2020 xinmeili beauty list


2020 xinmeili beauty list插图 Sina fashion 2020 new beauty power beauty list publishes the latest influential beauty products and brands, praises beauty opinion leaders and leads new trends in the field of beauty. The selection is based on the brand registration, the statistics of the whole network influence, the experience of sina trial center users, the netizen voting and the KOL professional panel of beauty experts.


Beauty Awards of the year——


Annual repair brand


Fu Lei Shi

Annual repair brand
年度修护品牌 LVMH group’s high-end skin care brand fresh Fu Lei Shi relies on its high-end skin care series, the legendary repair force of Guyuan repair series, especially its star product, which has extremely safe and pure ingredients and has strong repair ability for sensitive muscles. The nun cream has won the \

Fresh Fu Lei Shi Gu Yuan repair series star product nun cream, has \


Annual word of mouth, stability and Wrinkle Essence

   Su Mi 37 degrees su:m37 degrees gold gilding

Annual word of mouth, stability and Wrinkle Essence
LG group’s high-end cosmetics brand Su Mi 37 degrees (su:m37 degrees), \

   年度口碑维稳抗皱精华 Annual word of mouth whitening spot cream

   New Ley beauty NULAITE musk bright sweet core essence (nicotinamide)

Annual word of mouth whitening spot cream
The product of the new Ley beauty award is called musk bright sweet core essence (nicotinamide), which is used by users as \

Best oral beauty products of the year 年度口碑美白淡斑精华


Simeitol collagen solid beverage

Best oral beauty products of the year

The unique triple helix structure of zimeitang collagen solid beverage can lock up 30 times of moisture, and make skin moist, glossy and tender for a long time. By supplementing collagen in dermis, supporting skin cells, combined with moisturizing and inhibiting wrinkles, we can achieve the effect of stretching wrinkles and weakening fine lines. Small molecule collagen can inhibit tyrosinase activity and melanin deposition. At the same time, the product can promote the metabolism of the skin, make the melanin excrete faster, and double function to whiten the skin. It can penetrate the skin, improve the living environment of skin cells, promote the metabolism of skin tissue, enhance circulation, moisturize the skin, delay aging, eliminate wrinkles and nourish hair.

Annual word of mouth repair and Anti Aging Cream 年度最佳口服美容品


Cordmagic time peptide Firming Cream

Annual word of mouth repair and Anti Aging Cream

The time peptide component in ke’ermei time peptide firming cream is independently developed by AgeCoDe R & D center, which can accurately attack the source of skin aging and solve the problem of skin aging from the root. Photopeptide is a synthetic peptide of human biomimetic small molecule collagen. AgeCoDe R & D Center R & D personnel selected hundreds of amino acids from a type 21 collagen that naturally exists in human body. After hundreds of times of screening on the basal layer keratinocyte model, they obtained a small and medium molecular collagen active fragment with a length of about 50 amino acids. This fragment can strongly activate the basal layer while maintaining the skin permeability, Resistance to epidermal aging. Compared with the traditional production of collagen, it will not produce a lot of industrial waste, which is green, energy-saving and environmental protection.

Annual word of mouth gentle repair spray 年度口碑修护抗老面霜


Feather YOU&PURE relaxing spray (Yongle Palace joint name)

Annual word of mouth gentle repair spray

Feather conditioner is called \
Minshu and inositol glycerophosphate choline salt. Through the scientific design of bionic anti-inflammatory peptide, it can inhibit the skin inflammation caused by UVB stimulation, give play to the anti histamine, anti-oxidation, anti stimulation and anti-inflammatory effects, and finally solve the red, swelling, itching and pain problems of sensitive muscles caused by diet, season and UV. What is more worth mentioning is that the three tests of relieving effect, clinical evaluation, anti-inflammatory effect, dexamethasone, contrast and anti irritation, and so on, have shown that adding 5% of vitamin min Hugh is the best amount of scientific addition for sensitive muscle, anti-inflammatory and anti irritation.

Annual word of mouth repair mask 年度口碑舒缓修护喷雾


Finished heart ABBY ‘S CHOICE ceramide repair mask

Annual word of mouth repair mask

The 3+1 skin mask is constructed from the 3+1 \
   New skin care products of the year——



New products of the year

L’Oreal Paris

Three in one Makeup Remover – carbon clean type (nickname: black magic water)
New products of the year

L’Oreal’s first black make-up remover, adding excellent black carbon + French blackcurrant, is rich in magic cleansing factor. It can not only easily remove stubborn make-up, but also effectively absorb pollutants such as haze and dust, promote the balance of water and oil of skin. Long term use can make skin radiant and glossy, and sensitive muscles can also be used.


New cleanser of the year


Sanka \/ senka

Silk Foam Cleansing Cream (refreshing oil control type)
New cleanser of the year

It contains the dense silk protein foam from Japanese green tea essence, which helps skin get rid of glossy troubles, and creates a refreshing and smooth moisturizing beauty. Refreshing and oil control, make skin get rid of the trouble of oily light, keep fresh and soft for a long time


New products of the year


Guerlain \/ Guerlain

Emperor Fengzi mirun essence water 25X Fenghuang water (nickname: Fenghuang water)
New products of the year

Microencapsulation was realized by liposome technology, and high concentration royal jelly of Guerlain was integrated. The formula contains 98% natural ingredients to help the skin resist pressure and pollution, make the skin stronger and softer, instantly smooth, transparent, rich and radiant.


New essence of the year


Keyan’s \/ Kiehl’s

Hyaluronic acid repair essence (nickname: gas bomb)
New essence of the year

It can fill the muscle base, strong and tough; It contains triple plant adaptants, which can maintain skin stability and protect skin against the negative effects of various stressors. After use, the skin immediately feels full and elastic, enhances the resistance to stressors, and presents a good look.


New emulsion products of the year


Shiseido \/ Shiseido

Yuewei Zhigan tightly shaping white milk
New emulsion products of the year

From the frontiers of neuroscience research, it can quickly detect various aging problems inside and outside the skin, enhance cell sensitivity, and help the aging ingredients to accurately transmit to the skin. The compound VP8, which is composed of anti-aging ingredients, contains many effective plant ingredients, which can delay the aging of skin protein and the hardening and breaking of collagen fibers.


New cream products for the year


Filorga \/ filorga

Multi effect repair cream
New cream products for the year

Natural moisturizing ingredient (NMF) can regulate the balance of water and fat and keep the skin moist; Polysaccharide can relieve skin redness, itching, peeling and other skin problems caused by external environment, strengthen skin barrier and relieve skin discomfort; Collagen peptide can promote the repair of skin after sunburn and help the skin recover healthy and smooth. Light cream texture is applied to various parts of the face, body and so on. It is a multi effect repair product.


New mask products for the year



Muscle rejuvenation repair mask (nickname: silvery white mask)
New mask products for the year

To reconstruct the active oxygen muscle, inject sufficient oxygen into the skin, and improve the ability of cell regeneration and metabolism. The three core components of elm green wood, caffeine and jojoba oil reach the skin base through oxygen carrier, which can better stimulate the growth of skin cells, rebuild epithelial cells, improve skin darkening, dryness and fine lines, delay aging and rejuvenate skin.


Eye cream of the year


L’Oreal Paris

Youth code enzyme eye cream (nickname: L’Oreal rechargeable eye cream)
Eye cream of the year

It is specially designed for brightening eyes. It contains gold compound formula to fight and prevent. All kinds of black eye circles can be broken in one bottle, which can truly witness the average fade of 24% in 28 days! Unique gel emulsification technology, skin feeling experience is wonderful, milk cold as ice, rich and moist touch, skin touch, moisturizing and moisturizing cream effect.


Annual eye essence new product


Sherico \/ SkinCeuticals

Eye care essence eye gel (nickname: anti oxidant eye essence)
Annual eye essence new product

Triple classic anti oxygen formula with pure plant extract is specially designed for the skin around the eyes, aiming at a variety of dark circles. Eye opening week
It can effectively resist oxygen and rejuvenate the eye. SIG open essence delivery system aims at improving the absorption rate of fragile eye skin. Excellent effect, witness the strength of the naked eye.


Sunscreen products of the year


Eastin \/ isdin

Duowei Guanghu Qinrong shuigan sunscreen (nickname: Five Star sunscreen)
Sunscreen products of the year

The texture is as silky as water, which can protect the skin invisibly. With a quick absorption of wet skin smearing technology, the sunscreen lotion has an extremely clear and non greasy amazing water feeling, ensuring the skin to breathe easily. 2 times hyaluronic acid can make skin moisturize intensively for 12 hours, and last for 8 hours to reduce water loss.


New beauty products of the year——



New year’s foundation

Chanel \/ Chanel

Beige Fashion Foundation solution
New year’s foundation

The innovative interpretation of natural and transparent naked feeling base make-up makes the skin glow with clean and natural luster. The silky texture melts when it meets the skin, and forms a protective film on the skin surface, which makes the make-up feel like the second layer of skin. The star combination of light reflecting powder and pigment particles can make the skin more smooth, delicate, even and flawless, and bid farewell to the troubles of card powder and card lines.


New air cushion products of the year


Saint Laurent \/ YSL

New high fixed leather air cushion (nickname: leather air cushion)
New air cushion products of the year

YSL Saint Laurent air cushion is like an exquisite and modern high set fashion accessory. Once it is \


New year’s powder \/ honey powder

年度气垫新品 Sisley

Muslin powder

New products of the year
The Sisley gauze soft mist powder is integrated into the advanced intelligent reflective technology, which combines the powder texture of melamine with the melted gel formula to create a velvety soft, natural and velvety makeup effect. It can provide a skin with a layer of just perfect light and refraction and create a super bright and matte primer.


New products before making up

年度蜜粉新品 Key to skin \/ CPB

Photogel moisturizing pre makeup cream (long tube isolation)

New products before making up
Add the breakthrough formula \


New year’s Concealer

BeiLingFei \/ benefit 年度妆前新品

If there is no ornament,

New year’s Concealer
Light and no make-up feeling, not easy to caking and cracking; It can effectively cover all kinds of defects around the eyes; Waterproof and sweat proof, long lasting make-up. Soft conical Plush brush head, precise cover, fit skin without leaving marks. Mysteries, flawless, seaweed extract and acne free formula make skin look smoother. Concealer, lighting and fix are all settled.


New Lip Glaze products of the year

Armani \/ Giorgio Armani 年度遮瑕新品

New black tube water Lip Glaze (nickname: 5g black tube)

New Lip Glaze products of the year
The new black tube \

New lipstick products for the year


年度唇釉新品 Red lipstick

New lipstick products for the year

Soft and advanced velvet texture, saturated and uniform paste color, long-lasting color locking, comfortable makeup, dumb lips and not easy to dry; Every time you daub it, it’s like putting on a velvet robe full of texture for your lips. A real velvet lipstick from inside to outside, whether makeup or fashion accessories, can add a touch of velvet to your make-up.

New eye shadow products


年度唇膏新品 Ziyun Xinghe twelve Color Eyeshadow (nickname: electro optic violet disc)

New eye shadow products

The neutral purple series with strong color rendering adds a strong and dynamic color to the eye makeup. The combination of soft fog matte, delicate Satin light, bright light flash and magic color polarized light makes everyone find their favorite color matching in various occasions. From the delicate pearly golden peach color to the mellow and unrestrained deep plum color, it is rich and bright, creating a versatile makeup.

New Eyeliner


年度眼影新品 Lasting excellent Eyeliner

New Eyeliner

The new upgrade formula, in the original 4 color classic style, launched 12 new colors, 16 bold colors: oil formula makes the texture smooth and smooth, easy to start a good, lasting and stylish, outline exquisite eye liner. Easy control of various occasions, break the stereotype, add a unique style for eye makeup.

New Mascara of the year

Gucci \/ Gucci

年度眼线笔新品 Uninhibited Eye Mascara

New Mascara of the year

Super thick smooth texture, highly comfortable film-forming formula, accurate dosage, quickly attached to eyelashes after application, almost no halo dyeing, no shedding, no caking or displacement after drying; Flexible elastic brush head, fine brush head tip, perfect design, hold makeup up to 12 hours.

New year’s Blush products

Sanxi jade \/ 3ce

年度睫毛膏新品 Liquid blush

New year’s Blush products

3CE brand new liquid blush is the original technology of \
   Annual personal care of new beauty list
New products——


New shampoo products of the year


LV \/ Ryo

Nourishing and toughening Shampoo
Limited joint fund of Suzhou Museum

New shampoo products of the year
It contains upgraded ginseng and red ginseng compound double ginseng ingredients – 2x ginsenex essence, intensively nourishes the scalp, and brings more effective scalp root strengthening effect. Ginger extract can relieve pressure dermatitis and strengthen hair roots. Korean natural herbal ingredients, double effect care. At the same time, we broke through the border and cooperated with Suzhou Museum to launch a limited number of joint gift boxes.


New hair care products of the year


Flare hair conditioner 年度洗发新品

Hyaluronic acid water photoluminescence film

New hair care products of the year
It is a luxury hair care product specialized in dyeing and bleaching. It can repair the damaged hair, reappear the luster, and keep long-term moisture and smoothness. It has strong repairing power of hair film and light texture of conditioner. The hyaluronic acid and water light factor can intelligently repair the broken gaps, so that the hair can drink the amino acid essence.


New hair film of the year

L’Oreal Paris

Hyaluronic acid moisturizing film 年度护发新品

Zianping hair mask

New hair film of the year
L’Oreal zianping bottle uses 99% high purity hyaluronic acid, which is only found in high-end skin care products in the past. Its light texture can be directly used for scalp and hair. It can be called the \

Annual hair spray new product

Sassoon \/ Vidal Sassoon

Hair fluffy water (nickname: fluffy water)

年度发膜新品 Annual hair spray new product

Go out first aid pengpeng water, innovative water base formula, flat head become fluffy, rich in minerals, light texture is not heavy, instantly create a natural texture and sense of hierarchy of hair. Don’t wash your hair, 30 seconds easy shape, create a natural radian fluffy feeling.

   New bathing products of the year


O’shudan rose heart Bath Gel

年度护发喷雾新品 New bathing products of the year

New formula upgrade, natural plant soap, change to water into foam, can gently clean the skin, emitting a faint rose fragrance. Gentle and clean, tender and beautiful, fragrant and pleasant, delicate appearance. With the special ingredient of Chiba rose, the fragrance is pure, ethereal, elegant and romantic.

   New body care products of the year

On the body

Shuiguang Jingji Body Scrub (red pomegranate fragrance) (nickname: bingsha Hongguan)

年度沐浴产品新品 New body care products of the year

Farewell to the traditional single physical friction exfoliation, chemical + physical, more professional, more gentle, more effective. Select plant scrub particles and AHA fruit acid, gently clean pores, soften cuticle, wake up \


New fragrance products of the year——


New perfume of the year

Chanel \/ Chanel 年度身体护理新品

Scarlet’s perfume

New perfume of the year
Inspired by Scarborough Chanel, women are encouraged to release their natural instincts, dare to express themselves and reveal their own light. The thin and transparent glass bottle walls on all sides make the fragrance in the square bottle seem to be suspended in the air, and the charming luster is completely shining. The label and bottle cap present the same square outline and warm gold tone corresponding to the fragrance.


New year Eau De Toilette

Guerlain \/ Guerlain

Flowers, water, language, Eau De Toilette

New year Eau De Toilette
年度香水新品 The smell of sage gracefully sets off the bright red pomegranate fruit. The fresh aromas of blackcurrant, cypress, lemon and lemon are charming, interwoven with the scent of sage and rose, followed by white musk, moss and patchouli, giving off the unique smell of water, green and sour berry.


Men’s perfume \/ men’s fragrance new product

Bulgari \/ Bvlgari

City Forest men’s perfume

Men’s new products of the year
年度淡香水新品 Shining light, arousing layers of vitality, dancing the joy and joy of life. Baogeli fragrance brings brilliance and brightness. It’s refreshing and fragrant. The sun shines into the dense forest, the bright fragrance blows in the breeze, and the simple and smooth lines outline the bottle body, showing the warm and light fragrance, which enlivens the natural vigor and vitality.


Annual beauty opinion leader of new beauty list——

Influential cross border stylist of the year: Li Yuntao

Li Yuntao

Li Yuntao: international famous stylist, Professor of koefia International College, Italy, the only designated modeling director of red carpet, the star of the 19th-29th China Golden Rooster Baihua Film Festival. He not only has an extraordinary influence in the beauty industry, but also has his own unique taste and opinions in the field of fashion. He likes to talk about fashion and modeling with his star friends, and he also likes to share fashion classics and become your trend mentor.

年度男香新品 Chen Xue, an influential beauty expert of the year

Chen Xue

Chen Xue: the \
Annual four dimensional aesthetic modeling expert: Deng Haowen

Deng Haowen

Deng Haowen: Star Royal stylist. His tag is very unique, including national fresh meat, warm man, singer and little prince of fashion. He creates four-dimensional aesthetics of \

Annual professional ingredient beauty Tutor: Hou Cong 李云涛

Hou Cong

Hou Cong: Health Muscle consultant, life aesthetician. Domestic first-line fashion magazine, fashion website special skin care column, life columnist, has a deep attainments in beauty fashion and life aesthetics.

Fashion beauty artist of the year: Zhang Hanyi 陈雪

Zhang Hanyi

Zhang Hanyi: famous
Beautician, star stylist, cross-border fashion figures across the fields of fashion, lifestyle, education, film and television. He is the author of exquisite girl’s guide, beauty book and other Chinese and foreign books loved by Asian women.

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