Can I really be saved if I stay up late?

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Original title: dark, rough, oily… Can I be saved by staying up late?

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Hello, fairy. How are you.

Two days ago, young people stayed up late and went on Weibo hot search again. We discussed this topic again. How much do young people like to stay up late? Let’s put it this way. Basically, there are no young people who can go to bed before 12 o’clock.

Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图

As expected, staying up late is addictive. However, although Xiaobian said \

I think the sisters who love to stay up late have the same trouble as me, so the intimate editor arranged this issue of stay up late skin care topic for you! let‘s go!( Look down)

L’Oreal zero cream

Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图1 When it comes to my late night companion, L’Oreal zero cream must have a big name. Stay up late for a long time, the face is easy to lose luster, not full, a large part of the reason is the loss of collagen.

This zero point cream is added with Bose’s good sister, foboin, which is like a protective shield of collagen. It gently takes care of the skin, so that collagen does not run away wantonly, and helps the skin to accelerate the growth of collagen. The old keep the new crazy, collagen full face natural tight bang.

Not only that, fuboyin can also help skin anti light aging, with VC use, can reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays on the skin, a bottle of dual-purpose, simply earn!

In addition, L’Oreal zero cream contains 5 times of ultra-fine molecular hyaluronic acid, which can penetrate into the skin, replenish water and make the skin hydrated. Use it to repair the skin after sunburn and replenish the water lost in the face! No longer afraid of \

I know many fairies are most afraid of greasy with face cream, while L’OREAL zero cream does not have this trouble. It is a semitransparent Velvet Cream texture, before the use of the palm slightly emulsified, gently pressed on the face, will not be sticky sticky hair, very refreshing.

Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图2 It’s very light and watery Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图3

In general, according to this technique, it is not easy to rub mud. If you still rub mud, another reason may be that zero cream contains HEPES weak acid, which can speed up the metabolism of cutin and smooth the skin. But if you haven’t exfoliated for a long time, it’s easy to rub off the old cutin.

And in the process of using zero point cream, my skin state has also undergone earth shaking changes!

Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图4 Originally, my skin is dark and dull after staying up at night. It’s glossy obviously. My pores are also very conspicuous. My lines are very deep. There is no luster on my face! Where are you like 20 + young people! Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图5

But after \

KORRES yogurt repair mask

Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图6 Cr: Taobao @ Wangyi’s shop (the same below)

Lazy, I recently fell in love with smear mask, all because of this yogurt repair mask. From the beginning of the packaging, this mask captured me, INS wind minimalist packaging, when used with a special sense of ritual.

And the Korres brand’s masterpiece is to extract skin care ingredients from natural plants and gently repair the skin. This bottle of facial mask adds 7% of Greek yogurt, which can be tender skin, moisturize and replenish water. I also feel a friendly feeling for a sensitive muscle.

Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图7

Its texture is also like the name. It’s silky and smooth like yogurt, and it has good ductility. I like to put a thick layer on it after staying up late for ten minutes. After washing off, the skin feels bright and clean, and the tightness and dryness are relieved. The whole face is tender and soft. I want to call myself baby! Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图8
Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图9

Lieu queen Lee relieving Essence Mask

Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图10 Cr: Taobao @ Seoul

If sisters do not love the smear mask, then you can try this flake mask. This mask is quite popular in South Korea. It has been on the get it beauty program, and it also belongs to a good helper when the skin barrier is fragile.

Its mask essence is very full, more than sufficient face is smear necks. Mask paper also has a sense of weight. It is thicker and thicker. It has a feeling of being tightly wrapped around the face. It is very firm. Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图11
Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图12 It is divided into black and white two kinds of mask, I use white membrane, the main attack desert skin replenishment, also can repair the skin barrier, after use, it will feel the pores seem to have improved a lost, the skin has also eased a lot, the dry texture on the face has been desalinated, like in season skin, especially need to replenish water, relieve, sisters can store up a wave to try.

Birch sprayer

Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图13 This is a single product I bought before in the gift box of Yi Quan. After using it, I had a deep impression on this bottle of spray. After the night, the skin is always dry and sensitive, and this spray has become my emergency product.

And this spray contains 100% pure birch juice, and small molecule hyaluronic acid and pan alcohol, it can be said that the water supply gift package has been released. And it also contains 6 kinds of compound plant extracts, which can also regulate water and oil, and relieve sensitive skin~

Not only the ingredients are good, but also the product design is beautiful. The simple white minimalist package looks fresh; There are also wide-angle nozzle, water mist and dense, with makeup is not afraid of spray.

Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图14

It can be seen from the water and oil index that its water replenishing power is really strong! Very suitable for staying up late when the skin is uncomfortable, take out a spray, once you feel the whole person refreshing, the skin also seems to be awakened! Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图15
Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图16

Sofina make up front

Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图17 Cr: Taobao @ Ziqi beauty

After the night, the skin is not only poor in texture, but also worse in makeup and card powder. If you want to make up to cover up, you feel like you can’t move. So at this time, a good make-up milk is very good.

Sofina is also the old net red, the texture is light, like the emulsion, the fluidity is very strong, after wiping opens has a touch of effect, slightly has the bright makeup effect.

And sophina is also very intimate out of the oil control version and moisture version. I personally feel that they are all very good to use, and the ability to fill pores is very good. I won’t rub mud in the follow-up, and the make-up will be more beautiful. We can choose according to our own needs.

Can I really be saved if I stay up late?插图18 However, I suggest that when you apply make-up milk, you can only apply it on the part with large pores instead of on the whole face; Especially in the oil control version, if the whole face is covered with oil, it’s easy to dry the cheeks.

Now the pace of life is very fast, many people do not have their own time during the day, so the night has become the best time to \

8 after you baby not only skin care to be in place, but also to stay up less, pay more attention to work and rest will be more beautiful Oh ~ you generally stay up until what time? Let’s fight in the comments section~

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