Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?

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After stung, the weather is getting warmer and warmer day by day. At this time, the skin also changes quietly. Some spots on the bottom of the skin suddenly appear on the face. Many netizens feel that the skin color is uneven and very \

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Has been whitening, but why will the spots repeated?

Why is super picosecond freckle fast not suitable for me?

How is yeast whitening on fire?

How does the stain that appears after basking do?

How did the face that looked OK suddenly become \

How to choose products with many whitening ingredients?

Recently, the editor has received a lot of trouble from netizens about facial spots. The skin condition can be said to be ups and downs, comparable to the recent fund.

How did the face that looked OK suddenly become \

Three major symptoms of my aunt’s pre period skin: easy to grow spots on the cheek, skin allergy & acne, coarse pores, and exuberant oil secretion

Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?插图 Luteal prophase, probably after ovulation, when the skin state slowly decline, sebaceous glands, melanin secretion increased significantly. This is because during the physiological period, the female hormone has changed a lot and progesterone fluctuates greatly. At this time, the female’s body temperature will rise slightly and her metabolism will increase. However, during this period, sebum secretion will be strong and pigment cells will form. If you do not pay attention to sunscreen isolation, in ultraviolet radiation, will produce large spots.

How to rescue? In the week after the end of the big aunt \
Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?插图1 Taking more vitamin B6 during menstruation can relieve anxiety

Vitamin B6 has a wide range of food sources and is usually high in wheat, vegetables and nuts. Some people have tension syndrome during menstruation, which is characterized by insomnia and forgetfulness. Taking 50-100 mg vitamin B6 daily can relieve the symptoms.

There is also an important inducement for skin pigmentation, dark yellow and redness, which is inflammation. Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?插图2

What’s more troubling is that there are many factors that can induce inflammation, such as sun exposure, acne, allergies, medical beauty, even improper skin care, and chronic inflammation. Now we wear masks for a long time, and our skin is in a humid and airtight environment, which can easily cause inflammation and melanin precipitation. In addition, the temperature difference changes, stay up late, irregular diet and other common situations, not to mention, each of us is difficult to escape its \
Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?插图3

When changing seasons, the skin oil will gradually reduce, and the skin that is too dry and sensitive will become darker due to lack of water. At this time, when choosing whitening products, you must match with moisturizing and repairing products. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to repair the skin barrier first and reduce the use of irritant skin care products.

Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?插图4 Lack of water in skin

Editors recommend stability maintenance products: Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?插图5

Youlai muscle energy law: No.0 water emulsion
肌肤缺水的状态 Spices, pigments, alcohol, preservatives, mineral oil Zero addition, in the repair of fragile skin at the same time, give moistening nourishment. The water emulsion is specially added with dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate, which can relieve the tingling, itching, reddening and other discomfort of the damaged skin. At the same time, it can improve the skin’s own barrier function.

Spring is the \

Even if you don’t have spots on your face, you usually need to use some whitening essence. Now, many whitening products on the market will lighten the complexion while delaying the skin’s melanin to float out of the skin’s surface. That is to say, everyone’s skin bottom will have a lot of black sediment. Once sunscreen and skin care work is not done well, Maybe one day the spots on the bottom of the muscle will appear on the face, so we still have to focus on prevention. Do not wait until the face really long spots, it is difficult to remove. 悠莱肌能定律臻弹0号水乳

Whitening and moisturizing need to be carried out simultaneously

First of all, you need to know about whitening!

Everyone’s congenital skin color is determined by genetic factors, but the changes of skin color and spots are affected by some key factors. Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?插图8

First of all, skin color, UV, lack of water, damage of barrier, micro inflammation of muscle floor, etc., will lead to a variety of skin color problems.


For example, the dark skin is mostly determined by the poor circulation and metabolism of the skin, the dry skin and the thickening of the stratum corneum; Redness is due to the instability of skin barrier function, which makes the skin prone to excessive response to external stimuli; Yellowing is caused by the loss of collagen and the phenomenon of skin glycan with age.

This time, we invite Hou Cong, a health muscle beauty consultant and life aesthetician, to answer some professional topics about whitening and light spots!

Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?插图10   

Netizen question: the effect of whitening products is slow, why not choose medical beauty directly?

Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?插图11


Hou Cong Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?插图12 Compared with the general invisible whitening products, many people now choose to try the medical beauty project to solve the spot problem, such as the currently popular ultra picosecond freckle removal, which is based on light and heat, decomposes the pigment into easily metabolized particles, and then excretes them through the body’s metabolism.

But I can give you advice is: laser freckle risk, not everyone is suitable for.

First of all, there will be corresponding contraindications, if suffering from dermatitis, eczema, autoimmune diseases, pregnancy, photosensitivity and diabetes
People with scar constitution should be considered carefully; Secondly, it is not a single treatment that can achieve the ideal effect. It needs multiple comprehensive treatment for different stains, but in this process, the effect may not be ideal and there is a risk of anti Melania; In addition, finish need strict sunscreen and skin care, otherwise prone to pigmentation and other adverse reactions.

Netizen question: has been whitening, but why does the stain repeat? What is the best whitening ingredient?

Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?插图13 Hou Cong: there are many restrictions, troubles and high prices for medical beauty products, so more people are looking forward to truly effective whitening products, and the most direct factor determining the whitening effect is whitening ingredients!

In the field of whitening, most of the ingredients that have been proved to be effective in whitening and freckle removing have certain defects. For example, vitamin C, which is the most familiar ingredient of Conghua, is easily oxidized and unstable, especially in the water environment, it will quickly deteriorate, and the melanin that is often reduced may be oxidized again, unable to brighten the skin in multiple ways; Nicotinamide has been found to be intolerant in clinical trials, and it is not easy to establish tolerance, and it only acts on the transport of melanin. Once it is stopped, it will soon reverse melanin.

Why? First of all, our state food and drug administration is very strict in the monitoring and management of whitening products. Whitening products are listed as special cosmetics supervision, and products must be registered with \
Whitening is a long-term battle, we must adhere to the use and with sunscreen can.


Netizen question: how is yeast whitening on fire?

Yeast extract has been widely used in skin care products in recent years, because it contains many nutrients, such as vitamins, amino acids, polysaccharides, trace elements and so on. In addition to good moisturizing and depigmentation effects, it can also promote metabolism, anti-inflammatory, improve skin texture, remove wrinkles and anti-aging, and discharge toxins. When used in compound formula, it is like a lard, which can adapt to many ingredients and help to design better formula. Compared with the general acid whitening ingredients, I think the best point of yeast extract is that it can stabilize, mildly brighten and whiten the skin. Especially under the unique fermentation process of Estee Lauder, it can enhance cell autophagy, purify melanin more powerful, and block the transport of plaque.

We all know that Fu Peng, the former assistant of Li Jiaqi, is in good skin condition. However, he recently went to do a skin test, and it can be seen that there are many new brown spots hidden in the bottom layer of the skin without any defects. Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?插图14

The picture comes from the video capture of Fu Peng’s little red book
In the next 20 days, Fu Peng insisted on using the same whitening essence every day, and then tested it again with the instrument to see whether the whitening essence had the effect of reducing or reducing the color of the skin bottom.

Video recording for 20 days with only the same whitening essence

From the numerical point of view, whitening products have effect on spots, new brown spots and UV damage. In other words, adhere to the use of whitening products can make the skin \

Therefore, the use of whitening essence can really dilute the new spots, block the middle spots, and prevent the underlying spots. 图片源于付鹏小红书视频截图


Editors recommend new whitening products: 视频记录20天只用同款美白精华

Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?插图17    Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?插图18 1. Estee Lauder specializes in the essence of 50ml\/1000.

This series adopts the development method approved by experts of cosmetology and dermatology, integrates comprehensive and multi-dimensional into one, and deeply blocks melanin with breakthrough formula, so as to make skin even and transparent. We are specialized in spotting bullet, breaking the traditional single component whitening method, using the revolutionary whitening yeast compound special formula af3, multi-channel, three layers of surface, middle and bottom directional spotting, accurately hitting the spots and blain marks, and cleaning the spots in one bullet.

2, Clinique uniform bland multi effect essence 100ml\/180 yuan Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?插图19

Clinique’s third generation whitening essence whitening \

3, Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden new orange essence 2 30ml\/870 yuan

The essence of the anti oxidant ingredient Idebenone Ai Di benzene, which is composed of 10 new hard core ingredients, has 4 times the antioxidant capacity beyond the \
   4, brand new Dior Dior snow crystal smart white light essence milk 30ml\/1050 yuan

The new Dior white bottle essence is presented in a new bottle body with collocation of pure white cap, as bright as white and white. Rongyun is derived from natural ingredients. It has upgraded the technology of myogenic light transmission, redefined the dimension of brightness and whiteness, pursued the uniformity of skin color, skin color and skin texture, and proposed the skin permeability for the first time.

Photo from Little Red Book: screenshot of Xi Mengyao’s video sharing
In the video, Xi Mengyao recommends a self serving whitening essence, which is purchased in Wanning, Hongkong. The price is only about 200 Hong Kong dollars. It can dilute pox and ink when taking acne. After sun exposure, it can make facial skin white. According to the editor’s search, the best whitening essence sold in Japan is actually a professional efficacy product founded by American Department of dermatology experts, founded in 1988.

OBAGI Euro key levo vitamin C essence C5 facial essence

In fact, the whitening essence on the market is really rare, and the major brands have their own trump card products, but the main ingredients of different brand products are different, so you can choose products according to their skin quality and needs. Want to dispel yellow? Freckle
? Or brighten your skin? Take a look at this whitening strategy form!

1. Nicotinamide – prevents melanin from transferring to the skin surface, whitens and controls oil. The concentration of nicotinamide reaches 2% ~ 5%, improves color sedimentation, and the effect of 5% whitening and brightening is obvious.

2. Arbutin – inhibit melanin production, the stimulation is low when the concentration is about 3%, and the stimulation is high when the maximum concentration is 7%. 图片源于小红书:奚梦瑶视频分享截图

3, bianming acid can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, inhibit melanin formation from the source to achieve whitening effect, but also anti-inflammatory, anti aging, repair barrier function, the general concentration of 2%~3% is relatively mild.

OBAGI欧邦琪左旋维C精华C5面部精华液 4, vitamin C- is effective and effective in whitening ingredients. It inhibits melanin generation and metastasis from root, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation and anti-aging. 5% can achieve whitening effect. Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?插图22

5. Kojic acid is more efficient than tranexamic acid, less than 2% is safe and has certain irritation.

Why did the color spot suddenly explode on the face that covered a winter?插图23 6. The whitening effect of fruit acid is remarkable, but it is easy to make the cuticle thin.

7,377-phenylethylresorcinol is one of the most active tyrosinase inhibitors. When the concentration is between 0.2% and 0.5%, the whitening effect can be achieved.

After reading it, promise me to collect it. When I go back to buy skin care products, I’ll see if there are any skin care ingredients. My mother doesn’t have to worry that I can’t turn white when I buy the wrong products any more. Well, if there are any skin problems about whitening and light spots, you can type them out in the comment area, and the beauty editor can help you answer them at any time!

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