The empty bottle of skin care products

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Original title: empty bottle | Shh! Listen, it’s a leak in the wallet~

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In fact, I am really slow to use things, especially skin care products. The main reason is that my volcanic face is unstable, people are lazy, and my hands are always inexplicably fond of hoarding things.

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Therefore, most of them are used, and the remaining 30% is abducted by other goblins. Those who can use the empty bottle are either friends who teach me to be obedient, or they are too expensive to worry about. So let’s see and cherish them~

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This sexiu classmate, I really want to pull all the pimple brothers and sisters pants crazy SA Amway, really easy to use!!!

Although it can’t be refined after the founding of the people’s Republic of China, my face definitely has its own ideas. As long as I need to use my face to support the stage, it will be as crazy as perpetual motion machine. After tossing about, it will leave a lot of red marks. At this time, the sexiu will whisper in my ear like the hero of an idol drama: \

The empty bottle of skin care products插图2 As a senior intellectual in xiulike’s family, sexiu’s formula is \

Thyme cucumber extract first extinguishes the fire and soothes the skin, olive leaf and mulberry extract lightens the skin while diluting the red marks, and finally hyaluronic acid moisturizes and strengthens the muscle base, so it has a set of \

However, the texture of essence is very subtle. When I first start my face, I feel a little bit thick. As long as I rub a few times, it will \
The empty bottle of skin care products插图3 However, after a few days of clocking in, you will find that the red marks on your face have fled carrying the high-speed railway, leaving you only a delicate and neat face, so the buyback arrangement is not easy~ The empty bottle of skin care products插图4

You can really pay more attention to the new products launched by YSL in recent years. Everyone’s goal is to aim at our big face.

For example, the essence of this night queen, though not popular with the luminous bottle, has a wide range of business capabilities. After staying up late to cultivate immortals, he hugged it and his face continued to light up; Lack of water to dry out grain, also can rely on it to drink water~ The empty bottle of skin care products插图5

The main formula is around antioxidant and repair.

Moroccan night queen cactus flower, the core ingredient, can make your face firm and tender. In addition, red algae and marigold are combined with a layer of anti-oxidation repair. The more you boil, the more beautiful and greasy your face will be( (no) The empty bottle of skin care products插图6

However, the reason why it stands out from my anti-oxidation army is mainly due to its watery and traceless texture. For oil field walkers who have to race against the clock every morning, skin care products in the morning are not oily at all.

The empty bottle of skin care products插图7 And my kiss night queen, on the face, said that the dew in the garden in the early morning is OK, mixed with the faint fragrance of plants, after contacting the skin for a few seconds, it will blend into one, leaving only a soft and watery face, and it has strong ability to solve the problem of carbon black face, how to go out in the morning, and almost come back in the evening, ah, it’s true love~ The empty bottle of skin care products插图8

In addition, I don’t know if the Bureau here has ever encountered such a problem, that is, the face is so black and the hands are not like the ones that can grow on a person. For example, my hands are wild snow white, and my face is a mining dwarf. It’s very difficult to unify. Nu Wa’s mud idea wants to cry.

So much so that after contacting this little light bulb which has been imitated but never surpassed, I instantly understood one thing: it’s good to have money~ The empty bottle of skin care products插图9

The whole formula is full of glittering brilliance. Undecyl phenylalanine hinders the formation of pigment from the place where it is produced. High concentration of nicotinamide can improve the brightness of the product, prevent the pigment from rising from the transportation route of pigment, and be the front ingredient of pitera ™, It’s easy to control the oil secretion, regulate and maintain the skin, with a little effect of exfoliating cutin, speed up the skin surface pigment to leave, and work together in three levels to remove yellow and brighten~

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Maybe it is to buy it for a month’s soil, so I see it will always be inexplicable with some filters, the essence of the smell of elegant fragrance, texture and yogurt almost, used in the face of cool and refreshing, moisture is not strong, but for my big oil field is just good fit!

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The empty bottle of skin care products插图12 Because mica is added in it, you can have the atmosphere of Japanese glossy muscle after you put it on your face. At the same time, after you stick to the clock out, the glossy feeling may change from decoration to reality, making your plain face look similar to sea pearl, and sending out transparent natural soft light from the inside to the outside. Young man, do you believe in light?

The empty bottle of skin care products插图13 This eye cream is a standard slash youth, with a wide range of business abilities, such as staying up late, eye fine lines potential stocks, comprehensive anti-aging players, etc.

The empty bottle of skin care products插图14 The formula of eye cream has the momentum of a hundred schools of thought, such as preventing photoaging, repairing and stabilizing the hot contestant in the muscle bottom environment. The lysate from the fermentation product of Schizosaccharomyces bifidus helps to regulate the biological rhythm and alleviate the tripeptide-32 which causes skin damage due to staying up late.

At the same time, I have this kind of swollen sad frog’s heart, good caffeine, accelerate the circulation around the eyes, and hyaluronic acid, which provides a continuous stream of water for the dry skin, repair, regulation, detumescence, moisturizing all have, who can refuse it! The empty bottle of skin care products插图15

And I don’t know if big brands prefer to grab the cook’s job. Small brown bottle eye cream is authentic orange jam, clear light brown condensation, which can kill a bag of toast~

The empty bottle of skin care products插图16 \
The empty bottle of skin care products插图17 But as a reminder, for eye cream, the harder it works, the more effective it can be. We must work harder and faster.

Then empty is this official declared that it can be a few months to be able to light the tattoo of the eye, the eye, lip, and wrinkle cream. I didn’t expect it. I’ll open two.
Eye cream, but I’m not using it around my eyes. I mainly use it for \

Before carefully taking notes of the Bureau, we should know that the formation of fine lines is generally due to lack of water and loss of collagen!

The empty bottle of skin care products插图18 Based on this point, it adds pure retinol with strong business ability, which is responsible for promoting the generation of hyaluronic acid, improving the moisture content and firmness of skin, making sunken skin soft and swollen like a wet sponge. On the basis of moisturizing, it improves skin texture and fine lines, making skin more robust and tender!

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Its packaging is also super intimate, which is the kind of vacuum valve, which not only ensures the activity of ingredients, but also makes every mouthful of eye cream \

Texture is also the kind of refreshing, generally push the whole eye will absorb clean, do not wait, there is no sense of burden.

The empty bottle of skin care products插图20 Since I insist on clocking in, although the actual effect is not as powerful as the one key elimination of Meitu XiuXiu, it really seems to have a trend of becoming shallower. The main thing I noticed was that it was a little late. I felt that I had to hit hot Maggie to get it done. Members, we must remember to take precautions! The empty bottle of skin care products插图21

As for people, they always have a desire to try something that is very expensive, and almost everyone says it’s super easy to use. It’s just as exciting as your kitten always wants to push the cup off the table and watch you jump. So do the black bandages on my heart and I~

The empty bottle of skin care products插图22 Let’s start with its family background. The soul component is Bose factor, which is very powerful in the anti-aging world.

First of all, it can promote the production of glycosaminoglycan (GAG). If we compare our face to a spring bed, then gag is equivalent to the stuffing inside, which can make the face stand upright. In addition, it can also produce proteoglycan, which can promote the production of \
The empty bottle of skin care products插图23 Plus glycyrrhizic acid and hyaluronic acid, in the mild at the same time, can also play a better repair moisturizing effect!

The empty bottle of skin care products插图24

The cream is the texture of oil and water. Although it is thick and thick, it has good ductility. It is silky and smooth. It is smooth and smooth. It is smooth and not oily. With the addition of high flavoring, it is as if it was being brushed across the cheek with a velvet towel in the European court. I’m a poor man

After being taken care of by it, I really found that my face is not so easy to break down, and it’s also very stable. Usually when acne comes to make trouble at home, I can walk faster with it, and it’s not easy to leave red marks. Sister with sufficient budget, you can get on this car~

The empty bottle of skin care products插图25 As a member of a party who is halfway through the house, I have a complex sense of the mask for the \
The empty bottle of skin care products插图26 You can say it’s cowhide. After my skin is stable, it’s like living on my face. The basic moisturizing tube doesn’t have any ups and downs, but it’s normal. The solid stability maintaining ability in the formula says that you can’t live without me. It’s hard for people to decide whether to continue in the car or not~

The empty bottle of skin care products插图27 The structure of the mask is simple. First, the refreshing lipid composition forms a thin protective film on the skin, leaving the moisture in the skin, and collocation with glycerin, sorbitol and other water grasping small hands, so as to improve the moisture content of the skin, so as to achieve the high sealing effect of moisturizing and stabilize the skin.

Finally, the nutrition package of NCTF has a direct effect on the deep skin, so long-term use can also have an anti-aging effect. The empty bottle of skin care products插图28

Texture is also all match, soft and sticky glutinous is not easy to dry, so I also love to group partners with a rush, for example, you are dry skin can first put on the face of a moisturizing essence, and then wipe it in white, smell elegant fragrance, accept transformation, wash face will be soft and full of baby and baby. If you want to brighten up, change the whitening essence. The effect is really 1 + 1 > 2~

The empty bottle of skin care products插图29 The whole more recommended skin water shortage unstable friends, oily skin can be on the winter, summer, you can take a look at the following~

A member of Keyan’s marigold may not have the life of fire. Therefore, Keyan’s promotion of crazy demons doesn’t play with children. Who would have thought that children would constantly strive for self-improvement and walk out of a soothing and moisturizing thoroughfare~

The empty bottle of skin care products插图30
The empty bottle of skin care products插图31 As in the past, the formula has retained the mild style of Ke Yan’s collocation. Instead of essence, essential oils are used instead of alcohol. They are naturally natural ingredients, such as tender and tender resistance to the old and young Kuraso aloe leaf juice, which is responsible for the moisturizing of the Centella asiatica extract, the antioxidant E, the root of tiger knotweed extract, and so on.

And the use effect, I dare say that as long as you use it once, you will never forget! Although I almost put it in the cold because I used it for the first time. But when the skin is stable, it’s another face. Just stay on the face for 3 minutes to fill your face. Sometimes I can’t recognize that full and delicate face. The empty bottle of skin care products插图32

At the same time, before the season, you can go to the front with herbal tea and marigold water, which can make your life more stable!

The empty bottle of skin care products插图33

Well, the above are some \

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