Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \

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Original title: wake up! Stop paying taxes!

By Dr ray

As a child, you should have heard a famous saying: \

The obedient child turned off the computer at that time; And rebellious me, but has been circulating in the brain: really? I don’t believe it! You have to give me a reasonable reason!

Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图 Today I come to give you science, why long time staring at the screen, eyes will be uncomfortable?

Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图1 Cr: the idea of image worm

In fact, this is mainly because there are a lot of blue light (wavelength between 400 and 500 nm) in the screens of digital products such as mobile phones and computers, as well as artificial light sources such as fluorescent lamps and LED lamps. Blue light, as the highest energy band in visible light, also has strong eye irritation.

Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图2 Cr: the idea of image worm

When the intensity of blue light irradiation reaches a certain degree, if the time exceeds 2 hours, blue light may cause retinal cell damage, leading to visual loss or even loss. In severe cases, it may also cause cataract, macular disease and other pathological symptoms.

So you pretty girls, no matter how delicious melon is, no matter how good drama is, no matter how good CP is, you still need to control the frequency and time of watching mobile phones!

What effect does blue light have on the skin?


Did you find out? In fact, the wavelength of blue light and ultraviolet light, which is easy to cause damage to skin, are very different. I have read a paper about the damage of blue light to skin before, and the conclusion also points out that blue light can penetrate skin tissue, and has certain phototoxicity, which can affect the growth and metabolism of epithelial cells, and even cause skin damage, leading to pigmentation and photoaging. Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图3

But sisters don’t have to be too nervous. The energy of blue light is much weaker than that of ultraviolet light, and it won’t cause damage to skin in a short time. Unless you are a we media woman who regards computers and mobile phones as \
Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图4 How to resist blue light?

Even if you change your career, you’d better figure out how to resist blue light~


Physical protection

In fact, physical protection is very simple. It’s nothing more than physical sunscreen tools such as masks, hats and umbrellas, plus some protective tools for artificial blue light.

Cr: Taobao @ mu90 flagship store, miiga Mojia digital flagship store Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图5
Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图6 The anti blue light lens that sisters are familiar with is a very typical physical protection tool, as well as anti blue light mobile phone film and computer screen film. Although the protective effect on blue light may be equivalent to wrapping fresh watermelon with a layer of preservative film at 37 ℃, it’s the same as refusing to put it into the refrigerator to protect loneliness, but this psychological comfort is better than none.



Really want to reduce blue light damage, the important thing is to do sunscreen. Fortunately, most sunscreens on the market have a certain effect on absorbing blue light, and the product selection is quite rich.


Cr: Little Red Book @ Xie chennian_ Natsuko

Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图7 The aphele umbrella is one of the most bought back sunscreens I’ve ever used. The hard core sunscreen power of spf50 + and PA + + +, which is very suitable for people like me.

Cr: Little Red Book @ ampleur

Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图8 The texture is super clear, and the thin water emulsion can form a film almost in 10 seconds on the skin. The transparent and matte texture and the moisturizing skin feeling can even replace the pre makeup milk.

What’s more surprising is that the three anti oxygen and repair ingredients, such as huanglongdan root extract, lecithin and Moringa oleifera seed extract, are added to the sunscreen, which can better block and repair ultraviolet and blue light damage.

Antioxidation + repair

As the blue light damage and ultraviolet damage, there is no way to completely block, so daily skin care to do antioxidant and barrier repair, is the king!

Estee Lauder small brown bottle eye cream

Just a few days ago, I recommended Estee Lauder small brown bottle eye cream to you. At that time, I also told you that the most attractive point of it is that it can resist blue light damage. Attention is to repair + protect blue light damage, not block blue light damage!

Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图9

The chronoluxcb biological rhythm repair technology adopted by Estee Lauder can repair the blue light damage mainly because it has good antioxidant effect and can neutralize the excessive free radicals generated by the stimulation of blue light.

Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图10 At the same time, this skill helps to regulate the skin rhythm, improve the self repairing ability of the skin, so as to protect against blue light damage.

To be practical, I intuitively thought it was a brand gimmick at the beginning, but I felt that my fatigue around my eyes had improved after using it. Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图11
Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图12 Maybe my eye is sensitive. I was very busy at work earlier. I had to watch the computer for more than 10 hours a day. When I went home, my eye was like a needle prick. I couldn’t sleep without using a massage machine. But after using a small brown bottle of eye cream, this situation almost didn’t appear!

Xiu Li can CE essence + Xiu Li RBE stay up late essence

As Xiu Li can die for many years, mention antioxidants, how can we not Amway CE essence +RBE stay up night anti oxygen bottle this day and night to repair the oxygen combination?

Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图13

During the daytime, in order to deal with the sun damage, CE essence is to give up the human body. It uses 15% levo vitamin C+1% vitamin E+0.5% ferulic acid to weave the skin protection net against ultraviolet and blue light. It penetrated into the skin to help neutralize free radicals and protect the light damage in many directions. Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图14
Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图15 You have to ask me how strong the antioxidant capacity is. I can only tell you that no matter how rotten the foundation is, it will not oxidize in the afternoon.

At night, in order to enhance the skin’s internal maintenance, the RBE essence is added to 1% high consistency.
Resveratrol can not only activate the skin’s self-protection potential, but also improve the skin color! With the addition of 1% vitamin E and 0.5% yellow Ling essence, we can better repair the daytime damage and enhance the tightness of the skin cells. Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图16
Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图17 Other people will not say, but the new media industry habit of staying up until 3 in the morning, I really push the essence of this bottle! After a week’s continuous stay up, your face is still as bright as people’s!!

Supplement lutein appropriately

In addition to physical protection and daily skin care, it is recommended that you supplement some lutein properly at ordinary times. It is one of the best anti blue light ingredients in nature. It can inhibit free radical activity and has strong antioxidant capacity.

Moreover, lutein, as the main pigment of human retinal macular area, is also very important for the protection of vision, but mammals can not synthesize it by themselves. Therefore, no matter students or workers, they are advised to eat more lutein rich foods such as corn, papaya, pumpkin, orange, kale, spinach, leek, cabbage, celery leaf, parsley, etc~

Wake up, don’t pay IQ tax. Is \插图18 At the end of today’s course, let’s make a little summary together!

First of all, high-intensity and long-term blue light stimulation does cause certain damage to eyesight and skin. Therefore, \

Secondly, there is no effective way to block blue light. The so-called anti blue light lenses, anti blue light screen film and other physical protection tools have a general defense effect on blue light, but they are better than none.

Finally, no skin care products can block blue light, but sunscreen is very helpful to reduce blue light damage. Daily use of antioxidant repair products can also repair blue light damage!

The above is the whole content of today, I hope to help you, happy every day, we’ll see you next time~

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