and closer to the scorching heat. Lulu also knows that daga is eager to become beautiful! Since the last time I shared the idea of beauty with a sense of summer atmosphere, today Lulu has come up with something different. You know, this year is particularly popular with hot girls, and all kinds of clothes are emerging one after another.

cr:canva制作 小红书@884971542、   1023543907、eechoman、ChiliCharlotte Cr: canva makes little red books @ 884971542, 1023543907, eechoman, chili Charlotte

Jiumin! How about a bunch of hot girls like this! Even I can’t control my love for spice girls, let alone boys! Is not across the screen to feel the joy of being a spice girl! Well, I’ve decided that Lulu will be a hot girl this summer! However, before becoming a spice girl, these \


Spice girls must have \

Walk with wind and never look back! It’s just fun~

Now that I’m determined to be a hot girl, I have to follow Lulu from the head~

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L’Oreal Hyaluronic Acid Shampoo cr:本账号 转载请注明出处(下同)

Does the fairy face the trouble of sweating and oil in summer? Not only the delicate make-up will be pulled down, but also the hair will be affected, especially the sweat and oil on the forehead and scalp. It’s easy to make the hair flat. It seems that I’m much shorter, which makes my image fall to the bottom!

Fortunately, I have L’Oreal hyaluronic acid shampoo, which makes my hair fluffy for a long time. I no longer feel \

In addition to ecstasy, Lu Lu did not do less homework! The reason why L’Oreal hyaluronic acid shampoo can make hair fluffy is that the hard core ingredient added to it is the secret~

No, it’s so easy to be a spice girl插图2 Ingredient blessing

99% high purity hyaluronic acid

Different from the common hyaluronic acid on the market, it is added with 99% high purity hyaluronic acid (source: L’Oreal), which can be called a high-quality nourisher! In fact, hyaluronic acid is very familiar to daga. Of course, L’Oreal can’t let go of such an excellent skincare helper. It can directly apply hyaluronic acid, a skincare grade ingredient, to the scalp and take care of the scalp! Moreover, the micro molecular level hyaluronic acid can penetrate into the deep hair and scalp without any sound, so that the scalp and hair can enjoy its intimate nourishment. The fluffy and moist hair will come, and even the scalp can feel the moisturizing power~

Scalp black Technology

At the same time, L’Oreal’s scalp black technology also makes deer and deer look at each other with new eyes. It can not only protect the scalp from external damage, but also relieve the greasy and dry feeling of the scalp, so that the washed scalp is fresh and not tight, clean and not greasy! Like the scalp easy to acne problems can also be eased, hair and scalp feel very relaxed! Wake up the next day’s hair is still natural fluffy, and just washed the hair at that time almost no difference oh~

Texture display

A dense foam

Transparent water texture, gently press a pump, rubbing hands is very easy to froth. Looking at this fine and delicate bubble, it also emits a faint blue wind bell fragrance, which is the real perfume of my hair. I really can’t help it. No, it’s so easy to be a spice girl插图3
No, it’s so easy to be a spice girl插图4 Feeling of using

The hair is fluffy, the scalp is fresh and not sticky

Before use

No, it’s so easy to be a spice girl插图5

After use

No, it’s so easy to be a spice girl插图6 Ben Lu insisted on using it for a period of time, and found that my scalp doesn’t like oil, and my hair has become watery and fluffy. No matter looking near or far away, from the scalp to the hair root, it is full of youthful fluffy feeling, and the whole person’s spirit has also increased a lot! This let me completely get rid of the trouble of greasy hair and sticking to the scalp before. My hair out of the street has an elegant fluffy feeling, and I am a proper spice girl!

If you want to be a spice girl, the \
No, it’s so easy to be a spice girl插图7   02 No, it’s so easy to be a spice girl插图8

Spice girls must have \

The combination of hardness and softness, freedom by me, ah! That’s to say~

Since the hair is soft and fragrant, you can’t forget the \

Cr: Little Red Book @ sun Shangxiang scent (the same below)

YSL water of freedom

As the first Fuqi fragrance of YSL family, I have spent a lot of time in design. Not to mention the female independent characteristics, but also the delicate pure desire breath design. With a little spray, you are an independent woman who is free and easy in the city and is not bound by traditional ideas~

cr:小红书@孙尚香Scent(下同) It is a combination of traditional Fuqi tune and delicate flower tune. Just after spraying, it has citrus flavor, giving people a fresh and natural sense of secularity, which means that it does not mix with the secular. The fragrance of lavender and orange blossoms in the middle tune seems to be in the lavender garden. It is gentle and mysterious. It seems to be a woman who is streaming in the heart, waiting for her beloved to keep the appointment.

When the fragrance is almost gone, it’s warm vanilla and ambergris. It turns into an intellectual and emotional dream girl. She is indifferent to worldly desires, and only wants her gentle dream not to be broken. For example, urban women, white-collar workers, and sweet and cool spice girls can easily hold it~

  03 No, it’s so easy to be a spice girl插图10

Spice girls must have \

Dry and comfortable, drive away sweat, eh! It’s just cool~

In summer, let alone deer, even many little fairies who don’t like to sweat will sweat. Especially easy to sweat axillary parts, leading to small sling are afraid to wear, for fear of axillary odor scared others. But it doesn’t matter, summer prepared on the liquid can drive off the odor, sweating trouble~

Cr: Little Red Book @ Miss Fox (the same below)

Neville, let’s go
Pearl juice

Do you believe fairies are familiar with Nivea? I feel that it can not only drive off armpit odor and reduce sweating, but also arrange skin lightening in place. It’s worthy that I used Nivea from childhood. My conscience is easy to use. Who can not love it!

cr:小红书@狐狸小姐(下同) I like Lu Lu who is soaked in rain and dew. Of course, I like the pearl liquid with whitening effect (g20152582). Point the day and await for it. Add three whitening essence, through the snipe pigments in each stage of action, find out the right time to make the skin reduce the pigmentation and stain, make the skin appear natural and bright, at the same time, it can also nourish and protect the skin with many directions, and delicate and tender underarm skin can wait for you! And it can help you get rid of the smell of sweat under your armpits and keep your skin dry and comfortable~


Spice girls must have \
No, it’s so easy to be a spice girl插图12 Scorching sun, it’s nice to have you, eh! I’m talking about sunscreen~ No, it’s so easy to be a spice girl插图13

As long as the summer comes, Lulu will talk about \

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Olay white umbrella

Cr: please indicate the source of this account (the same below)

At the beginning, it was just a coincidence to buy Olay’s little white umbrella. She just ordered her family’s body milk on the little orange software. Then she saw that little white umbrella decided to have a try. As a result, she made money when she bought it home! Last summer with it, my skin color is still delicate and transparent, full of natural luster~

Since the sun protection is so powerful, Lulu has to be careful. Olay’s four fold sunscreen system is added, which can resist the invasion of UV Dual band, provide super sunscreen \
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And the addition of anti-aging ingredients is another reason why I love it. The three main ingredients: white tea essence, trehalose, nicotinamide, provide skin antioxidant, strong and tough barrier, enhance skin repair ability, prevent skin aging and nourish the skin. No matter what else, its lotion is very clear, the speed of film formation is very fast. There is no burden on deer’s upper face, and there is no stuffy pox, card powder, makeup and sticky.


Spice girls must have \
No, it’s so easy to be a spice girl插图15 If you show your hands and legs, it’s the only thing you need! That’s what you think~

Don’t pretend to know what Wang Du knows! If you want to be a hot girl, you must let men see drooling, and women see sexy little skirts and suspenders that want to cut meat. To reach the standard of hot girls, delicate and tender skin is essential. At this time, the fur on the skin will affect the beauty, so deer and deer take it out every summer~ No, it’s so easy to be a spice girl插图16
No, it’s so easy to be a spice girl插图17 Cr: please indicate the source of this account (the same below)


Photorejuvenation hair removal instrument

This jovs hair removal instrument not only won the tmall gold makeup award, but also once won the tmall V list. You can imagine how excellent it is. After the actual operation, Lulu found that it really has two brushes, worthy of being the bare leg \

It can take care of every inch of our skin and make our hair walk easily. Among them, the light filter head can intercept specific wave band to reduce the stimulation of light when irradiating the skin. In addition, the radian light outlet with excellent fit can give full play to its energy and make the hair leave the skin quickly. The silky and tender touch will come. At the same time, the intelligent touch screen is equipped to pull the full experience value, which is simple and easy to operate. In summer, it is no longer necessary to use the \


cr:本账号 转载请注明出处(下同) Spice girls must have \

Tall spice girl, private collection, eh! It’s about being high~

Since they are all spice girls, tall body is a bonus item, and it can also show leg length! So it’s no surprise to hide high insoles~

Cr: Official

Antarctic raised insole No, it’s so easy to be a spice girl插图19
No, it’s so easy to be a spice girl插图20 If you don’t choose the right insole, there will be the risk of smelly feet. And it is for this reason that the Antarctic people choose high temperature activated bamboo charcoal particles, which can absorb the odor and reduce the discomfort caused by the odor. Moreover, its workmanship is also worthy of further study. Among them, the breathable cushion surface + sweat absorbing non-woven fabric + bamboo charcoal sandwich + sweat absorbing sandwich can purify the taste in multiple directions, at the same time, the foot feel is more comfortable, and there is no risk of stumbling when walking~

Cr: Little Red Book @ Mengda

At the same time, its honeycomb mesh can improve air permeability and comfort, reduce wet sweat and wet feet. The key is that its hemming is also very delicate, and the insole is more durable and does not deform. If you want to be a spice girl, you might as well try it~

Well, that’s the end of today’s hot girl sharing. Hurry up and become a hot girl!

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