New year you want to surprise everyone quietly

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Original title: change beauty and love to use things, you should surprise quietly in the New Year!

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Recently at the end of the year, there are quite a lot of occasions to meet people. There will be a series of annual meetings and dinners. Are the sisters ready to support themselves!

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Of course, the more important thing is to make a good start, a new state of the New Year! Today, let’s share some beauty changing products, from skin care to make-up, we can’t leave one behind.

In fact, these products are also some of my favorite products in 2020. They can make me think about them for a whole year and prepare to use them. They must have two skills. This kind of grass planting is not good for me!!

Water supplement is essential

L’OREAL ampoule mask


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Do you think this winter is particularly dry? The face that mixes oily skin to make up unexpectedly skin??? Sometimes I can’t help scratching my face when I code. How dry must it be?! Attention must be paid to water supply work!

In fact, replenishment is also the foundation of skin care work. It is very, very important. If this step is not done well, the effect of follow-up anti aging program will be greatly reduced.

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L’OREAL ampoule mask is my water saving Savior, usually second days to make up, I will apply this mask the night before, otherwise the makeup will really be card powder!

Mask contains large and small molecules of hyaluronic acid, small molecules to replenish water, macromolecules to lock water, moisturizing for a long time!

It does not contain alcohol, pigment, fluorescent agents and other ingredients, sensitive muscle can also be used at ease Oh, very suitable for dry winter fragile muscle.

Facial mask essence is amazing! There are more than 30 grams! More than ordinary mask 1\/3, super strong moisturizing power, do not pay attention to apply for a long time will not pull dry.

In particular, packaging with membrane separation can keep the essence fresh and active, clean and hygienic.

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When you use it, fold it along the dotted line, squeeze the essence into the mask area, and let the mask cloth soak through the essence. Then you can put it on your face and put it on the face.

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Natural seaweed membrane cloth, soft skin, water absorption is strong, even if the essence of 30g+ can also be firmly absorbed, will not drop the essence of liquid, especially worry. The upper face is also very close, although the film cloth is soft, it doesn’t have the shape. Once it’s pasted to the face, it won’t be warped later.

Because the essence is enough, I usually use 20-30 minutes to replenishment.

After finishing a piece of ampoule mask, the skin moisturizing level has increased several level (level). It is full of water throughout the day. The skin is full of water and the natural state is full. The face of water is tender and tender. That is the ultimate requirement. So I will probably use this mask for the long time.

Essential for pox

Repairing the essence of beauty


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Compared with other products of xiulik’s family, color repair is relatively cheap, and it’s worth the promotion! Little green liquid is really easy to use! It is full of plant extracts, rosemary + Cucumber + olive leaf + mulberry root + hyaluronic acid, which can improve acne and acne print, and calm the restlessness of the skin.

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And it’s quite mild, like every time I have acne, I always have a red face. My skin is very sensitive, and I dare not use strong medicine. Color repair is my first choice!

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The texture is very refreshing, light green liquid, there is a certain amount of viscous, not clear water like Oh, generally used in the water before the milk, a few drops is enough, very good ductility, anyway, the amount of pretty save, a small bottle can use three or four months, I do not use every day!

Necessary for maintenance

Kosmea rose oil


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Tuyuan shop @ qingmutang beauty

Winter is the season of oil! I am the cream and oil skin care combination at night. I love the soft touch of the face after the oil is absorbed.

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Tuyuan shop @ qingmutang beauty

Kosmea is a niche brand in Australia. This rosehip oil mainly focuses on repairing and antioxidant drops. Small molecule oil is very friendly to skin. It contains unsaturated fatty acids, lycopene, carotene, and a variety of vitamins. It can prevent UV damage, stay up late damage, and delicate skin. I think it’s also very useful!

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Tuyuan Little Red Book @ winter watermelon mother

The texture is yellow and oily. When the palm is rubbed, the face is pressed and pressed evenly. After finishing, it will absorb well. It will not stick or not.

But the smell of fruit oil is a little honey, the smell of vegetable oil, I was still wondering at the beginning, isn’t it a rose?? Understand the next to know that it is extracted from the rose fruit, not much to do with the rose!

Essential before making up

Key to skin: CPB pre cream


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It’s too dry. I don’t need some makeup before I put it on. I’ll wear it in the afternoon! CPB is so easy to use before make-up. I thought it would be inappropriate for me to mix oil with it. I didn’t expect it to be my favorite make-up! And bring your own SPF2 + +, enough sunscreen for winter!

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As a expensive makeup, it contains a lot of nourishing essence, such as perilla, platinum, silk and angelica. The moisture content is pretty high. Self epithelium can also make the makeup more obedient. The foundation on the back is not easy to dry and float in the dry season, even in the air-conditioned room.

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Texture is moisturizing emulsion, silky and delicate, a soya bean size can wipe the whole face, durable! After use, the skin surface will become smoother and smoother, and the rough texture will be modified. The follow-up makeup will be more delicate. It is recommended to use rough muscle and dry skin in winter. Although it is expensive, it is worth it!

Essential foundation

Shu Yuan Cun Xiaofang bottle foundation liquid


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The small square bottle was last year’s net pink foundation solution, recently entered, my this is the moisturizing section, not the frosted money, the frosted money is the makeup matte, is suitable for when the weather is moist.
Moisturizer is more suitable for hot makeup in winter. The U area of Tuanzi’s face is dry now, so it’s not suitable for oil control.

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If the frosting style is a Japanese oxygen sense make-up effect with foggy surface, then this bottle of transparent is Han Mei’s water smooth muscle. It has a kind of polishing feeling. Don’t worry that it will appear greasy. It is a natural water sense make-up effect, which makes the face water elastic!

Added Japanese rice extract, has antioxidant effect, follow-up makeup is not easy to oxidation yellow, clean and refreshing! And sea water, Hawaii nut oil, white peony essence and so on.

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The texture is moist, creamy, smooth and smooth. The face is clear and moisten. It is smooth and moisten with a beautiful face or brush. A fresh face with soft and tender skin is also good. Its Concealer is also good. It is weaker than the scrub. It is suitable for the partial dry muscles with no flawed face.

Flash girl must have

Colorpop mashed potato highlights


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Tuyuan store @ fairy’s beautiful notes

There are a lot of highlights in Kara bubble house. Today I’d like to recommend the color of \

New year you want to surprise everyone quietly插图20 Texture is mashed potato, glutinous, and I usually use that fan high light brush at the junction of the blush and the present, and the mountain root, brow bone, lip peak! Where you need light, ha ha ha ha.

Originally monochrome highlight, but many sellers out of the color matching pressure plate, three four colors have, once buy enough popular color number no problem, sisters can see the favorite color number.

Necessary for sleeping silkworm

Etude eye shadow paste


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It’s a monochromatic eye shadow. Br4041 is a soft pink color. It looks like the pink color of the skin when it’s spread. It’s a great painting for sleeping silkworms! There’s a great way to lie silkworm out of nothing. Ha ha, it’s suitable for people like me who are not so obvious! With this brush in the silkworm, and then eyebrow pen in the silkworm under the outline of a shadow line, big silkworm I have!

New year you want to surprise everyone quietly插图22 Tuyuan store @ kyeonglee in Seoul

Texture is muddy, soft, skin will not have small lumps, the color of meat powder powder, it is natural not abrupt, plus it is matte, it is like mother born silkworm, no problem to pick, think oneself silkworm is not obvious sister buy it, twenty or thirty price, give it a thumbs up!

Well, today’s share of change beauty love to share things here, want to see the sisters share, see you in the message area!

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