When is the pot picked?

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Original title: the bamboo shoots on the mountain have been taken away by people. When will the pot of mites be picked?

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I believe you’ve heard the legend of \

When is the pot picked?插图 It’s said that in places we can’t see with naked eyes, there is a black evil force called \

But it’s true. Xiaobian has visited the party after many twists and turns. Let’s see how the party views this matter. When is the pot picked?插图1

When is the pot picked?插图2 Representative of mites:

Picture making comes from canva

When is the pot picked?插图3 Mite is a huge organization, and its members have different abilities and responsibilities. In order to restore the truth more truly, let’s invite representatives of dust mites and Demodex, the two departments that have the closest contact with human beings, to state their views respectively.

Representatives of dust mites:

Hello, everyone. My name is dust mite. I’m a member of the mite army. It’s a bareheaded photo of me with round body and eight feet. At first glance, I look a bit like a little spider. I admit that I’m really not good-looking, but I can’t bear to have a strong family. So no matter where we are, we can’t be ignored (I’m dust · niuhulu · mite).

When is the pot picked?插图4

Because of the flourishing branches and leaves of the family, we can find traces of our existence in many places. The nearest settlement to human beings is textiles such as pillows and quilts. Let’s say that boyfriends may not sleep with you every day, but I can!

When is the pot picked?插图5 \

Representatives of dust mites:

The beans are numb! Listen to me! Although it sounds scary, I’m not really a villain. I live on the fabric to seek a humid and comfortable living environment, but I don’t live in the human body!

At ordinary times, I just pick up some human dander to eat. I dare not do any bad things. I’m really just a dust mite who likes to sleep on the fabric~

When is the pot picked?插图6 Representatives of dust mites:

I admit it. I’m innocent and guilty. Although I don’t mean any harm to human beings, in the final analysis, I belong to exogenous small particle foreign bodies. If I am inhaled by people with respiratory diseases, it will inevitably cause allergic reactions and discomfort symptoms, but this is not my original intention….

If my existence really disturbs everyone’s normal life, I can only suggest that you wash and dry your bedding frequently, or use the mite eliminator to clean the bedding regularly. Although we have a large number, our combat effectiveness is not strong, so it is very easy to get rid of us( (whimpering) When is the pot picked?插图7


Representatives of Demodex When is the pot picked?插图8

Yo yo, this is aka Demodex king, not very strong, but enough to hide your beauty( ED: please speak to me

Demodex, although dust mites and I are both members of the mite family, our body shape, appearance and personality are really different. Dust mites are round and rolling like a big meatball, while I am tall and short, which looks lovely and more attractive

I am a microorganism parasitic in human skin. I live by the sebum secreted by human beings. I can’t be seen by naked eyes. Only a microscope can capture my figure. And I will tell you quietly that almost everyone’s facial hair follicles and sebaceous glands contain my three rooms and one living room. I’m a cow!

When is the pot picked?插图9 \

Representatives of Demodex

When is the pot picked?插图10 I eat by my face. The more human sebum secretes, the fuller I eat. The fuller I eat, the more I pull. My secretions and I are blocked in my pores. After a long time, it’s hard to avoid some skin problems. Do you all understand these principles?

But don’t worry too much. If your skin is stable, your sebum secretion is normal, and you clean your skin regularly every day, even if we have the intention to make trouble, that condition will not come true~

But if there are problems in your skin itself (sebum secretion is strong, skin barrier is damaged, etc.), don’t blame the Demodex. You’re welcome. I took my brothers on the spot, which is an 800 meter sprint backhand, to send you acne and dermatitis!


Representatives of Demodex

Yes, it’s like eating spicy food can cause acne. In fact, our existence is not the root cause of skin problems. At most, it can only be regarded as an inducement. In fact, no matter whether we exist or not, skin problems can’t be avoided. Don’t listen to the wind, it’s really bad luck! When is the pot picked?插图11

If you really want to improve the problem, it’s better to pay more attention to the ingredients of skin care products recently used, personal work and rest diet, weather and other external factors. It’s just the so-called \


Representatives of Demodex

Oh, first of all, don’t use the \

The correct way should be to go to the regular hospital to find a doctor for diagnosis, first determine the cause and then suit the remedy to the case! doctor
We’ll do what we say. We won’t make a mistake~ When is the pot picked?插图12

I see. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Finally, let me make a brief summary for the audience in front of the screen.

There is no direct relationship between dust mites and skin problems, but it will affect the health of respiratory system.

There are more or less Demodex on every face. Demodex can induce acne and dermatitis, but it is not the root of the problem. In daily life, we should pay attention to carefully clean the skin and control sebum secretion.

If you have serious skin problems, you should go to the hospital first to seek the doctor’s help and prescribe the right medicine. Don’t delay the onset of the disease by self diagnosis!

When is the pot picked?插图13 Today’s interview has come to an end. I believe you also have a basic understanding of mites. If you encounter skin problems later, don’t throw the whole pot to mites. Goodbye next time~

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