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If you want to talk about the new ingredients that have sprung up in the past two years, it can be said that they have sprung up like bamboo shoots. However, I am particularly impressed by the fact that ikedoin must be one of them.

Ben editor, a contestant who devotes himself to various product evaluation and grass planting, when this ingredient first appeared, I smelled that it was not simple. However, there were not many brands that used it in skin care products in the initial stage, so I waited and watched for a while.

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Origin of components

Etoin, known as tetrahydromethylpyrimidine carboxylic acid \/ tetrahydropyrimidine in chemistry, belongs to an amino acid derivative. Its original source was a salt lake in Egypt. Although few organisms could survive in the high concentration Salt Lake, one kind of bacteria survived. What’s the identity of \插图1

It’s halophilic bacteria.

It is found that there is a very special substance in the body of halophilic bacteria, which can protect halophilic bacteria from damage under the extreme conditions of high salt, high temperature and high ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, even in the ultra-high osmotic pressure environment of Salt Lake, halophilic bacteria can be endowed with the ability to survive in it. What’s the identity of \插图2

The substance extracted from halophilic bacteria was later known as ectoin.


  1。 Moisture

One of the reasons that icodonin can make halophilic bacteria survive in extreme environment is that it can regulate osmotic pressure.

It is a very strong hydrophilic material. Although its molecular weight is very small, it can form a \

This is also one of the most basic functions of icodon: moisturizing \/ water locking.

What’s the identity of \插图3 The existence of this protective shell also makes the following additional effects derived from the moisturizing effect of icodon.

  2。 Improve skin protection

Because it can combine with water molecules to form a protective shell, it can not only prevent the loss of skin moisture, but also act as a \

  3。 Repair and soothe

It is also a very useful repair ingredient, especially in the case of skin sensitivity, barrier damage, acne, skin breaking and sunburn. Choosing this ingredient can play a certain soothing role, and the skin’s vulnerability and discomfort will be gradually improved.

Advantages and disadvantages

Although the ingredient of ikedoyne is very popular, it is not very popular. One is that many big brands have developed their own main ingredients and gained good reputation. There are certain risks in the development of new ingredients, and many aspects need to be considered.

Ono has seen it on the authoritative chemical website of chemical book. Now the price of domestic 100g of icodon is about ¥ 1300. If it is reagent grade, it is more expensive, and 1g is ¥ 790.

In addition, its production process is also more complex, the source is very rare, and it is not easy to synthesize, we are all for profit, hhhh, not cost-effective!

Therefore, even if the effective concentration of icodon is only about 0.3% ~ 2%, considering the price and other factors, many brands are still deterred.

However, there are still (not bad money) brands that have turned over the brand of this ingredient and developed suitable skin care products. Although the number of products on the market is not very large for the time being, ikedoyne has begun to face more people’s vision, and its popularity is also rising slowly. Ono still has great hope for ikedoyne! What’s the identity of \插图4

Product recommendation


Ultrasun Youjia

Huanbai high moisturizing sunscreen What’s the identity of \插图5

Cr: Little Red Book @ watermark

As the pioneer of adding icodorine into skin care products, many of Youjia’s sunscreen products have this ingredient. This sunscreen adopts a combination of physical and chemical formula, and its texture is a little thick. You need to wipe it carefully when you use it to have a better sunscreen effect.

Cr: Little Red Book @ watermark

What’s the identity of \插图6 Skin feeling will be more suitable for dry skin sisters, but if it is in a relatively dry season, then oil blending can also start! It’s sunscreen and durability are good, and waterproof anti sweat, no time to re apply, very convenient! However, after film forming, there is a little bit of glossy oil. What’s the identity of \插图7


Little blue hat sunscreen What’s the identity of \插图8

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Mistine, a Thai brand, has always been something that Ono will stock up every year. Last year, I started with 4 pieces at a time with a price of less than 70 yuan, which is very cost-effective!

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What’s the identity of \插图9 This body sunscreen also adds the ingredient of icodorine, together with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, which can keep the skin tender and full for a long time after use. The skin feeling is especially refreshing when it is used. It contains alcohol and can be absorbed quickly. It won’t be greasy when it is used in sultry summer. The oily skin sisters can start with ease. What’s the identity of \插图10


New sunshine summer sunscreen What’s the identity of \插图11

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Shiseido’s super cute \
It doesn’t matter what kind of skin it is.

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What’s the identity of \插图12 It is close to the texture of the correction liquid, and the film-forming speed is very fast. It will present a matte fog effect. Don’t worry about the oily light. It is more suitable for use in the season with strong UV, and its ability to resist UV damage can’t be underestimated! What’s the identity of \插图13

Water emulsion


Multiple repairing and moistening water What’s the identity of \插图14

Cr: Little Red Book @ Lao Zhu

Mippel is a new domestic brand in recent years. It has added the ingredient of ikedoin to its master Dandan powder water. Moreover, because it is backed by Huaxi biology, ikedoin has become \

Cr: Little Red Book @ watermark

It is a light and moderate fluidity dry skin care product. It can not only relieve the skin when the skin is unstable, but also improve the absorption capacity of the skin. After using this water, you can obviously feel that the absorption speed of the face has accelerated a lot. What’s the identity of \插图15
What’s the identity of \插图16

To the original

Shu Yan repair emulsion

What’s the identity of \插图17 Picture source account number, reprint must be marked

Whether it’s Zhiben’s Tean repair series or Shuyan repair series, the products are mild and soothing, and you can’t get tired of using them! The formulation of this emulsion is mainly made of various moisturizers, and is sensitive to dry season.

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Press it out, you will find that it has good fluidity, and it can be absorbed quickly on the skin. It has a reassuring moisturizing feeling, but it will not be heavy. You can use it for daily stability maintenance and moisturizing, and it will not make mistakes! What’s the identity of \插图18
What’s the identity of \插图19


Muscle repair cream

What’s the identity of \插图20 Cr: Little Red Book @ watermark

CEMOY water and milk I have used, the water formula is relatively simple, can make the follow-up emulsion better penetration, and the composition of the emulsion is very classic two grams of yeto and yeast, moisturizing and repair, two in one, the effect is more comprehensive.

Cr: Little Red Book @ fried egg senior

After absorption will not appear greasy discomfort, oil sensitive muscle can also let go! Whether it’s skin first aid after staying up late, or soothing after sunburn, it has its place, such strength is enough! What’s the identity of \插图21
What’s the identity of \插图22 Essence

Water and muscle

Barrier repair essence

What’s the identity of \插图23 Cr: Little Red Book @ Ding Ding

Found no, many of the skin care products added with icodoyne are repair products. After all, the main function of this ingredient is to lock water and moisturize, and assist in skin barrier repair. This domestic product is no exception.

Cr: Little Red Book @ watermark

The appearance value of gradient packaging is quite high. You can see the clear water texture in the bottle. It feels smooth when dripping on the skin. The skin is very safe after smearing, and there is no irritating ingredients such as alcohol. It is easier for sensitive and reddening sisters to see the effect with it. What’s the identity of \插图24
What’s the identity of \插图25

Spring letter

Astaxanthin stock solution

What’s the identity of \插图26 Picture source account number, reprint must be marked

There are a lot of high-quality domestic products with our heart. Spring letter is also one of them. Onokazu remembered that when the astaxanthin was in full swing, I started the essence. Besides antioxidant astaxanthin, other ingredients were also luxurious.

Cr: Little Red Book @ watermark

1% icodonin, 30% β Dextran and 5D hyaluronic acid are excellent ingredients. They are anti oxygen, anti aging, moisturizing and soothing. They are suitable for any skin and can make the face more shiny. What’s the identity of \插图27
What’s the identity of \插图28

Well, the above is the whole content of this issue. Do you have grass products? Or want to see which ingredients of deep grill, you can also leave a message to tell Ono ~ in the comment area, we will draw a lucky one and send out one of the following prizes!

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