Tan songyun is still in love with her younger brother

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Poster of TV series \
电视剧《亲爱的麻洋街》海报 Poster of TV series \
电视剧《亲爱的麻洋街》海报 The two plays are not only separated for a short time, but also have many similarities. The same love triangle between two men and a woman, the same childhood plot, Li Jianjian in \

Screenshot of TV series \

Screenshot of TV series \
电视剧《亲爱的麻洋街》截图 Ma Xiaoxiao, who is played by Tan songyun in dear Mayang street, is a famous gifted student bully in Mayang street. He is determined to get into Peking University. He is not afraid of difficulties, works hard and perseveres. 电视剧《亲爱的麻洋街》截图

Ma Xiaoxiao appears

Ma Xiaoxiao is not only a bully, but also a mature and independent character, daring to do something, daring to love and hate, righteous and responsible, so she also has the reputation of \

Ma Xiaoxiao, the elder sister of Mayang Street

The editor loves Tan songyun’s role as a campus drama hostess. Besides being cute, she also has a funny temperament and is relaxed and lively. Watching her play can really follow Tan songyun back to our own school days. She is the female classmate who likes to shake and be clever with her open personality… So she is especially suitable for the role of rebellious student dregs. Tan songyun is still in love with her younger brother插图5
麻洋街大姐大马晓晓 Li Jianjian

For example, in the name of family, Li Jianjian

李尖尖 Li Jianjian

Li Jianjian

Geng Geng in the best of us 学渣李尖尖
学渣李尖尖 Learning dregs

Learning dregs

One thing I have to accept is that now the academic dregs have become academic bullies. Born in 1990, Tan songyun is still \
学渣耿耿 TV series in the name of family
学渣耿耿 Even so, it’s necessary for the female owner to face the emotional line of choosing one from the other. Well, I’m sour. I’m the girl I want to be when I was a student

TV series in the name of family
电视剧《以家人之名》 TV series \

Tan songyun is born with an enviable baby face, tight skin, big eyes, and girlish style. Let alone now, even if she plays for a few years, the students are not under any pressure.

电视剧《以家人之名》 Tan songyun
电视剧《亲爱的麻洋街》 Although it’s a good foundation of natural beauty, Tan songyun’s state of being a girl can’t be separated from her meticulous maintenance. Take a look at this plain skin. It’s not easy to maintain such a transparent and even skin state in all kinds of irregular life.

Tan songyun’s plain face
谭松韵 After getting through the sticky and stuffy summer, entering dry autumn and winter, after considering seriously resisting old age, come and work hard with Tan Songyun for the young girls.

Poster of TV series \

[ Girl muscle development plan]


   Compact contour——

TV series in the name of family
Previously, it was said that Tan songyun’s maiden face had a lot to do with her baby face shape. The baby face was round, and the apple muscles on both sides of her cheek were developed, which made her feel like a baby. This kind of face is naturally full and mellow, looks sweet and lovely visually, and the full face itself is not easy to loose, so it is full of girlish feeling no matter in its twenties or thirties.

Tan songyun’s blockbusters
电视剧以家人之名 However, the MM who is not a baby face should not lose heart. In daily maintenance, pay more attention to the maintenance of Apple muscle, improve the skin elasticity, and also make the skin more compact and full.

Tan songyun’s self portrait
谭松韵大片 From the beginning of anti-aging, it is necessary to supplement collagen to the skin, resist free radicals, and improve fine lines and wrinkles. Especially in the autumn and winter, we should emphasize the nourishing and nourishing type in the selection of cream and cream, replenish nutrition and energy for the skin, ensure the skin moisturize and moisten the skin, further replenish collagen and vitamins, improve the skin’s metabolism and anti-oxidation function, and strengthen the skin barrier, so that the skin will be more vigorous and smooth.

Estee Lauder multi effect Essence Cream (new collagen cream) 谭松韵捏脸自拍

Estee Lauder multi effect Essence Cream

  RMB780\/50ml 950\/75ml

Mixed oil love, light cream texture, skin is melted. A soft and light cream, specially developed for Asian women, is effective in anti aging and invisible pores. A bottle of full effect, deep moisturizing, instantly activate the skin’s natural young potential, make the skin radiate vitality from the inside out. 雅诗兰黛多效智妍精华乳霜

Juice beauty stem cell anti wrinkle Moisturizer

Juice beauty stem cell anti wrinkle Moisturizer


A luxurious cream, rich in dried fruit cells, vitamin C and grape seed extract resveratrol patent formula, moisturizing and strong skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Juice Beauty干细胞抗皱保湿霜

It contains a variety of Organic Certified antioxidant ingredients and plant essential oils to enhance skin moisture and elasticity, and long effect against aging traces.

IPSA the best cream (wrinkle resistant) A alcohol silver needle tube.

IPSA the cream of cream (anti wrinkle type)

780 yuan \/ 23g

IPSA, a new brand of \
The exclusive formula of silver needle tube is reliable and mild, which can prevent skin damage caused by intolerance, and create an environment that is not easy to produce wrinkles while repelling wrinkles. It helps to resist the traces of time, regain smoothness and delicacy, and reappear elegance and confidence. IPSA茵芙莎凝时菁华面霜(抗皱型)

NULAITE new Ley, beautiful muscle, bright face sweet core essence (vitamin A alcohol)

NULAITE new Ley, beautiful muscle, bright face sweet core essence (vitamin A alcohol)


Relieve the texture of the gel, moisturize and protect the skin, release the gentle white essence, maintain the skin’s stability, strong and tough, inhibit the synthesis of melanin, at the same time prevent oxidation, promote the renewal of the stratum corneum metabolism, maintain the normal metabolic cycle of the skin, improve the dark, stain and fine lines, and refresh the skin as fresh, soft, uniform and fair. NULAITE纽莱伊美肌光亮颜甜芯精华液(维A醇)

TV series in the name of family


Even skin tone——


In addition to firmness, girlish skin should be even and white. The disorder of daily life, melanin precipitation, yellowing and darkening, sensitive reddening, and oily coarseness will make our skin uneven, showing a sense of fatigue and sub-health. The whole person will look a lot older. Therefore, in daily care, we should remember to help skin detoxification, cleanse, calm, and revitalizes some skin care products that are mainly anti aging and anti carbohydrate, and can revitalizes and revitalizes skin. It can solve the dull skin and improve the complexion and complexion.
Sweet and black tea youth Revitalizing Essence (007 essence)

The 007 essence of poetry

  30ml\/RMB280 50ml\/RMB350

Coagulation time fermenting ingredients can effectively reduce the degradation of collagen, intensively nourish the muscles that stay up late, improve the condition of relaxed skin, and endow the skin with youthful vitality‘ 007 the essence of repair is on the basis of the fermented ingredients in the coagulating time, adding 4 star effective ingredients to solve the 3 major skin problems caused by staying up late. Nicotinamide helps to improve dull skin and brighten skin tone; Ceramide and allantoin can repair the fragile skin caused by staying up late and build a strong barrier for the skin; Hyaluronic acid can replenish the water lost by staying up late, deeply moisturize and replenish water, and make the skin plump and elastic. 悦诗风吟007修护精华

Yulai Heng Cai’s ability to luxurious favor the essence of honey (Spotlight bottle)

Yulai Heng Cai’s energy is luxurious.


The essence of multi effect pet is one of the six young dimensions of muscle: smooth, tender, transparent, elastic, moist and light. Multi age elite, effectively dilute the traces of multiple years. Add the essence of Italian vetiver and iris to block the aging of skin from the source, enhance the source power and make skin younger. 悠莱 恒采之能奢宠凝粹精华蜜

Dior Dior flower, rose, tiny pearl, essence of rose.

Dior Dior flower, rose, tiny pearl, essence of rose.


It contains Glanville rose Jane extract, formula upgrade, rose flower stem extract, revitalizing energy enhancement, filling deep repair force, dilating the traces of skin ages, creating young beautiful muscles, presenting a new rose microcoagulating pearl essence. Dior迪奥花秘瑰萃玫瑰微凝珠赋活精华(玫瑰小粉钻精华)

Tan songyun’s blockbusters


Non striated periocular——


Girlhood can not do without a sweet smile, girls who love to smile are more young and sunny. I like watching Tan songyun’s plays because I like her funny and laughing. As a beauty with big eyes, Tan songyun’s skin around her eyes is also very tight and delicate. She seldom sees wrinkles and smile lines, so her eyes are more flexible and vivid.
Li Jianjian

The problem of eye skin is not single, such as fine lines, laughing lines, dark circles, edema and relaxation. If a single eye cream can not solve your eye problems, you can consider collocation with different efficacy eye cream and eye cream. It is easy to overlook the eye area while applying the mask, so it is recommended to use eye mask at the same time to provide intensive care for the eyes. In addition, we should also pay attention to the daubing technique of gently pressing and lifting to massage and relax around the eyes.

CPB key skin wrinkle Essence Eye Mask (EYE MAX essence eye mask) 李尖尖

CPB key skin wrinkle Essence Eye Mask (EYE MAX essence eye mask)

  15ML*6 SHEETS\/ RMB 1200

A focused eye care eye care film, a breakthrough innovative 4D compact lift technology. 1D is tightly tightened outside. It has a tight lifting eye. 3D is filled with cells and reshaped the eye cell level structure. The unique technology of Qin Yi toughening and fitting, with the humanized full frame partition design, a tightly covering eye opening, and hitting the four key parts of the eyebrow eyelid – eye socket – eye corner, the all-around combination of the 4D with the cream of the essence. The whole net is able to lift the three dimensional and compact eye contour. It can help you not fear the years, open your eyes, and carve the bright eyes full of fullness and youthful rising. CPB肌肤之钥 抚纹抗皱精华眼膜(EYE MAX 精华眼膜)

Bio spring anti smile lines \

Bio spring anti smile ‘miracle eye cream’


Bio spring anti smile lines \

Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Aden orange essence cream 碧欧泉抗笑纹‘奇迹眼霜’

Elizabeth Aden Orange Cream


As a member of the Elizabeth Aden high energy skin care series – Orange family, orange peel essence eye cream \
The loss of skin collagen, and provide energy for skin metabolism, make skin smooth and bright.

Orange cream is suitable for use every day, from sun damage to burn out, or mobile phone or computer radiation. 伊丽莎白雅顿橘灿精华眼霜

Well, I hope my younger sisters can be like Tan songyun. The more they live, the more young they are, and the more handsome they are!

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