You need the right medicine, clear and efficient skin care

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Original title: dry goods, suit the right medicine to the case, clearly and efficiently skin care!

Author: sister o

It’s cool in autumn, and the weather is getting drier. Have you been shopping in the clouds recently to buy some new goods?

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I don’t know if you have the same feeling. Every time you see the posters on the street, or you see the introduction of skin care ingredients from the cupboard and the main video of the beauty blog, you feel a little dazzled. Sometimes I want to try a brand I’m not familiar with and find a skin care product that is more suitable for my current state. I don’t know if I’m right. If I’m not careful, I’ll step on thunder and my wallet will shrink again

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Today, Xiaobian helps fairies solve their puzzles and popularize some common ingredients that \

Let’s get to know each other again

Familiar old friend

After trying more products, you will gradually understand that there are always some familiar figures in their effective ingredients. Today, sister o has selected some \


Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is also called hyaluronic acid. It actually exists in the skin, can help the skin absorb water, but also enhance the skin’s ability to retain water for a long time. When hyaluronic acid absorbs water, elastic fibers and collagen can be in a moist environment, so the skin has elasticity.

After 25 years old, the collagen in the skin begins to lose, and the external environmental pressure, bad work and rest habits and other factors will speed up the loss of hyaluronic acid. Generally speaking, at the age of 30, the collagen in the skin is only about 65% of that in childhood, and at the age of 60, it is only 25%. The moisture is also lost with hyaluronic acid, losing elasticity and luster, and gradually appearing dry lines and fine lines. You need the right medicine, clear and efficient skin care插图2

Replenish hyaluronic acid for skin, quickly restore skin moisture and elasticity. Besides being injectable, hyaluronic acid is also a regular customer in skin care products~


Acids (fructic acid, salicylic acid, retinoic acid, azelaic acid, etc.)

Net red \

Fruit acid: organic acids purified from all kinds of natural fruits can not only peel off the cutin, but also stimulate the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, thus increasing the moisturizing power and elasticity of the skin. Generally speaking, the concentration of fruit acid in skin care products is 2% – 20%, and the pH value is 3.5-4.5.

You need the right medicine, clear and efficient skin care插图3 Salicylic acid: more suitable for oil skin, mixed oil skin, better permeability, can better penetrate into pores, dissolve oil, exfoliate old waste cutin.

Azelaic acid: acne, whitening, antibacterial, can significantly inhibit and improve inflammatory acne.

Retinoic acid: it can accelerate the natural exfoliation of keratin, stimulate the production of collagen, and prevent the synthesis of melanin. It has a significant effect on acne, acne, psoriasis, photoaging, etc. it is relatively stimulating and needs to be used under the guidance of professional doctors.


You need the right medicine, clear and efficient skin care插图4 Nicotinamide

Nicotinamide can be regarded as the authority of the \


Attention should be paid to the use of the above three components You need the right medicine, clear and efficient skin care插图5

  1。 Follow the law of skin metabolism, such as \

  2。 It is better to establish tolerance first;

  3。 Pay attention to the use frequency of strong efficacy products (it can be used for several weeks and stopped for one week);

  4。 From low to high, gradually increase the concentration to use.

For a product, if the ingredient list is complex, including moisturizing ingredients, anti allergy, anti-oxidation and other ingredients, you can observe which ingredient ranks first, and then consider the use. How to lock the corresponding ingredients according to the skin needs?

Choose the ingredients,

Listen to your skin first

Xiaobian has prepared a list of active ingredients of common skin care products. You can pick your own skin care products according to your skin needs~

Moisturizing and moisturizing

Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) mentioned above can strengthen the moisturizing barrier and reduce fine lines. In addition, there are some common active ingredients, such as glycerin, which can prevent skin dryness and moisturize the skin. Squalane is a kind of lipid which is very close to human sebum. It has good skin affinity and can quickly fuse with sebum and intercellular lipid to form a natural water locking and moisturizing barrier. Trehalose can improve the anti desiccation and anti freezing ability of cells.

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Oil control and pox control

In terms of oil control and acne control, we have mentioned a lot of relevant meritorious figures. Salicylic acid, fruit acid and azelaic acid can dredge pores and clean cutin. Oligopeptides are suitable for skin with acne, acne pits and large pores~

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Antioxidant \/ anti-aging

In addition to the obvious anti-aging effect of retinol mentioned, ceramide can enhance skin elasticity and delay aging. Hyaluronic acid can make the skin look full, plump and elastic.

You need the right medicine, clear and efficient skin care插图8 Ve (tocopherol) is an essential nutrient element for human body. It is soluble in oil (belonging to fat soluble vitamin). It has good antioxidant effect and can balance oil.

If you want to fight against old age, see them soon.


Vitamin C, nicotinamide, yeast and retinol all have whitening effect. They can reduce melanin deposition while antioxidation
It has good whitening effect. Arbutin extract can directly prevent the formation of melanin, so as to achieve the whitening effect.

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Skin repair

Allantoin can soothe the skin and repair the cells. Panthenol can effectively moisturize on the basis of anti-inflammatory, in order to repair the skin. In addition, some plant components, such as Centella asiatica extract, can help heal and repair skin.

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I feel that there are many ingredients. I’m afraid I can’t remember them. Don’t worry. Xiaobian has brought his own private belongings today~

The core antioxidant component of lime tea extract can effectively neutralize free radicals and help skin resist external pressure and environmental damage. It contains a high concentration of the soul of the brand – concentrated magical activity essence, which can effectively relieve the fragile redness, delay the time traces caused by external infringement, and let the healthy skin be reborn. You need the right medicine, clear and efficient skin care插图11

Small blue bottle focuses on solving invisible aging. It contains triple golden ratio probiotic fermentation products, plus AGG vitamin C glycoside and hyaluronic acid to inject high energy activity into the skin, direct to the muscle bottom cells, and stimulate the regeneration and self-healing power. You need the right medicine, clear and efficient skin care插图12

With the double DAA and amino acid technology, you can pour youthful energy into your skin. It can improve the vitality of the skin, make the skin full of vitality and achieve young elasticity. You need the right medicine, clear and efficient skin care插图13

Zhimei high definition bottle uses Lanzhi youth technology, rich in essence active energy element and 90% ultra pure French tripeptide, which can repair skin micro damage, improve the signs of early aging, restore healthy muscle base and rejuvenate skin. Tight plastic \
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Xiaobian’s private possession is taken out. The skin care products selection strategy has also been offered. You can share your own anti aging experience in the comment area.

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