It’s too sweet to bury my sister’s neck

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Original title: it’s too sweet to bury my sister’s neck. Please keep it away!

Author: Kong Yifei

Too sweet, too sweet, too sweet!

Recently Xiaobian has lost his mind when he saw parallel time and space meet you!

Surpassing my sister and Hou Minghao’s CP is too sweet!!! From sidelights to feature films, the sugar content exceeds the standard!!

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In this gag, after the director shouts the card, surpasses the younger sister to bury the head shyly into Hou Minghao’s neck nest!

Who can stand this~

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In this variety show, surpassing sister’s performance gave the audience a big surprise. The pure and natural acting skills were so sweet that many netizens joined the army of CP addicts~

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Yang Chaoyue has been concentrating on her work since her debut 18 years ago. She has no love experience. In many programs, she also said that her main task is to pursue a career, and there is no plan to fall in love.

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However, the variety show \

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It’s too sweet to bury my sister’s neck插图6 In other words, such a sweet variety show, does it give birth to the idea of love? When you are with someone you like, you can’t help but surpass your sister’s heart beating distance!

At this time, if the facial skin condition is not good, it will be more embarrassing~

It’s too sweet to bury my sister’s neck插图7 Today, I’d like to recommend some good skin care products, so that you can have super beautiful skin like a skin filter in ultra close range~

Recommended by editor:

Rose Rose Moisturizing Facial Mask

This mask is really Xiaobian’s heart treasure. The raw material of the mask is a high-quality rose selected from the famous Rose producing area in the world. After artificial stir frying and ancient distillation, the precious rose essential oil and flower water are extracted.

When applying a mask, it’s like making a rose SPA, a sense of happiness upup!

It’s too sweet to bury my sister’s neck插图8 The cucumber extract and aloe gel ingredients contained in the mask can also effectively calm and soothe the skin, improve the dark complexion and keep our skin at a constant state of moisture.

It’s too sweet to bury my sister’s neck插图9 Yuemuzhiyuan Weiwen Ganoderma lucidum water

Yuemuzhiyuan brand has always given Rui sauce a sense of peace of mind. The packaging adopts a steady dark green color, as if it has vitality and firm growth.

Ganoderma lucidum water is an upgraded version of mushroom water. Its efficacy and sense of use are greatly improved!

It’s too sweet to bury my sister’s neck插图10 The new ingredients of Ganoderma lucidum water can double the skin’s stability. The ingredients of white birch antler are upgraded, and the concentration of Ganoderma lucidum is doubled, which can bring deeper nourishment to the skin~

Rare seabuckthorn fruit, Cordyceps sinensis and other advanced raw materials are just a bottle of Ganoderma lucidum water can have all! The sisters don’t rush yet!

De nut butter emulsion

The texture of this lotion is sparse, and the upper face feels cool and comfortable, and the smell is a traditional Chinese medicine that smells super comfortable and reassuring. Xiaobian before using about two months, the face is basically not closed, the skin is smooth and tender~

It’s too sweet to bury my sister’s neck插图11 Avocado oil, sage oil, olive oil, lavender oil and Rosa canines oil also have good antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. With its good partner, Dake perilla water, you can sharpen your baby’s skin!

SKII light ring drilling White Essence

It’s called \

This essence has a faint fragrance. It will disperse slowly when it is applied to the face. Pushing aside is a very smooth texture. It absorbs ultrafast and does not stick to hair. It’s too sweet to bury my sister’s neck插图12

What makes Xiaobian most satisfied is the new dropper design of the small light bulb. After each use, just tighten the cap, and the dropper will automatically fill the next dosage. It’s really very considerate~ It’s too sweet to bury my sister’s neck插图13

The mystery of sea blue

The mystery of sea blue, this lady brand, should not be introduced more!

This repair essence is the star product of the mystery of sea blue. It contains the soul of the brand – Miracle broth, which can repair our skin on the premise of sufficient moisturization. It also adds ocean revitalizing enzyme, which can make the skin have resistance and full score of stability maintaining ability!

Texture is fried chicken, comfortable silk like essence, extension force, thief cow! Two drops is enough for the whole face. After long-term use, the skin condition is obviously stable. Sensitive sisters, let’s go! It’s too sweet to bury my sister’s neck插图14

Today’s skin care products are recommended here. Have you chosen your favorite products? Winter rejuvenation campaign, Xiaobian and sisters are imperative!

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