Skin care 20 ask quickly stop it, so it’s useless to apply sunscreen

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Original title: skin care 20 questions | please stop! It’s no use wearing sunscreen like this!

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20 questions about skin care

1. What to do with red blood? Can skin care products improve?

Red blood on the face is due to skin inflammation and vasodilation.

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In general, EGF containing single product can help improve the red blood, but if it is serious red blood, still need to use medical beauty.

2. Did you use sunscreen to prevent acne because you didn’t remove it completely?

There are many cases of acne, not necessarily because of sun protection, and most of the sun protection on the market is enough to wash with facial cleanser.

If it is confirmed that acne is caused by sunscreen, some sunscreen agents and emulsifiers may cause skin irritation, it is recommended to replace sunscreen.

3. Is physical sunscreen better than chemical sunscreen?

Not necessarily.

Compared with chemical sunscreen, physical sunscreen is milder and generally more suitable for children with sensitive muscles or fragile skin. However, chemical sunscreen has higher efficiency, wider range of choices and more comfortable skin feeling. There is no absolute who is better, only suitable or not.

4. How to choose sunscreen for acne muscle?

It is recommended to choose the sunscreen that is light and not stuffy and can be washed off directly with facial cleanser, such as Olay white umbrella, L’Oreal gold tube, birou blue bottle, etc.

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What’s the difference between cheap sunscreen and expensive sunscreen?

Here cheap sunscreen mainly refers to below 5-60 yuan, there will be some problems.

If the SPF value is not too high, the sun protection effect is general; Compared with expensive sunscreen, skin feeling is much worse, sticky and not light, with strong discomfort; May irritate the skin.

If the budget is really limited, it is also recommended that the price should not be less than 50 yuan, otherwise it will only be harmful to the skin.

6. Can you just take an umbrella without sunscreen in summer?

Not recommended.

First of all, your umbrella doesn’t necessarily have a sun protection factor. Even if it does, it can only block the direct ultraviolet rays, but can’t block the ultraviolet rays reflected from the ground, so you’d better apply sunscreen.

7. Can sponge eggs be used for sun protection?

  ??? Why use sponge eggs for sun protection? Is the hand not fragrant?

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If you use sponge eggs for sunscreen, the effective ingredients in sunscreen are absorbed by eggs, and the dosage is difficult to reach the standard. If you don’t use enough sunscreen, the effect will be greatly reduced. Is this sunscreen lonely?

8. Can alcoholic skin care products be used?


Alcohol is highly volatile. It can be added to skin care products to make the skin feel more refreshing. It can also remove the oil and dirt on the surface of the skin. It has a certain cleaning and oil control effect. It is suitable for people with oily skin.

However, alcohol itself has certain irritation. It is not recommended for people with sensitive skin, dry skin or problem skin. It may stimulate skin, damage skin barrier and aggravate skin problems.

9. Will Yuba tan your skin?


What can make the skin tan is ultraviolet rays, while Yuba produces infrared rays, so you don’t have to worry about tanning after washing. Of course, if you want to be as white as Wang Bobo, you can’t forget the daily sunscreen~

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10. Can you use whitening products for acne?

Better not.

During acne, some people may use acid brushing to improve acne, but acids and whitening ingredients such as nicotinamide cannot be used together; And some whitening ingredients, although taboo is not big, but if the concentration is higher, it will also have certain irritation to acne, so it is suggested to repair acne first, and then talk about whitening.

11, when you are young, you start using the essence.

Will there be any problems in the future?

The only way to ask this question is to worry about a dependency problem. I worry that once I stop using it, I may age faster, but ordinary drugs will not produce dependency. How can such common skin care products be available?

About the dependence of skin care products, you can click the link below to look back at the answer~

What amazing changes will happen to your skin after you stop using fairy water?

12. Is it really useful to insist on using skin care products?

Or is it just psychological?

Of course it works.

For example, sunscreen can prevent sunburn; Long acne, with the corresponding single product, acne improved or disappeared; Dry skin, using mask, cream to moisturize. These are easy to feel changes.

However, it will be slower to dilute the dark circles, resist aging and whitening, but persist.

13. How to improve the dark circles caused by staying up late?

Going to bed early is the first thing!

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Furthermore, it can be improved by using some eye cream or caffeine containing eye cream.

14. Hot eyes of makeup remover is the problem of makeup remover

Or personal eye problems?

It depends on the situation.

It differs from man to man. It is irritating to skin, but irritating degree varies from person to person. Some eyes are sensitive to eye but will be spicy. But some people do not feel it at all, so they still need to see their own.

15, can you use make-up water to wet compress every day?


If you use alcohol, or acid water, wet compress every day will only destroy the skin barrier, making the skin more vulnerable and sensitive; If there is no other added pure water with single effect, it is not recommended to wet compress every day, which will lead to excessive hydration and damage the skin barrier.

16. How to deal with the local darkening around the eyes and corners of the mouth?

Use some whitening products or antioxidant
It’s a simple product, but pay attention to the fragile skin around the eyes. It’s not recommended to use stimulating active ingredients. Just choose mild whitening \/ antioxidant products.

17, will cleansing mask make pores thicker?

It depends on the situation.

If you use a tear type cleaning product, it will damage the skin barrier. In the long run, the pores may become thicker. Therefore, this type of cleaning product is not recommended. Just use the smear type.

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Moreover, the cleansing mask itself can remove excess grease and pore dirt from the skin, which is good for face oil control, so it is good for pores.

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18. Can skin care products without opening be stored in the refrigerator?


Keeping unopened skin care products in the refrigerator can preserve the activity and stability of skin care products. This is OK, but even if you keep them at room temperature, they are completely OK.

19. Put skin care products in the refrigerator and then put them in the normal temperature environment

Will it have an impact?

It depends on the specific situation.

In the case of unopened, as long as you buy regular products, the change of different temperatures has no effect on the stability of skin care products;

The situation of opened products is different from that of unopened products. The opened products are exposed to air and used, so they are easy to deteriorate. Therefore, even if you put them in the refrigerator, they won’t play a big role. Try to use them up within the validity period.

Is it an illusion to feel more blackheads in summer?


High temperature in summer, sebaceous gland oil secretion is strong, pores will be blocked, oil oxidation black, and eventually form a blackhead. Usually pay attention to cleanliness, regular use of cleansing mask to clean grease and pore waste, blackheads will improve a lot.

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