Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \

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Recently, it is the graduation season. The circle of friends has been swiped by graduation photos full of youthful atmosphere. The graduation photos of stars are also a topic of great concern.

Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图 This is not, Zhou Ye’s graduation photos, which he spent 6 yuan to take, were also on the hot search. Yezi really answered the sentence: whether the photos are good-looking or not has nothing to do with where they are taken and how much they cost. High appearance is the key!

Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图1 The excellent appearance and excellent expression make this post-95 little flower get wide attention when it first appeared on the big screen.

Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图2 Recently in the variety show, considerate of other people’s high EQ and cheerful character, also let her circle a big wave of fans.

Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图3 The sweet smile and deep dimples really make sister o \

Teeth as our facade, for the mirror has a very important impact, but due to heredity, lack of bone, bad oral habits, etc., will cause our teeth uneven. Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图4

In order to have a neat tooth, many people will choose orthodontics, many stars in the entertainment industry are also making their appearance \
Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图5 How do stars do orthodontics?

Invisible Braces – Yang Zi

Cute and frank little monkey purple \

Invisible braces use 3D printing technology to scan out the tooth position information to get a set of digital models, and then use these models as templates to print out the braces to be worn every week.

Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图6 This kind of braces can not only meet the needs of orthodontic teeth, but also avoid the shortcomings of metal braces. It’s very suitable for sisters who need to be on camera. However, because of the rise of invisible braces in recent years, sisters who want to wear them need to find an experienced orthodontist to ensure that the effect is relatively ideal.

It also requires us to have a high degree of self-control and clean the mouth in time, because in addition to eating and brushing teeth, we need to wear it all the time. We need to take enough 22 hours every day. After finishing brushing teeth and brushing braces, we can continue to wear it. We need to replace a new transparent appliance every two weeks. Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图7

And not everyone is suitable for wearing it. It is only suitable for sisters with mild to moderate dental deformities, such as individual tooth dislocation, crowding dentition, tooth irregularity, tooth space, anterior crossbite, etc. For most people, it only takes 12-15 months to wear them, and they can gradually align their teeth.

Lingual appliance – Wang Jiaer Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图8

This orthodontic product of Wuli gagadai is \

Like the invisible braces, the lingual appliance is difficult to operate. It has high requirements for the operation level of doctors, and the treatment cost is expensive, and the cleaning difficulty is not small. And because it is installed on the side of the tongue, it will scratch the tongue. At the beginning of wearing it, there will be unclear speech. It will be improved after a period of time.

Stainless steel metal braces

Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图9 This kind of braces is commonly known as \

But because it’s not very beautiful, sisters who need to be on the mirror usually don’t choose this orthodontic method. After wearing metal brackets, we can scratch the inner wall of our mouth by speaking and occluding……

If you want to have a better correction effect but want to be more beautiful, ceramic braces are a good choice, its bracket color is closer to the real tooth color, relatively more beautiful, but the cost is slightly more expensive than metal braces, brackets are also slightly thick, you can choose according to your needs~

Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图10 Will wearing braces really make me beautiful?

After wearing braces, our teeth will be very neat. To a certain extent, we can correct the occlusion of teeth and improve the protruding mouth. But \
Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图11   01

To deepen the pattern visually

Convex mouth is not favored by the mainstream aesthetic, but it can support our skin on the bone, and it doesn’t show legal lines on the vision.

Wearing braces can help us rearrange our teeth and alleviate the problems of buckteeth and protruding mouth, but it will also make our skin shrink back and make our wrinkles heavier visually. Unless fat filling is done, the deepening of wrinkles is irreversible.


Masseter muscle degenerates to form a \

At the beginning of wearing braces, the most obvious feeling is toothache, some anorexia, also can’t eat too hard food, over time our masseter muscle will degenerate, facial collagen loss, the face will be thinner. The masseter muscle and the temporal muscle of the temple are connected. The direct consequence of masseter muscle and temporal muscle atrophy is prominent cheekbones, which forms the so-called \
Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图12

The best way to prevent crowns is to chew with your teeth as much as possible and use \
”Exercise your masseter muscle to prevent it from degenerating.



Whether it’s wearing a concealed beauty or metal braces, you will encounter a very thorny problem – the small parts in the braces are very easy to hide dirt, once the cleaning is not in place, it will lead to the accumulation of dental calculus, resulting in the atrophy of the gums, and the gaps between the teeth look like \

In addition to the \
Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图13 How to restore \

Don’t panic if your teeth turn yellow. Let’s see if you have dental disease

In fact, according to the different causes of tooth yellowing, the treatment scheme is also different.


Tooth discoloration caused by caries and other diseases

Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图14 Dental caries, commonly known as insect tooth and tooth decay, is a kind of bacterial disease. In case of dental caries, the cavity should be filled in time, the pulp nerve should be preserved to the maximum extent, and the affected teeth should be preserved to avoid the further deterioration of dental caries. Prevention and early treatment are the important principles of caries treatment.



Discoloration of teeth caused by tooth stains, etc

There are some dead corners between teeth and gums, which can’t be cleaned by brushing teeth at ordinary times, and dental plaque is easy to appear, forming dental calculus, which will further lead to gingival atrophy and tooth yellowing. The deposition process of dental calculus is gradually formed from less to more. Just beginning to deposit on the tooth surface of tartar, dental calculus, you can often brush teeth to brush off in time. If the calculus is thick and adheres tightly, it must be removed with the help of a professional stomatologist.

For example, tooth washing, that is, use scaling instruments to remove calculus, plaque and color stains on the gums, and polish the tooth surface to delay the re deposition of plaque and calculus.

Tooth washing is a very important oral health care method, which can remove plaque stains and restore the original color of teeth. It can also detect dental problems as soon as possible, prevent oral diseases, and treat dental plaque and dental calculus caused by breath and gingival bleeding; If you want to further whiten your teeth thoroughly, you need tooth bleaching and veneering~ Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图15

In daily life, we can also avoid it by prevention in advance. How to prevent it? It’s very simple: brush your teeth well!

The knowledge of brushing teeth is great!

Brushing teeth is not the end of \

Step 1 brush your teeth for 2 minutes with the bar brushing method: use the bar brushing method to align the toothbrush at the place where the teeth and gums meet. The bristles and teeth are at an angle of 45-60 degrees, covering a little gum, lasting for about 2 minutes.

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Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图16 Step2 interdental brush to clean the gap between teeth: it is difficult for us to clean the gap between the parts of the tooth sleeve with a toothbrush, so we need to use the interdental brush to clean the dirt between the teeth and the small parts of the tooth sleeve.

Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图17   Youtube ©️ EmmaLouise

Step3 tooth punch cleaning dead angle: use the high frequency pulse of tooth punch to remove the dirt that is difficult to remove. In order to prevent choking ourselves, we need to bend down and close our mouth, so that the tip of the tooth punch is aimed at the gap between our teeth, then open the tooth punch, and rinse along the gap of each tooth in turn( This step will bring you a lot of surprises

Step 4 fresh breath with mouthwash: fresh breath with mouthwash for about 10 seconds.

Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图18

Step 5 clean the gap between teeth with dental floss: clean the dirt in the gap between teeth with dental floss.

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Step 5 paste tooth protection wax: sisters wearing metal braces can finally stick tooth protection wax to protect the contact surface of the inner wall of our mouth from being worn by the braces. But the inner wall of the mouth will also produce a certain wear resistance after friction, just like a cocoon, so it is not recommended to use tooth protection wax frequently.

Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图20

If you want to have the same clean and healthy teeth, in addition to orthodontics, you must also brush your teeth carefully according to the above mentioned oral care methods. Wear braces also need to carefully consider whether they can accept the negative effects of sequelae, do not blindly choose Oh!

You are welcome to talk about your own orthodontic experience in the comment area~

Zhou also spent 6 yuan to have the \插图21

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