Meiyan society does not lose Ni Ni, how much does Zhou Dongyu give to the new \

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Recently, a group of plain face photos of Liu haocun, a new \

Liu haocun, the girl of xinmou, Su Yanzhao
新谋女郎刘浩存素颜照 New girl Liu haocun
新谋女郎刘浩存素颜照 阳光少女 Netizens commented that \

Liu haocun, a girl from xinmou, has a plain face. Netizens commented on this photo, which looks like Zhang Ziyi

There is also Liu Hao’s presence, and the clips of the 2016 plain face audition old man’s movie also flow out. It’s a light and beautiful muscle that can pinch water! 新谋女郎刘浩存素颜照 网友评论这张神似章子怡

Liu haocun auditions for Zhang Yimou’s film (photo source: @ Sina film microblog)

Liu haocun, born in May 2000, is known as the first \
刘浩存试镜张艺谋电影(图片来源:@新浪电影 微博) Liu haocun, the girl of xinmou, Su Yanzhao

Liu haocun took part in the shooting of Zhang Yimou’s \

Not only that, Liu haocun and Yi Qianxi co starred in the film \
新谋女郎刘浩存素颜照 Poster of the movie \

Liu haocun is a girl with a round face and big eyes. She looks beautiful and sweet. Her facial features are delicate. She smiles sunny. Her excellent high skull top looks small, sweet and young. She looks like a girl full of vitality.

Photo of Liu haocun on Weibo

All previous \
电影《送你一朵小红花》海报 Old photo of Zhang Ziyi

Gong Li’s Red Sorghum

In 2018, Ni Ni, as a spokesperson, shot a series of \
刘浩存微博po照 Ni Ni SK-II beauty blockbuster

Ni Ni’s skin still looks delicate under the HD lens. With the loss of years, although the face will inevitably appear fine lines and dark, but the overall plumpness and gloss are excellent.

章子怡旧照 Ni Ni Weibo
巩俐《红高粱》 Frank Ni Ni also often shares some self portraits of her plain face or light makeup on Weibo. Her skin condition is quite good!

Ni Ni Su Yan’s self portrait
倪妮SK-II素颜大片 Ni Ni Su Yan

In 2016, Zhang Ziyi was invited to shoot Pirelli’s calendar. She was pure and plain, and the spots and wrinkles on her face could be seen clearly.

倪妮微博 In 2016, Zhang Ziyi was invited to shoot Pirelli’s Pirelli calendar

Later, I learned from Zhang Ziyi’s Micro blog that when she was shooting Pirelli calendar, she was only a few months old and her body and skin had not recovered to their best state. Due to the endocrine changes during pregnancy, the pregnancy spots on her face were particularly eye-catching.

倪妮素颜自拍 Zhang Ziyi sends microblog to miss master Peter Lindbergh
倪妮素颜 We see the most real Zhang Ziyi plain face is actually with a baby’s \

In 2016, Zhang Ziyi was invited to shoot Pirelli’s Pirelli calendar

As a mother, Zhang Ziyi will occasionally show her most natural naked muscle state, such as staying with her baby and enjoying the best parent-child time. According to the 40 + skin state, it’s really full of vitality and excellent maintenance. 2016年章子怡被邀请拍摄Pirelli倍耐力年历

Wang Feng’s home photo of Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi in 2016
章子怡发微博怀念大师彼得-林德伯格 \

Zhou Dongyu’s beauty show in 2018

Zhou Dongyu’s plain face
2016年,章子怡被邀请拍摄Pirelli倍耐力年历 Airport photo, don’t ask, ask is good.

Zhou Dongyu shows up at the airport
汪峰晒章子怡居家照 At the beginning of this year, Zhou Dongyu pulled out his wisdom teeth, and his face became swollen for several days. I’m sorry, I laughed when I saw this picture, but I have to admit that the skin of the duckling is too good, and the face is so delicate and symmetrical. 2016年 章子怡

Zhou Dongyu’s face became swollen after pulling out wisdom teeth

In fact, what we mean by plain face is not that plain face must be as white and smooth as a baby’s milk muscle, but that we dare to face our plain face without makeup and still feel confident. It’s hard for anyone to guarantee that their plain appearance is the same as that of the base makeup. All we can do is to maintain the skin carefully and adjust the skin condition properly to make the naked muscles look more healthy. 2018年周冬雨发素颜大片
周冬雨 素颜照 Generally speaking, if you want to have more healthy naked skin, you can start from the following aspects:

Ni Ni’s self portrait

Brighten skin evenly——


To solve the problem of dull skin and uneven complexion, besides cleaning, the most important thing is antioxidant. Our skin is exposed to the polluted air at any time, coupled with the invasion of ultraviolet, it is easy to accelerate aging and darkening. No matter what stage of muscle age you are in, as long as the skin appears dark under the condition of plain appearance, you should focus on using anti free radical and anti-oxidation products.

In addition, in the maintenance, we should pay attention to moisturizing and nourishing. Only when the skin is moist and full, can we fight off the dullness and fine lines caused by dryness, and the full skin will look younger.

倪妮自拍 HELIUS the beauty essence of Jill’s life (nickname: Rose ampoule)

HELIUS hrijl Yan Yan essence (Rose ampoule)
\/14 RMB 368

Main ingredients 100% rose fresh water, new upgrade HELIUS, hrielijen Yan Huan essence extract adopts cell liquid level low temperature extraction technology, each 2ml bottle contains at least 36 Damascus rose water, 2 new rose essence (Chiba rose, Queen Rose), three rose essence and multidimensional skin, upgrade all flower water base, 100% no water formula. The concentration of core ingredients is higher, and the effect of translucence and rejuvenation is doubled.

Fresh Fu Lei Shi lily flower youth live Yan mask

Fresh Fu Lei Shi lily flower youth live Yan Fu mask 100ml_ RMB565

  RMB565\/100ml HELIUS赫丽尔斯臻颜焕活精华液(玫瑰安瓶)

It can quickly help the skin to resist the signs of skin pressure such as hoarseness, roughness, uneven complexion and dryness, and help the skin to sweep away tiredness and rejuvenate. As Mr. LEV, the co-founder of fresh, said, \

Elizabeth Aden space-time bright and bright moisturizing capsule essence (Arden small gum)

Elizabeth Aden time and space shine bright Arden moisturizing capsule essence


Fresh馥蕾诗睡莲青春活妍赋活面膜_100ml_RMB565 With vitamin C as the core component, the new Arden small fresh gel uses 178 times high permeable and stable skin friendly oil soluble VC (THD ascorbate) to penetrate to the bottom of the skin more quickly and efficiently, brighten the skin 100% effectively, and enhance the skin’s translucent luster. Ceramide, a common ingredient in Arden’s classic formula, is also on the market again to effectively build skin barrier, strengthen and maintain stability, and multi-dimensional lock in \

NULAITE new Ley, beautiful muscle, bright face, sweet core light glycyrrhizin essence.

New Ley, beautiful muscle, bright face, sweet core light glycyrrhizin essence.

358 yuan \/ 30ml

Double texture, a pump out, complement each other \
伊丽莎白雅顿时空焕活透亮润泽胶囊精华液 雅顿小鲜胶 Shiseido is bright, white, freckle, and cream. (nickname: Shiseido cherry vase).

Shiseido is brilliant.

  RMB 880\/30ml; RMB1180\/50ml

Whitening, leveling and brightening, higher concentration of core whitening technology 4msk can accelerate the removal of deep melanin, effectively improve dull and yellowish skin, even skin color and remove spots; Upgrade the anti melanin ingredient, Sakura Sakurai Sakurai complex extract, effectively inhibit the formation of melanin, more than 10 kinds of whitening ingredients, make the skin more white and transparent.

纽莱伊美肌光亮颜甜芯光甘草定精华液(颐和仙镜联名款) Zhou Dongyu’s plain face


Tighten pores——

Pore is a big killer of beauty, even if you look good today, the skin without makeup will look very rough and loose because of obvious pores. With the increase of age, the frequency of collagen renewal decreases, the skin loses elasticity, and the pores become larger.

资生堂光透耀白祛斑焕颜精华液 Therefore, in daily maintenance, we should use the products of pore care and slow down the loss of collagen, and also do a good job of moisturizing and oil control, so that the skin can be in a state of moisture at any time. At the same time, we should also pay attention to supplement enough protein and vitamins in our daily diet, and refuse to be greasy.

SK-II empowers the essence.

SK-II empowers the essence.
周冬雨素颜   30ML ¥870 | 50 ML ¥1290 | 75ML ¥1780

Contains the classic ingredient ptera ™ And infinitpower technology 9. Insist on using, help to improve the problem of coarse pores and fine lines, the skin is more delicate, smooth, elastic and transparent. The essence is clear and moist, absorbs quickly, penetrates 4 of the muscle, and keeps everfount 14. It adopts the technology of self-control dropper with intimate design. One dropper is one-time dosage, which makes the skin rejuvenate quickly and keep in good condition. It is suitable for all kinds of skin types. It is recommended to use it every morning and evening.

Elixir radiant pore invisible protective emulsion

Elixir radiant pore invisible protective emulsion

  RMB200 \/ 35g

Effective oil control, lasting and not easy to take off make-up, the skin exudes \

Micro blog photo of Liu haocun

Fight back acne——

If you want to have a flawless face, you must not have acne. Acne muscle mm daily care to do a good job in cleaning and toning maintenance, maintain skin water and oil balance, and use acne muscle conditioning products anti-inflammatory and calm, prevent acne.

Acne skin cleansing cream 怡丽丝尔凝光漾采毛孔隐形防护乳

Acne skin cleansing cream

  RMB278 \/40ml

Oil control for 8 hours, fight back blackhead, closed mouth and acne, oil pox muscle gospel. Vitamin E + carnosine can slow down and resist sebum oxidation, inhibit the oxidation of open acne and prevent blackhead. LHA octanoyl salicylic acid + salicylic acid, low irritation, friendly to skin, penetrate into stratum corneum, abolish old and waste cutin, improve roughness. It contains oil absorption factor, with clear texture and easy absorption. It can keep skin fresh and matte, regulate oil secretion and relieve pore blockage. 刘浩存微博照

Mario Badescu mild acne essence
Mario Badescu mild acne essence

29ml 129rmb (sold in Mecca overseas flagship store)

The award-winning \
。 The essence of Cinnamomum camphora is to balance the fat while reducing the related redness and inflammation. It is two correct to remove acne. Usage: 1. Keep the bottle in a layer, do not shake it; 2 after cleansing at night, dip the lower layer of pink powder with a clean cotton swab and apply it on the acne area.

理肤泉清痘净肤细致精华乳 BEIR X PAC-STORE \

RMB 198 (online shopping reference price)

Jing Yan relieving essence is specially designed for the frequent pox pox sensitive muscles. As the essence of \

Yi Shi Berg EISENBERG City balanced acne gel

Yi Shi Berg EISENBERG City balanced acne gel
Mario Badescu 温和净痘精华   RMB 330

It can shrink pores, soothe skin, absorb excess sebum, purify skin and reduce facial glossiness. Repair and improve the skin defects, aiming at the repeated attacks of acne, restore the skin clear state. Apply to the blemish and acne area.

Well, look forward to the performance of the new \

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