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How are you? It’s dog smashing~

I’m so happy. I’m back in business again! Recently, with his own strength, Wang was promoted to the rank of \

After reading the chat record between them, the dog smashed his head and said he was going to laugh

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This is the right way to deal with greasy. Sure enough, if you want to defeat magic with magic, the dog will call the tuition fee. 图源:微博

To deal with the greasiness of \

This is not, your dear dog smashed immediately at the invitation of fairy Meng, speedily made a life-saving manual to deal with the \

Why does the skin give out oil?

If you want to find the right medicine, you have to know where the culprit of skin oil is, right?

When it comes to the people who are responsible for controlling the oil production of the skin, we have to mention the sebaceous glands hidden in the dermis. Usually it is a good man, mainly responsible for the secretion of sebum, so as to lubricate the skin and hair.

The oil secreted by sebaceous glands, together with the lipid produced by keratinocytes, sweat secreted by sweat glands and exfoliated keratinocytes, is a kind of protective membrane produced by emulsification at low temperature. It’s like a dam. It locks up the moisture in our skin, makes our skin tender, and prevents the invasion of dangerous elements from the outside world. So in general, both sebaceous glands and sebum membrane are meritorious servants of skin protection.

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But sebaceous glands in the external and internal environment stimulation, it is also a temper, when it is angry, it will over secrete oil, to vent their anger in the heart.

See here, fairy Meng is not laughing and crying. So which dirty things are stimulating sebaceous glands? Don’t worry, follow the dog to find out the true face of these \
图源:图虫网、制作canva High temperature

Many fairies complain about the sharp increase of oil production in summer. In fact, this is because the sebaceous glands become more and more active due to the continuous high temperature and intense ultraviolet radiation in summer, which naturally secretes too much oil. In addition, excessive sweating leads to lack of water. At this time, the skin is in a serious imbalance of water and oil. Finally, the fairies’ faces are filled with oil.

Endocrine disorders

At ordinary times, our hormones are maintained at a relatively stable level, but sometimes due to some external factors, such as small day disorder, staying up late, irritability, anger, depression, excessive mental pressure, sudden changes in diet structure and so on, it is possible to break the original balance and increase the androgen level in our body

And androgen secretes overmuch, can make formerly quiet sebaceous gland active rise, come so girls also have to be suffused with oily light on the face

Damaged skin barrier

In order to get delicate and white skin, many fairies do whatever they can to brush acid. When they are doing medical beauty, the cuticle and epidermis of their skin will be damaged inadvertently. This will not only affect the formation of sebum membrane, but also unable to lock moisture, resulting in excessive oil on the face.

\插图2 Skin Microecology

Fairy Meng knows that there are many microbes living on the surface of our skin. They work together to form a skin barrier to resist those \

If these partners are defeated by \

What problem can skin oil cause?

Having learned all sorts of gossip make complaints about what causes skin oil, I seem to have heard the sound of tucking up the fairy’s lips. After all, \

Large pores

When your sebaceous glands become abnormally active, it is conceivable that a large amount of oil will march forward like the galloping Yellow River. At this time, the pores are just like the roadblocks on this road, small and narrow.

Figure source: figure insect net

And the grease people are all crowded in front of this door, all want to go out. Due diligence pores have to relax the \

Acne, blackhead and acne

Figure source: figure insect net

When too much oil breaks the bank, it will break through the upper limit of pores, leading to traffic jams, oil will condense in the pores, unable to smoothly discharge, and eventually form a closed mouth, acne. At this time, it is still white, but after a long time of oxidation, plus some dust and dander deposition, it forms a black head.

Figure source: figure insect net
图源:图虫网 When the accumulation of oil in the pores reaches the upper limit, there will be riots, purulent in the interior, forming acne 👆。 So in many cases, \

Dark skin

When summer comes, does the fairy who produces more oil always feel her skin looks darker? This is because the oil secreted by sebaceous glands is more prone to oxidation when it reaches the skin surface under strong light and high air temperature.

图源:图虫网 That’s why the little white face looks yellow and black in the afternoon after washing and protecting the skin in the morning!

How to deal with oily skin? 图源:图虫网

There must be a lot of fairy anxiety, this summer beauty online can all see it! But don’t panic. If you want to deal with the problem of excessive oil production in summer, I have a set of \

Today, the intimate dog smashes is also to turn out the family background, come on, the small benches are ready, the dog smashes the classroom to start!

  Part 1

Mild cleaning and effective oil control

First of all, through the external cleaning can effectively clean up the face of excess oil, so as to prevent pore clogging and other problems. Then some fairies may ask, is it better for me to wash my face several times a day?

Dog hit here to remind you fairy Meng, do not think frequent face washing will achieve the effect of oil control, is not! This will not reduce the secretion of oil, but will make the cuticle of the skin thin and damage the skin barrier. In the end, it will not only get twice the result with half the effort, but also make the skin become sensitive and fragile.

\插图6 So dog smash specially selected a few main mild cleansing, come to choose your favorite partner~

Picture source this account number, reprint please indicate, production canva

Elta MD’s amino acid facial cleanser is also regarded as the old net red. It comes from Germany, and it successfully goes out of the circle with its chubby appearance and gentle cleaning power. Like a fairy like ours, the old woman is always a face. She often goes down to the world to experience the haze, dust and exhaust emissions of the city, plus the daily wearing masks and other factors that cause mugginess, redness and itching. But our white fat person through the gentle cleaning power, may more effectively clean the dirt which adheres in the skin surface.

It contains the essence of pineapple extract, care for our delicate and crisp skin, stabilize the skin from time to time bad mood. Rich in triple amino acids, it can gently clean our skin. After washing, it will not only remove the oily light, but also make our skin tender~

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The texture of the emulsion can be bubbly for a few seconds, and the dense texture after the face seems to be attached to the clouds. It is fine, silky and soft. After cleaning, it will not show the feeling of tightness due to excessive oil extraction.

Picture source this account number, reprint please indicate, production canva

I believe all of you are familiar with our old friend. As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons for skin oil is the \

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Dove microecological cleansing bubble is a blessing for patients with advanced cancer. It contains triple amino acids, which can effectively regulate the balance of water and oil, and maintain the skin’s own barrier. In addition, a variety of ceramide and glycerin are added to effectively clean the skin and make our face moist!

Not only that, it satisfies every fairy’s desire to be lazy, but it is a foam texture. It is gentle on the face. After washing, it locks water continuously and does not pull dry. I’m tired of boasting about it. In a word, buy it \插图8
图源本账号,转载请标明   Part 2

Adjusting water oil balance from inside 图源本账号,转载请标明,制作canva

The dermis of our face contains a lot of water, which can be said to be the reservoir of the skin. 8. The water content from the inside to the outside is decreasing step by step, so the water that finally reaches our skin is only one drop. If we want to achieve the effect of oil control through water oil balance, just fill the reservoir of our skin from the inside out~

\插图11 Figure source: figure insect net
图源本账号,转载请标明 When it comes to rehydration, there is nothing more senior than hyaluronic acid. As the resident of our body, its population is very large, and it will change with our metabolism. Moreover, the places we live in will be moist and full, and our skin will play like an elastic ball. So, if you want to fill the reservoir of the skin, the dog first choice is hyaluronic acid~

Picture source this account number, reprint please indicate, production canva

When it comes to hyaluronic acid, we have to mention the bole of Huaxi biology. As the facade of Hua Xi’s biology, the blue bottle hyaluronic acid essence of Michal’s main water is Xi min Xiu. As a kind of super active hyaluronic acid, it can be used as a multiple replenishment, relieving discomfort and repairing the function of muscle bottom, so as to achieve the effect of replenishing water from inside to outside.

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Its texture is also extremely refreshing, after the face is very moist, as if the pores are open, water is drunk, absorption speed is also visible to the naked eye. If you drink enough water, your skin will not be glossy. If it is used as muscle base fluid, it can also promote the absorption of follow-up products. Blue bottle is the first choice to replenish water in dog’s heart!

Figure source: figure insect net

In the aspect of replenishing water and regulating the balance of water and oil, there is another strength player, that is ceramide, which is well known to all. Fairy Meng knows that the cuticle of our skin is a wall made of many bricks, which are connected by ceramide, cholesterol and fatty acids. 图源:图虫网

As the security of our skin, ceramide’s main task is to firmly lock moisture, to a certain extent, it can also delay the aging of the face. So for this water replenishing man, have you got it?

图源本账号,转载请标明,制作canva Picture source this account number, reprint please indicate, production canva

Looking at the packaging of this powder, it’s too rare for the dog to smash it.

\插图15 Arden powder glue light can attract the eyes of fairies from the appearance, a small one is full of young and fresh energy. Ceramide, its main ingredient, can not only effectively repair skin barrier, regulate skin oil problem from the inside, but also make your skin refuse fatigue and dullness. There is nothing wrong with it except expensive point. 图源本账号,转载请标明

In addition, it also adds anti retinol, the retinol, not only helps to repair the water, but also improves the fine lines on the face. Every skin problem has its own protection.


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Open the package and feel the wood
Dealton is really good at it. Independent capsule design is better than others in both dosage and preservation. Although it’s oily, it’s easy to push on the face. It’s dry and not greasy. When the skin is completely absorbed by massage, it feels moist and soft. It’s surprising that it also has a matte effect

图源本账号,转载请标明,制作canva Figure source: figure insect net

If you want to talk about vitamin B5, you will have a point. When you mention panthenol, I believe the sisters who have done homework must be very familiar with it: it’s the panthenol famous for its high moisturizing and repairing ability!

Yes, the molecular weight of panthenol is often small, so it is easier to enter the skin, and it also has three hydroxyl groups. The triangle is not stable, so it is more effective to lock water and achieve the effect of moisturizing and oil control!

Picture source this account number, reprint please indicate, production canva

When it comes to Olay’s whitening family, dog smash is an expert. Now there are tens of millions of whitening products on the market, but Olay is the only favorite \插图19

On the one hand, it’s not only because Olay’s products have huge ingredients, but also because none of the major lady’s products have bad ingredients. On the other hand, of course, it’s because its price is close to the people, and it comes from the tears of slum girls. Take its classic white bottle essence, its main component nicotinamide, while resisting melanin, also has its own extra oil control. With the help of Pan alcohol, you can keep your skin fresh, moist and non greasy for a long time. Whitening at the same time can also moisturize oil control, but also what bicycles, fast!

图源:图虫网 Picture source account number, please indicate if reprinted

It’s crystal clear texture, liquidity is also very strong, after the face is very fresh, permeability, easy to be absorbed. Youmuyou feel that it solves a lot of burden for skin.

  Part 3

图源本账号,转载请标明,制作canva It is secreted from the outside

After that, let’s talk about how to control oil by external means. \插图24

We all know that the skin, like our own body, will accumulate some excrement. Once the oil is excessive and the pores are blocked, the skin will be like \

Figure source: figure insect net
\插图25 The enzyme that cleans up dirty things needs a weak acidic environment to work, so we need to rely on acid brushing to adjust the water oil balance of the skin, and finally remove the blockage hidden in the pores to help the skin solve the problem of \
图源本账号,转载请标明 Picture source this account number, reprint please indicate, production canva

When it comes to acid brushing, we have to talk about salicylic acid. As a kind of fat soluble acid, it can act on the skin surface and effectively reduce the secretion of oil. Please choose it!

For salicylic acid, dog smash the first is the K milk of lifuquan family. It has to be said that the combination of salicylic acid and octyl salicylic acid is really powerful. It can accelerate the metabolism of cutin and remove the dirt in pores, so as to achieve a continuous oil control effect.

Not only that, the combination of the two can effectively clean up acne and blackhead, and regulate the recurrence of closed mouth. Isn’t this the right person for mixed acne skin

Vitamin E and carnosine help to alleviate the oxidation of acne and blackhead to a certain extent. If you are a novice, this product is still suitable for dripping~

图源:图虫网 Picture source account number, please indicate if reprinted

It has a refreshing emulsion texture, its upper face is light and easily absorbed by its face. Where long acne point where, smooth oil control also refreshing. Nose blackhead point, gently press, so that those who hide in the depths of the skin dirt nowhere to hide!

图源本账号,转载请标明,制作canva Photo source: Little Red Book @ grillababy

In addition to salicylic acid, fruit acid is also suitable for many fairies with weak cutin to clean the oil blocked in the pores, which has a strong oil control effect~

If you want to say a fruit acid product, the dog smashed the hundred plants extract acid mask. The concentration of 5.7% fruit acid is just right. It can dissolve oil, maintain pox and regulate rough skin, but there are many things. Even fragile sensitive muscles can start at ease!

Photo source: Little Red Book @ Naiyi
\插图29 Gel texture of it, like a transparent jelly, in this hot summer, refreshing but also greasy solution. It’s very comfortable and has good extensibility. It’s easy to push it away. After applying it, I feel that the whole face is full of water. It’s full of moisture. It has good cleaning and oil control effect. This summer, the dog hit on it

Cleansing Mask \插图30
图源本账号,转载请标明 Of course, if some fairies are still unable to feel comfortable choosing the acid channel, they always feel that brushing acid may not be safe for their faces. Then the dog recommends several clean facial masks.

Picture source this account number, reprint please indicate, production canva
图源:小红书@Grillababy As a star product, IPSA has a very good reputation. Just take the seabed mud as an example. It can absorb the dirt and sebum hidden in the pores, effectively clean the oil, and at the same time, with the plant essence abrasive particles, it can deeply clean the aged keratinocytes. Do you think that’s the end of it? I didn’t expect that there is sodium acetyl hyaluronate in it, which can make the face drink enough water and balance the oil, so as to improve the absorption effect of follow-up skin care products.

Picture source account number, please indicate if reprinted

Dog smash very like it contains particles of wet clay, face massage is very comfortable \插图33
\插图34 It’ll be as slippery as a shelled egg.

Picture source this account number, reprint please indicate, production canva

Omorovicza, a royal brand from Hungary, is a product that you will fall in love with once you use it.

Hungarian molasses rich in calcium and magnesium carbonate can effectively clean the pores and remove the oil from the pores of the skin. In this way, the oil on our face is not only a little less. The addition of sage and Geranium oil makes the skin more delicate and smooth. Is it really silky~


Picture source account number, please indicate if reprinted

Although it looks dark gray, do you think its face is covered with mud? Not really \插图36
图源本账号,转载请标明 Slightly hot feeling, do not panic, it is for you to open pores. After pushing away, the wood has a feeling of pulling dry, but because of the light mud texture, it brings a cool and comfortable feeling to the face. If you have a budget, you can consider it.

  Part 4

Repair damage and balance water and oil 图源本账号,转载请标明,制作canva

Some fairies are damaged because of the skin barrier, so it leads to dull and yellowish complexion, often full of oil. Therefore, if these fairies want to improve the condition of skin oil, they must first repair the skin barrier.

Photo source: Little Red Book @ toss while you are young

Cough and cough is another essential moisturizing cream for Avene’s sensitive muscle. It has to be said that squalane contained in it is very important for repairing skin barrier and reducing sensitive stimulation! After the skin barrier has been repaired, coupled with the moisturizing effect of glycerin for a long time, the water and oil of the skin naturally get a relatively stable balance. I believe it can give you a healthy face with water and oil balance~ \插图39

Photo source: Little Red Book @ lovely girl Guo

Its texture is very refreshing, although it is emulsion, but after the face will not feel sticky, moisturizing effect absolutely. 👍。 Only let the skin drink enough water, coupled with early cleaning and sunscreen do in place, the skin can form a good barrier, big oil field what drop does not exist~

Picture source this account number, reprint please indicate, production canva

As the light of domestic products, pereal is also a little glowing in obscurity. And this ruby by virtue of noble appearance is soon known by the fairy outside the circle. The design of the pump head can control the amount of consumption, and the vacuum drip packaging can avoid the pollution of the outside air, and the small bottle body is the right one for the fairy

It is added with a soothing repair of red myrrh alcohol, can get along with our skin, enhance the tolerance of our face, don’t let it always red ~ acne ~ oil and so on. Not only that, it can also help to maintain the micro ecological balance of our skin, so that the \

Picture source account number, please indicate if reprinted
图源:小红书@趁年轻折腾吧a The upgraded version of ruby has stronger mobility, lighter emulsion texture, lighter face and less greasy, even the mixed skin fairy will not be burdened, and will soon be absorbed by the skin. Continuous use of a month, the skin will become more delicate, dark oil is no longer my number one problem.

  Part 5 \插图42
图源:小红书@可爱少女郭郭郭 Life conditioning

After listening to the dog hit the nagging, is not for this year’s oil road full of confidence? Don’t worry. In addition to the above costs, we have ways to control oil without spending money~ 图源本账号,转载请标明,制作canva

We know that facial oil is closely related to diet and sleep. If we eat less oily and salty foods, drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, we can also achieve an internal oil control effect. And one of the most important things 👇\插图45

Don’t stay up late!

\插图46 Don’t stay up late! 图源本账号,转载请标明

Don’t stay up late!

I hope xiannvmeng can get rid of the greasy and be a fresh beauty with a sense of oxygen!

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