It turns out that the clown is myself

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Original title: Sharing in an empty bottle!!

Author: Mr. G

If you want to share today, just look at the title! It’s time to share empty bottles from time to time!

I have accumulated some empty bottles for a long time, but I didn’t share them with you in time, so I packed them up recently and planned to share them all! Otherwise, my small rental house really can’t hold (you pretend to think I have a lot of skin care products)!

No more nonsense! Directly on the product!

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Is this group photo spectacular? I didn’t think I was short selling bottles (picking up junk)! Ha ha ha! Well, Xiaobian will go on according to the order of the most empty bottles~

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Body milk can be regarded as one of the fastest products in my empty bottle! After all, I like this delicate workers in addition to face eggs to tender! The body needs water, too~

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Vaseline essence milk series can be considered my favorite love milk now! The pump head design is more convenient and sanitary than the body milk with opening design~

Another reason is that it has good moisturizing effect and great skin feeling! This is due to the prebiotic essence and lock magnet technology, which can firmly lock water in the skin.

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Moreover, its body milk with different serial numbers is aimed at different people. For example, resveratrol and nicotinamide contained in teacher G’s empty bottle of No. 3 body milk are mainly aimed at dark skin~

And No.5 body milk is for sisters with chicken skin! In addition to the acid ingredients that can dredge pores, ceramide ingredients are added to relieve the irritation brought by acid! Together with nicotinamide, the darkening problem of chicken skin is solved!

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But G loves it better. This whole series of body milk is the same texture as emulsion. Fast absorption, not greasy! It’s good all year round!

It turns out that the clown is myself插图5

If you feel that the Vaseline cream series of body milk has expensive sister can look at the Dove Daikin bowl! The price is really super cabbage!! If you can’t buy it, you can’t be fooled!

It contains seabuckthorn fruit oil, which can nourish and moisturize the skin and relieve the dry skin! In addition, it also uses the skin brightening technology to make the skin more moist and glossy at the same time!

It turns out that the clown is myself插图6

The Dove big gold bowl is a light cream texture. Its ductility and moisturizing effect are all very good. But G teacher feels a little bit less absorbed.

It turns out that the clown is myself插图7

This kind of body milk is bought during activities. It’s really super cheap. A can of it seems to be more than ten yuan. How can I use it!

Compared with the previous two, the texture of Nivea blue can body milk is quite special. It’s a bit like cream. It’s not very easy to push. It feels a little thick, but it’s actually absorbed very fast, and it won’t feel greasy.

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The main ingredients in it are moisturizing ingredients that make skin more moisturizing, such as the stronger skin fat, lanolin alcohol and vitamin B5 essence.

And it uses the design of water in oil, with good sealing, which is more suitable for the sisters of desert skin!

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Well, after talking about the most empty bottle of body milk, let’s talk about the second most empty bottle of eye cream!

It turns out that the clown is myself插图10

Although the last time I introduced it to you, it was just dinner! But to tell you the truth, opale eye is my true love! Not only empty bottles, but also buy back!

The main ingredients have been introduced before! A variety of seaweed extract can promote the production of collagen, and 2 times the extract of lotus germ can make collagen more compact, plus a variety of moisturizing ingredients, it can be said to enhance the eye condition in many ways.

It turns out that the clown is myself插图11

Especially the skin around the eyes is dry, like to stay up late, like teacher g, small dry lines more or have anti aging needs of sisters must try!

AUPRES eye cream is cream like texture, very good push away, you can usually apply to the eye at first, use your fingers to light the eye week, and then use the palm temperature to press, so that it absorbs faster and doesn’t feel sticky.

It turns out that the clown is myself插图12

In fact, teacher G has always liked AHC’s products, which are cheap and easy to use! Especially suitable for slum sisters! Cost performance is really high!

For example, the seventh generation of eye cream, only a few tens of dollars! But the composition is not ambiguous, more than 20 kinds of peptide, a variety of antioxidant ingredients! Plus a variety of moisturizing ingredients and bionic collagen…

Excuse me, how much is your cost? So willing? Make money?

Besides, the moisturizing effect of this eye cream is really great! The top few ingredients on the ingredient list are some prebiotics, which can also repair the skin. For example, teacher g had allergic eyes for a period of time. When he was dying of dryness, AHC eye cream saved me!

It turns out that the clown is myself插图13

It is also a relatively clear cream texture, good absorption and sticky, if it is to pursue moisturizing and moisturizing, it may also have a little anti – aging effect of the eye cream sister can consider it!

It turns out that the clown is myself插图14

Similarly, empty bottles have more essence. It’s both two. Hey, hey!

It turns out that the clown is myself插图15

If your skin is sensitive, but you want to resist the aging, you can consider this frozen age blue bottle!

When you want to use some effective products like sisters of sensitive muscles, the first time you don’t think about the effect, it’s whether my skin matches or not!

It turns out that the clown is myself插图16

For example, the triple prebiotic ingredients, probiotic microbial fermentation products, bifidus yeast fermentation products and yeast extract contained in the blue bottle can repair our skin barrier and make our skin stronger!

At the same time, it also contains vitamin C glycosides and vitamin E, which play the role of antioxidation and brightening skin color. It can be said that it’s repair and resistance
The old two are right!

It turns out that the clown is myself插图17

Essence is the texture of semitransparent essence, and it becomes transparent when pushed away. After absorption is that kind of very fresh skin feeling ~ oily sister should love!

It turns out that the clown is myself插图18

Du Mei is a brand that teacher g only noticed this year. It’s really a \

Like this ceramide solution, it’s a super favorite water essence this year. From texture to efficacy like that!

It turns out that the clown is myself插图19 Ceramide stock solution, the ingredient in it is ceramide! Like the sister with damaged skin barrier, should be familiar with this ingredient? Repair skin barrier, reduce skin moisture loss, make skin more moist and strong ~ drop sensitive muscle \

And its texture is really like water. There is no need to worry about sticky enough to absorb this problem.

In front of the categories are empty bottles, and the next category is a single empty bottle! So I’ll tell you in the order of skin care~ It turns out that the clown is myself插图20

This kind of facial cleanser actually g teacher already empty bottle, this is the second time empty bottle! It turns out that the clown is myself插图21

To tell you the truth, it’s really not easy to use it in an empty bottle. I thought it would be used up, but as a result, I have to squeeze it. So I can squeeze it for another month!

Apart from other things, squeezing out is a bubble, which can harvest a large number of lazy people’s love. In addition, its cleaning ability is strong and cheap! My conscience will hurt if I don’t buy it back! It turns out that the clown is myself插图22

And it also contains the essence of marigold and pomegranate, can play a certain role in relieving, for G teacher this oil pox muscle, it is tailor-made!

This is also a necessary \
It turns out that the clown is myself插图23 It is the skin condition that is really not particularly good. When the face is hot and the spray is sprayed on Blanc’s holy spring, you can feel what is called instant fire!

The soothing effect can’t leave without the Blanc holy spring water! Spring water is rich in many minerals, such as zinc, copper and manganese, which are good helpers for repairing and soothing skin.

It turns out that the clown is myself插图24 In addition to spraying a bad face, it can be kept in offices and at home. This spray replenish the skin from time to time.

These two babies are regular customers in the list of teacher G’s favorite! I believe there are no unfamiliar ones here, right?

It turns out that the clown is myself插图25 Everyone has seen the real Calendula in Keyan’s Calendula water. It uses the natural air dried Calendula to preserve the antioxidants contained in Calendula. It is especially friendly to the beauty of oil pox skin!

At the same time, it also contains a variety of plant ingredients to play an oil control effect, and there is no thickener added, which can be said to be the representative of refreshing!

The high moisturizing cream of Ke Yan is not much to say. The last cream evaluation has just been said. Ha ha ha ha~

Evaluation card is just told to you! I like it! Super like (hope the brand dad can see the children)!

It turns out that the clown is myself插图26 Sun protection ability is very strong, and in addition to UV protection, it can also resist the blue light of electronic products, which is \

Neutrogena sunscreen is the same texture as emulsion. The face is smooth and smooth. When you go out for two times, you finish it.

And it’s a very natural touch up effect on the face. If you don’t want to make up but don’t look so haggard, you can go out with this sunscreen! It turns out that the clown is myself插图27

All right! Finally, I’ve introduced all these empty bottles! The above product repurchase probability is still very high!

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