Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?

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Original title: skin care plastic sisters of the same family! Who is the facade?

Author: Akuma

Recently, Xiaobian often sees in the message that many cute children have these troubles when choosing skin care products:

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图
Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图1
Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图2


Not to mention the different products of different brands, all kinds of small red, orange, yellow, green and blue bottles have a headache, not to mention those twin sisters who belong to the same family. Are the price, bottle design and name making me find different?

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图3

So today, Xiaobian invited several popular products to break off, and analyzed the differences between them in terms of composition, texture and sense of use~

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图4

The leading players are our No.1 seed gold glue and powder glue. They are coming with vigorous steps!

Gold glue and powder glue, but the old brand of Arden’s home is red. The packaging of the light shielding small capsule is too Q. Moreover, it is convenient and hygienic, twisting and twisting and foaming. The essence comes out. Just a dose of just enough time not only prevents the retinol from being lost by light, but also reduces the addition of preservatives.

But they are not only capsule packaging, but also the main ones are anti aging and repair, which makes many little cute people do not know exactly how to choose. Today, I’ll give you a plate.


Composition comparison

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图5

Cr: beautiful practice

Golden gum is based on volatile silicone oil, plus camellia seed oil and coconut oil. First of all, golden gum has very good moisturizing ability. But just moisturizing, you can underestimate it, in which a variety of ceramide, fatty acids, plant sphingosine and cholesterol can not only repair the barrier for the face in an all-round way, but also replenish the lipid for the face, and protect the face from moisturizing and smoothing all day~

In addition, for having heard it many times, the A, a familiar anti – aging hand, is a retinol palmitate, which is much milder than A alcohol, so it is especially suitable for sensitive muscles. However, the effect is not as obvious as alcohol a~

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图6

Cr: beautiful practice

From the composition, we can see that powder glue is bolder than gold glue because it directly uses a-alcohol, which has more obvious effect. Not only that, it also adds compound peptide to help fade fine lines and make skin more compact. Although the irritation has become stronger, the combination of ceramide, fatty acid and cholesterol is also used to simulate the skin barrier, which can alleviate the peeling and drying problems caused by a-alcohol.

So it’s easy to see that compared with moisturizing and repairing the protective glue, the little glue has made great efforts to help the young people to ease the problem of old and old.


Texture contrast

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图7
Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图8

Gold glue is a transparent oily texture with strong fluidity. It’s silky and easy to push away. For Xiaobian, it feels too greasy just on the face, but after the polysiloxane volatilizes, it’s only smooth and dry, and the face will be matte.

Because of its weak irritation, golden glue is the red flag of ganmin skin assistant in dry autumn and winter. When the skin has a series of problems such as skin burst and tingling, as long as it is small, it can quickly and gently repair the barrier and moisturize the skin. The redness and discomfort have been alleviated. At present, it will feel that the face is covered with a protective cover and warm, I feel at ease~

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图9
Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图10

The texture of powder glue is very different from that of gold glue. It is a light yellow gel that is not easy to flow, and it will not be full of hand oil as soon as it is twisted open like gold glue. Although it looks greasy, the upper face immediately becomes matte after being smeared. It has a strong sense of silicon, refreshing and not greasy. Compared with gold glue, it is more popular with Xiaobian~

Every time I use it before I go to bed, I always get a surprise when I wake up the next day. I feel that the gloss and delicacy of my face have been improved by several levels. I don’t need to revise the picture after shooting the face SLR. It’s just spicy and confident!

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图11

Cr: Little Red Book @ berry diary

Next is today’s No.2 seed player. How many cute kids can’t tell the difference between SK-II’s small light bulb and small silver bottle’s claw!

However, it’s understandable that small light bulbs flash a little bit more than small silver bottles in terms of appearance, but we can’t be so superficial. Let’s just look at the surface. Next, let’s see what’s different inside with Akuma~


Composition comparison

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图12

Cr: beautiful practice

First of all, we are familiar with the small light bulb, which contains a high concentration of SK-II housekeeping ingredient pitera (fermentation product filtrate of galactose yeast like bacteria). It is rich in amino acids and minerals, which can make the face absorb nutrients quickly in a short time. It is not only the oil control Gospel of the oil skin, but also can quickly improve the luster of the face~

In addition, P & G especially likes to use undecyl phenylalanine and nicotinamide, which are two powerful brightening combinations, making melanin have no way to hide from the source. Although a very small amount of VC content is slightly added to soy sauce, the former three ingredients can also brighten the dark yellow muscle!

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图13

Cr: beautiful practice

Like the small light bulb, pitera + nicotinamide is used as the core component, but the nicotinamide concentration of the small silver bottle is lower than that of the small light bulb, and undecyl phenylalanine, which works at the source of melanin, is removed, so the overall lighting effect is weaker than that of the small light bulb.

But from ascorbic acid and sugar kelp, it is easy to see that in fact, our small silver bottles are more focused on spot and anti aging, to overcome the already formed melanin and to dilute obstinate local spots, so that the task of small silver bottles is much more difficult than that of small bulbs.

And small silver bottles contain no essence, more mild than small bulbs, and the little ones of oil pox can rest assured.


Texture contrast

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图14
Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图15

Cr: Little Red Book @ Ono akiqiu

The small bulb is a very strong white emulsion texture, with pearlescent in it, and very beautiful like a bottle. It’s refreshing and moisturizing, with good ductility, low oil content, light skin feeling, and high tolerance to small oil skin~

Because it contains mica, titanium dioxide and boron nitride, it can immediately modify the skin color, but the effect of long-term use can not be underestimated~

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图16
Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图17

Cr: Little Red Book @ little volume~

The texture of the small silver bottle is similar to that of the small light bulb, and the color is yellowish. The price is lower than that of a small light bulb, and the overall lighting effect is not as obvious as that of a small light bulb. After all, people are fighting a tough battle~

It is suggested that if you want to achieve a better effect, you can use a small light bulb to smear the whole face, and then use a small silver bottle to treat the spots on the face, so as to catch all the melanin that has formed and potential~

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图18

With SK-II finished, how can there be no Olay light sensitive white bottle, which is called \


Composition comparison

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图19 Cr: beautiful practice

The first reaction of little cute people to hear nicotinamide must be Olay. As a brand that plays nicotinamide very well, high concentration of nicotinamide is naturally indispensable in light sensitive white bottle. After all, it is recognized as a little expert in improving brightness. At the same time, it is combined with VC derivatives and undecyl phenylalanine in small light bulbs to enhance the ability of improving brightness and removing yellow.

In particular, sepitonic m3 compound ingredient (magnesium aspartate + zinc gluconate + magnesium gluconate) is added into the small white bottle. It not only has the effect of anti-oxidation and anti saccharification, but also plays a role of promoter in the whole formula. It can assist to brighten the ingredients, double the whitening effect, and praise it!

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图20 Cr: beautiful practice

The main product is nicotinamide as light sensitive white bottle, but the nicotinamide content of domestic version of light spot white bottle is higher than that of light sensitive white bottle. In addition, sugar kelp extract is added. Through research, P & G believes that the combination of the two can transfer melanin, desalinate and metabolize the melanin that has been formed. It should not be difficult to see that the light spot white bottle is more focused on the light spot than the silver bottle.

In addition, there are allantoin, VB5 and glycyrrhizic acid dimethyl icing on the cake, for desalination of red and swollen smallpox India that is no problem!


Texture contrast

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图21
Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图22 The light sense white bottle is white with fine emulsion. It has good ductility and easy to wipe. The upper face is neither thick nor oily. Because of the colorant added inside, the face will have the effect of white in red, but as can insist on using the power is also very good da~

There is no saying about the effect of brightening skin color. The skin color can be kept white and tender the next day after use, and the sisters around can almost use a bottle of white color. As for lightening and removing the yellow power, the strength of the light sensitive white bottle is obvious to all, and the cost performance is very good. It’s called the small light bulb flatting, and it’s really not covered~

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图23
Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图24 The pale spot white bottle is a highly translucent semitransparent essence. Its face is not sticky. It absorbs quickly and is not greasy and feels very dry.

But want to rely on it light spot, this can be a protracted war, for the kind of old spots can not be effective in a day or two, but the relief effect of newly produced red and swollen acne and new spots is still very considerable~

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图25 Cr: canva \/ Little Red Book @ ning Ning’er__\/@ Stella_ Wong

Is the cream of CLARINS’s family much more famous? Not only is there a variety of series, but also divided into day cream and night cream. What makes people headache is that some of them are also divided into oil skin and dry skin. It is actually a cream, hate, no score, 100 kinds to suit all kinds of skin! What’s the difference between the two most popular cream?


Composition comparison

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图26 Cr: beautiful practice

This is the famous cream of the immortal bird. The main ingredient is air plant from Madagascar. No matter how bad the living environment, it can always keep full of water, so it is called the undead bird. It is not only a super reservoir to protect the moisturized skin, but also a powerful repair ability. Combined with a variety of moisturizing ingredients, it is like a heart tonic for the dry and damaged skin~

However, this cream also continued the CLARINS’s consistent strong flavor hangs. The little assistant who did not love this smell felt a little smoked and used every time, and also had many acne components. It also contained three kinds of preservatives.

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图27 Cr: beautiful practice

This cream is called \

For having heard it many times, CLARINS is a plant brand, and all the ingredients are extracted from plants. So this product is not familiar with the anti wrinkle products, but relies on Kangaroo flower extract to help improve skin relaxation and desalt fine lines. But the overall anti-aging ability is not so strong.

Clarion, which focuses on plant ingredients, certainly disdains to add only one plant extract. It also adds oat kernel extract and rough nut extract to help anti oxidant and resist offensive free radicals. Therefore, it’s a fairly good entry-level anti-aging product~


Texture contrast

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图28 Cr: Little Red Book @ ning Ning’er__ Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图29

The immortal creams are paste like texture, smooth and smooth like butter, soft and soft skin, and not greasy and absorbed after smear. For winter mixing, it is enough to moisturize, but for dry skinned assistant, it is more suitable for autumn angels.

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图30 Cr: Little Red Book @ Stella_ Wong Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图31

Because this day cream also adds yellow pigment, so the cream is pale yellow. Compared with undead bird cream, spring cream is slightly thicker, but skin feeling is still refreshing.

Day cream on the face during the day is very thin, follow-up makeup is also very comfortable, night cream compared to day cream will be thick and greasy some ~ because it is a plant extract, the effect may not be as obvious as those strong medicine ingredients, but insist on using or can feel the face become plump and tight some, fine lines are light, who said the girl who loves to laugh wrinkles will not be too few!

Finally came to the last lie down! Today’s ultimate battle is L’Oreal’s milk cap water and balance water, both of which are acidic make-up water and layered up and down. However, their applicable skin types and effects are quite different~ Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图32


Composition comparison

Cr: beautiful practice Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图33

This milk cap water looks really good to drink. It’s a great temptation to the fans of Xiaobian milk cap!! But it’s not milk or milk ingredients, but because it’s milk on the top and water on the bottom, it looks like it’s covered with milk~

Do you think it’s very exciting when you see salicylic acid? Don’t you dare to use it? Don’t panic, don’t panic. The milk capping layer is actually a structure of three oils in one acid. Three kinds of oil ingredients can moisten the skin and tightly wrap the less irritating salicylic acid derivative, octanoyl salicylic acid, in it. If you want to gently and effectively dredge pores and remove cutin, just trust it!

Not only that, the milk cover water is also added with ultra-fine molecules hyaluronic acid and squalane, which is responsible for completing the task of moisturizing after acid brushing, and it does not contain alcohol. It really takes care of the little cute dry sensitive skin. It is worthy of being the \

Cr: beautiful practice

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图34 L’Oreal has also done a good job in this aspect. It’s suitable for dry skin. If you have the milk cover water, how can you make up this kind of oil skin. This is not, the balance water for oil skin is coming, good guy, liquid sanitary napkin, I know, there is \

Like the milk cover water, the balance water is also layered up and down. However, the upper layer of the balance water is a powerful combination of grape seed extract + triple ceramide + fruit acid to regulate water oil balance, and the lower layer is oil control mineral powder. The combination of the two not only turns off the tap of oil secretion, but also alleviates the problem of external oil drying in~


Texture contrast

Milk cover water shake before use, milk will be mixed, texture is milky water, face moisturizing not stimulating.

Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图35 Even if the skin is dry and sensitive, and the barrier is damaged, the milk cover water can mildly moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, and properly \
Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图36

Since it’s essential for oilskin, Xiaobian must practice it. It’s transparent and water-like texture. It has a strong sense of penetration. It feels absorbed by the face as soon as it’s put on the face, and the oily light on the face is also much matte to the naked eye.

People’s oil absorption paper is more and more oil absorption, but liquid oil absorption paper is more and more oil control ~ after a period of time, the overall skin quality has improved, now almost can carry the whole day’s shooting, almost no oil on the face, pores also delicate a lot!! Milk cover water to small assistant, small make up to take away this bottle of balance water~ Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图37
Who is the face of the same skin care sisters?插图38

Today’s plastic sister flower break ends here! Little cute people should all understand, as long as it is not the whole network black chicken ribs products, in fact, no one is better, but radish and vegetables have their own love, only suitable for their own to achieve the most desired effect~

So these products, whether it is applicable to the skin, skin feeling, for the problem, the effect of use are very different. Don’t blindly follow the trend or just pick one out of trouble. Not only is your wallet empty, it may also have a negative effect!

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