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Original title: Double 11 stay up late to save the wallet, who will save my \

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Hello, everyone! The pace of double 11 is getting closer and closer. You must have entered the final stage of crazy buying. Recently, the little sisters in the editorial department are also \

Even under such intense and high-intensity work, you can still see an exquisite editor from head to toe every morning. As a skin care and beauty editor, the basic accomplishment is here. Even if you are busy until midnight the day before yesterday, you are still full of vitality when you go out this morning.

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Why do you go to bed in the middle of the night, the next morning is a face of \

To become a qualified urban beauty, it needs efforts from many aspects. If you want to be delicate, the skin condition is better first, and all kinds of skin problems after staying up late need to be dealt with in time.

Who will save my \插图1 Beauty cream skin mask

Since it was put into the embrace of L’OREAL’s father, the United States is really open all the way. The \

The main beauty of whitening and whitening facial mask is not just talking about it. It contains 377 patent whitening ingredients (patent number: ZL200480014939.8), which is a whitening star of many famous brands. With it, I can’t even think about it! Who will save my \插图2

* Beautiful cultivation of tuyuan

The ingredients of 377 are very \
Who will save my \插图3 At the same time, in the face of skin, 377 ingredient is very friendly, gentle, and will not produce too much stimulation. Such excellent performance, arbutin and kojic acid are far behind.

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In addition, it also adds hyaluronic acid and betaine, which are the star hydrating brothers. They work together to provide full water power for the skin. In addition, rhamnose can soothe the skin and strengthen the skin barrier.

Who will save my \插图4 Ingredients add so careless, gentle whitening at the same time, timely supplement moisture, relieve dry skin, let me on the way to whitening no burden!

Beauty is the use of milk skin mask innovative use of milk film cloth, like the milk that boiled the surface of the layer of milk, half the first time with such a thin film cloth, like the face of the second layer of skin, the cut is also very popular with me, full of service, edge, bubbles, these small problems are not in the drop.

In addition, the membrane fabric is densely packed with fiber structure, which can firmly lock the essence, do not fear the drip drip, but also press the essence into the skin and make the cheeks full.

Who will save my \插图5 The essence of the facial mask is the texture of milk like lotion. It also has a light milk flavor. The moisturizing face is not only light but also sticky.

Who will save my \插图6
Who will save my \插图7 After finishing the milk mask, I look at myself in the mirror. I am half surprised and half surprised. My face seems to be shining, emitting a glossy sensation from inside to outside, and there is no tension after finishing other whitening facial mask. My face is still moist and soft. It feels smooth and Q. This is the legendary milk muscle.

Several times later, the little sisters in the editorial department envied me, how quietly they turned so white that they could go out shopping without makeup. In fact, they were the credit for the beauty of the milk mask. Who will save my \插图8
Who will save my \插图9 Whether you want to get rid of the dark night workers, or the fine girls who want to come back after the summer sun, or the babies who want to improve their complexion by natural yellow skin, you must try the beauty cream skin mask to make your face white and shiny from inside to outside.

Lifuquan K milk

After staying up late, my skin is easy to \

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Who will save my \插图10 The combination of salicylic acid and octyl salicylic acid in K milk can accelerate the metabolism of cutin, improve the roughness, and is also very friendly to the skin, because it is mild and can be tried for sensitive baby. In addition, sarcosine can regulate the secretion of oil and relieve the blockage of pores, which is worthy of being the mother of oil skin!

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The texture of the emulsion is very light, and there is no burden on the big oil fields like mine. I usually love the whole face at night. After being absorbed, the skin will be matte. It is very dry and will not stick to sleep.

In the past, I used to get up in the morning with oil all over my face. After using k-emulsion, I would never touch oil in the morning. The oil control effect is so exciting. I unilaterally announced that I was locked up with k-emulsion, saying goodbye to the flooding of oil fields. It is no longer a dream!

Who will save my \插图12 B5 repair spray Who will save my \插图13

Although Xiaobian is oily skin, it is not as weak as sensitive muscles, but there will be some unexpected situations. Especially after high intensity stays up late, plus the season change, the face will have \

* Beautiful cultivation of tuyuan

It is not just an ordinary mineral water spray, which also contains vitamin B5, which can promote hyaluronic acid production after skin absorption, and can also improve skin roughness and achieve double effects of replenishment and repair. Who will save my \插图14

Who will save my \插图15 The spray is made of high pressure sprinkler. The water mist is very fine. The face is very soft. It can be absorbed quickly without the need of special pat. After absorbing, the skin’s water is smooth, and it can relieve the tension and dryness.

No matter how beautiful your skin is
Health, sensitive period, how much will become fragile, this time sprayed a B5 spray, the face of the tension will ease a lot, can not only replenishment, but also to ease the repair, and protect my face through the uneven days.

Who will save my \插图16 Finished with skin care, the right single color make-up products can also make tired face look more energetic after staying up late, and improve the complexion by more than one level~ Who will save my \插图17

Bobbi and Brown Cordyceps powder foundation

Do not misunderstand, Bobbi and Brown Cordyceps powder foundation is still the familiar dry skin mother. This is not the dry skin in the recent Autumn and winter season, and half of it is also a brave attempt. It is indeed reasonable to find that the wind is strong. Who will save my \插图18

Because the Cordyceps essence is added, its skin nourishing effect is quite good. Half of it is used to feel that it is long time to wear makeup, and it is not easy to be stuffy pox.

Its texture is rich and moist emulsion. Although its fluidity is not strong, its ductility is quite good. Full face use of a small pump is enough. Foundation is really a herbal flavor, maybe some baby will not be used to it.

Who will save my \插图19

It belongs to the type of glossy upper face, which makes the skin look very transparent and smooth. It is very suitable for making the base make-up of careful machine fake plain face. But the overall Concealer strength is not very strong, like half a half of such defective skin or the need for special Concealer products.

And it’s really easy to get dark! A few hours after I put on my face, I couldn’t stand it. It was obviously dark for a degree, and I began to take off my make-up. For dry skin baby should be quite appropriate, moisturizing, very comfortable, do not worry about floating powder.

MAC bullet Lip Balm Who will save my \插图20
Who will save my \插图21

After staying up late, my complexion will be affected more or less. In addition to skin care, I should pay attention to applying lipstick before going out, which can immediately make my \

As a beauty editor, who has no huge lipstick back harem, but the number of more, the rookie is garish again, to tell the truth, the most commonly used and most favorite is those, in the middle of the heart there is always a white moonlight MAC bullet Lip Lipstick seat.

Half of the first to start is ruby woo, which is really \
Who will save my \插图22 Blues is red, mouth is matte fog surface texture, although dry, but still can’t stop my love for it, thin coating is suitable for daily, it can improve the complexion, let me plain face can also have a good complexion, thick coating with velvet advanced sense, the whole popularity field open!

Although Marrakesh started relatively late, after using it, she became one of my \
Who will save my \插图23 Like ruby woo, it has a matte texture, so you need to moisturize your lips before you put it on your mouth. Because of its powerful covering power and color rendering, you can close your eyes for a baby with deep lip color. Who will save my \插图24

Clinique Daisy blush

To enhance facial complexion, besides lipstick, blush is also an indispensable step, with good blush, facial three-dimensional feeling, cheek fullness and color air will be improved significantly. Who will save my \插图25
Who will save my \插图26 Xiaobian has always liked Clinique’s daisies. The design of xiaohuahua is full of girl’s heart, and the color is not very high. But it’s very friendly for novice Xiaobai, so you don’t have to worry about a red face.

I think the most versatile one in this series is the No.05 Naked Sun. It’s a very light and low-key type. The color is milk tea color, with a small amount of pearly light and several times of application. The make-up effect is daily and natural. It looks like a warm and gentle daily breeze.

Who will save my \插图27

If some baby feel that 05 is too daily, it doesn’t matter, half actively recommend to try 07 hangover! Although it looks like a strong sense of blood, but the face will not be very exaggerated and abrupt.

On the contrary, it can appear fair skin, reduce age, lovely degree full score! Thick coating can make skin white and red. It’s very suitable for painting Japanese hangover makeup. It’s full of delicate feeling. Going out to play is absolutely the focus of the crowd.

Who will save my \插图28 And it is not only a blush, but also can be used as an eye shadow. It has a very pleasant brown and red tone. Who will save my \插图29

Well, the above is today’s sharing. I hope that after staying up late, the babies can still go out with vigor and dignity!

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