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Original title: the most miserable female owner in the palm of the hand bullied by bandits needs a face with a story

Author: Kong Yifei

Hello! Good evening, fairies!

Xiaobian recently finished the new TV series under the sun~


This play is adapted from the novel \

Netizens even jokingly claim that the \

Fortunately, the play didn’t disappoint people. It has a high degree of restoration from the set to the characters. The shooting technique has also won the unanimous praise of the audience, and the \

What makes Xiaobian feel most is our female master he Yan!

\插图2 In the play, teacher he is beautiful, kind and clean as a piece of white paper, but he falls into the abyss because of the robbers. It was called \

Many fans of the original work are very satisfied with He Yan’s casting, saying that Cai Wenjing is \

In the face of all kinds of attacks from villains, Cai Wenjing interprets the calm and tough image of the heroine very well, and presents all kinds of complex emotions very completely. \插图3

This kind of perfect interpretation not only has the performance bonus, Cai Wenjing’s appearance also adds many points for He Yan’s role~

\插图6 Her face has a rare \

\插图7 Cai Wenjing’s inner eyes are sharp and downward, with a sense of distance and stubbornness in her eyes. In addition, her tall and straight nose adds some intelligent femininity to her, so that she can stand a rational and intelligent image just standing there~ \插图8

\插图9 It can be said that the sense of story on Cai Wenjing’s face is a combination of appearance and temperament. \插图10

\插图11 Her daily photos will also give people a sense of plot substitution, as if telling their own experience~ \插图12

With the improvement of the public’s aesthetic tolerance of girls’ looks, we can get more and more girls who are beyond the \

Today, let’s make an inventory of those \
\插图13 I. stubborn sense \插图14

Spring and summer.

Chunxia’s appearance has always been controversial. People who don’t like her can’t get it, but people who like her can’t get it~

In fact, the beauty bug in spring and summer is very obvious. The high cheekbones, the expansion of zygomatic arch, and the short and wide face shape are all contrary to the beauty’s appearance.

\插图15 But her sense of story comes from her eyes. The clear eyes are full of girl’s spirit, with a trace of cunning and stubbornness. The round inner corner and drooping tail add a sense of innocence to her eyes.

\插图17 And it is this combination of strengths and weaknesses that makes a story face for movies.

2. The story of Xueba \插图18

Wen Qi.

\插图20 There are some similarities between Wen Qi’s story face and Cai Wenjing’s. both of them look like a girl with high IQ~

Wen Qi’s eyes are clean and sharp, narrow and long, with slight three white eyes.

Her eye’s finishing touch lies in her excellent silkworm, which weakens the long eye’s charming feeling and adds a little bit of juvenile state and intelligence.


But her nose is round and blunt, with a fleshy nose~

\插图22 Different styles of eyes and noses produce her own recognition.

In Xiaobian’s opinion, these eyes are the standard configuration of Xueba monitor in high school class. Although they are simple, they are intelligent and refined.


3. The story of youth

Zhang Zifeng.

\插图24 Zifeng’s younger sister’s sense of story is a sense of youth, not only because of her short Japanese hair, but also because of the vivid feeling between her eyebrows and eyes. \插图25

The eyebrows of Zifeng’s younger sister are very thick, which set the tone of heroism for her face. Her eyes are not as affectionate as many popular flowers now.

On the contrary, when she doesn’t smile, it will give people a sense of alienation that can be viewed from afar but not profane.


In addition, my sister’s nose is very excellent. Although it is not the little cocky nose popular among girls nowadays, it is moderate in height and has a slight hump. Although the nose is slightly round, it is not bulky at all. It is perfect on Zifeng’s face~ \插图28

This kind of slightly heroic appearance gives people a vivid feeling, especially in the static photos, there is a kind of sunshine and blurred sense of youth, which makes people feel like spring breeze.

\插图29 Through today’s inventory, it is not difficult to find that the facial features of \

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