Ingredients big skin VC hot temper also see light death?

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Original title: ingredients, skin peeling, hot temper and death? VC: don’t worry about beauties!

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As the saying goes, it’s better to teach people how to fish than to teach them how to fish. Xiaobian used to help people choose products, but when you think about it carefully, if you want to make people understand the products more clearly and be familiar with the products, in fact, you have to cross the mountain of ingredients first.

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So Xiaobian plans to publish some articles with deep ingredients from time to time in the future, so as to bring you a deeper understanding of the story behind each ingredient~

As the first guest of this series, we also invited vitamin C, who is excellent in both strength and popularity, to come to town. I hope you can take your notebook well and go to the sea of knowledge with Xiaobian~

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Probably more than 500 years ago, sailors on ocean voyages suffered from scurvy, a strange disease that makes people depressed, bleeding gums, and even fatal.

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At that time, scurvy was known as an incurable disease, which also killed countless sailors. It was not until the dying sailors ate fresh fruits and vegetables, and the disease was cured. People found that scurvy was not a serious disease at all. It was just because sailors could not eat fresh fruits and vegetables for a long time and could not supplement vitamin C, The importance of vitamin C is known by the world~

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Because our body can’t generate VC by itself, we can only take it from food, so many businesses are now vigorously advocating related nutrition products. But epped wants to say that VC is not as high as we think. Vegetables and fruits like cauliflower, tomatoes and oranges that we often eat contain rich VC. As long as you are not picky and don’t diet, VC can arrive on time, There is no need to buy any \

Business hype, but also just want to earn your money, if you really want to add VC, that drugstore 2 yuan a bottle of real VC film it is not fragrant?

Ingredients big skin VC hot temper also see light death?插图4 We all know that VC is a treasure, so the skin care industry will not let it go. Let’s enjoy its outstanding contribution in the skin care industry~

Ingredients big skin VC hot temper also see light death?插图5 · whitening·

Ingredients big skin VC hot temper also see light death?插图6 VC is most well known for its outstanding contribution in whitening. We all know that melanin formation is a complex process. First, tyrosine must combine with tyrosinase to form dopa, and then DOPA will be converted into DOPA quinone through the catalysis of reactive oxide (ROS), and finally melanin can be formed.

Ingredients big skin VC hot temper also see light death?插图7 VC can effectively reduce the activity of tyrosinase, cut off the connection between tyrosine and dopa, so as to prevent the formation of melanin, and can also reduce the melanin that has been formed. Melanin has never seen this battle before. Of course, it will surrender immediately and return the skin to be white and decent~

Representative products

City doctor VC377 essence

Ingredients big skin VC hot temper also see light death?插图8 Main 377 whitening, compounded with VC inducer, not only has high stability, but also synergistically enhances the whitening effect. It can be used during the day and at night, with outstanding strength~

· antioxidation·

Another major feature of VC is its strong anti-oxidation effect. The so-called \

VC is naturally a restless existence. I heard that healthy cells are fighting with free radicals. It can’t stand loneliness. It immediately goes to the battlefield and pushes away healthy cells and free radicals. This process is known as \
Ingredients big skin VC hot temper also see light death?插图9 Representative products

Spring day letter VC essence

Combined with L-VC, VE and ferulic acid, it can work together in antioxidation. In addition, it has two concentrations of 10% and 20%, which are suitable for different skin states~

Ingredients big skin VC hot temper also see light death?插图10 Tuyuan Little Red Book @ it’s big brother

· participate in the collagen production process·

Finally, VC is the key material of collagen production, so if the lack of VC, collagen can not be generated normally, the skin will be dry and aging without collagen~

Representative products

Xiu Li Ke CE essence

15% L-VC can promote the production of collagen, 1% ve and 0.5% ferulic acid can cooperate with antioxidant, which has a good effect on skin looseness, aging and fine lines.

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If there are flowers and applause, there will be dirty water and slaps. Let’s talk about the \

· easy to inactivate· Ingredients big skin VC hot temper also see light death?插图12

As I said before, VC has a strong redox ability, which makes it an extraordinary life…

Meet the light oxidation

Meet the air – oxidation

High temperature oxidation

Anyway, if you have something to do, you will be able to oxidize vans. But this VC will be happy after oxidization, but it will lose its activity and no effect. How can consumers spend money to buy loneliness? So this also led to the VC storage environment becomes extremely harsh, dark storage, air insulation, low-temperature refrigeration three sets gradually become the standard of VC~

· irritant·

Although VC is powerful, if you want it to play a role, the concentration should reach at least 10% ~ 20%, but with the increase of concentration, the irritation will become stronger and stronger, and pure VC can only maintain its activity in the acidic environment with low pH value, so it is inevitable to stimulate the skin in order to ensure its activity and efficacy.

But you don’t have to worry about it. The researchers are very smart. They immediately sent VC to participate in the metamorphosis. By changing its structure and molecular composition, they changed the head and appearance of VC into a more stable one
VC derivatives with less irritation but no discount effect

Common VC derivatives Ingredients big skin VC hot temper also see light death?插图13

Ascorbic acid phosphate (SAP and map)

Glucoside ascorbate (AA2G)

Ascorbyl palmitate (aa6p)

Ascorbic acid tetraisopalmitate (vc-ip)

Can VC use skin to blacken during the day?

No. Ingredients big skin VC hot temper also see light death?插图14

VC oxidation will not affect the skin, nor will it make the skin black, and now it is generally believed that VC can help the skin resist the excess free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays, so it is completely OK to use VC in the daytime~

VC eat more to the body better?


Excessive intake of VC will aggravate the burden of liver and kidney, and even cause diarrhea, hyperuricemia and gout. Under normal circumstances, daily intake of 100mg vitamin C is enough, not too much!

Oral VC can whitening antioxidant?

Of course not.

Only less than 10% of vitamin C can reach the skin after it enters the intestines and stomach. The utilization rate is very low. It’s better to take good care of skin!

Well, the new chapter has come to an end. Do you like this type of article? What other ingredients do you want to see?

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