Can retinol become a big winner?

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Original title: another member of VA harem! Can plant retinol become a big winner?!

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Lovely young people, early, ah, but Xiaobian, who has broken hearts for the little ones, knows that you are \

But there are still many of them who are not so cute as to dare to open their hearts to the \

Harm, say what depressed words! How can your treasure digger Xiaobian ignore little cute’s needs? I still have a hand! A alcohol doesn’t work, don’t worry, Xiaobian also left Plan B – plant retinol, which is mild and has the same effect as retinol, and the sensitive muscles call \
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Plant retinol is simply the plant extract that has the same anti-aging effect of retinol. Cute may sound strange, but fish and bear’s paw can both have such a good thing, naturally won’t be let go by major brands, today Xiaobian with daga to decipher the attractiveness of plant retinol!

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If little cute has been suffering from the pain of retinol, intolerance, then look quickly, psoralen may become your \

Can retinol become a big winner?插图2 Whether it is to supplement collagen production, or to improve facial lines, psoralen has never been better. Through research, we found that psoralen and vitamin A have almost the same effect in promoting collagen production, and even have better promotion effect on type I and type IV than vitamin A, so as to repair the skin damage caused by photoaging!

Can retinol become a big winner?插图3 Data Description: 0.5% retinol and 0.5% psoralen. After 12 weeks, it was found that psoralen had the same ability to improve photoaging as retinol, and had better tolerance than retinol.

In light lines, psoralen is not as fast, accurate and fierce as retinol, but the final effect is not much worse [2]. In short, the advantages of retinol, psoralen can have, there is a mild advantage over retinol! In comparison, psoralen alone is less likely to cause tingling, dry itching and burning. Although it is easy to cause skin redness, it only appears in the early stage of use. Can retinol become a big winner?插图4

But because the action pathways of psoralen and retinol are too similar, and the regulatory cells are also similar, we suggest that pregnant women use psoralen with caution~

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Psoralen’s recent popularity is comparable to a line of love beans, and yayang is its die loyal only powder, the first time to stand up for it! Avene, an unnoticed talent with great skin care, has introduced the whole line of psoralen antiaging series for the sensitive little muscles. But unfortunately, there is not much publicity, so it is still a what remains. But Xiaobian, who is good at digging up treasures, can not miss it. Can retinol become a big winner?插图5

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Can retinol become a big winner?插图6 We have to say that Avene bully is still generous. The amount of psoralen added in the essence is not low. After all, the effect of psoralen as long as 0.5% is amazing enough. Moreover, it not only contains psoralen, but also adds the core tocopherol glucoside of yayang family to assist in anti-oxidation, and promotes the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the skin with the fruit extract of Tahiti vanilla, making the skin plump and tight, visible to the naked eye! Can retinol become a big winner?插图7

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What’s more, the typical sensitive muscle assistant has no pressure to use. It’s a mild medicine! Although the effect is not as fast as a alcohol, but the patient used up a whole bottle, the skin state is quite obvious change, moistening things silently said it! Can retinol become a big winner?插图8

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This little lotion looks at KATE’s oxygen infusion essence, and it will appreciate the luxury lady. What is added is the real multiple VA components. The concentration of a-alcohol is not high, and it is generally acceptable for small and lovely people. However, Kate’s ambition can not be satisfied by a-alcohol! Can retinol become a big winner?插图9

HPR and psoralen were added, and A derivative was used to strengthen the anti-aging effect. One is the plant like VA, which can also stimulate the expression of multi type collagen, and each one can be independent. Such a set of operations, so that KATE in a crowd of moderate stimulation of the old products stop, with a lower stimulus to win a higher anti-aging effect.

Source: ins@KATE \/Little red book @ Kate Somerville Can retinol become a big winner?插图10
Can retinol become a big winner?插图11 In addition, another attractive aspect of Kate is its \
Can retinol become a big winner?插图12 Therefore, Kate uses hydrafil technology to push the extract of Eclipta, retinol and its derivatives into the skin with high pressure and continuously release oxygen. It’s like adding food to the hungry skin, so as to improve the oxygen content and internal repair ability of the skin. External components rely on ingredients to help resist aging, and internally rely on the skin to self function. Aging skin can naturally be better repaired.


Photo source: Little Red Book @ Kate Somerville Can retinol become a big winner?插图13

Its texture can also be described by the word \
The essence of the extract is absorbed by the skin for a while, and it will not remain sticky and oily. Summer is supposed to be a crazy feeling.

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Although harengana’s popularity is not as high as psoralen, it can become the apple of Clarins and Chanel’s eye, and its strength can’t be underestimated! Harengana has its own protective ability. It is regarded as the existence of \

Data Description: FRAP test results show that ha (harrengana) has higher free radical cleaning power and antioxidant capacity in many plant extracts~ Can retinol become a big winner?插图15

Harrengana’s anti-oxidation ability is mainly due to the fact that the extract extracted from harrengana can promote kallikrein, which is an important factor affecting the metabolism of skin epidermis. It can be expelled from the skin, whether it is the free radicals on the surface of the skin or the oxidized lipids precipitated in the depth of the skin! With this skill, harengana can naturally take the lead before aging skin, and the rescue of aging part depends on its strong collagen expression!

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Can retinol become a big winner?插图17 Photo source: tmall @ French Clarins official flagship store

Harrengana is known as a plant retinoid, mainly because of its strong collagen expression ability. In addition, it is also a \

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Usually our facial skin can’t stand the damage of retinol, not to mention the fragile skin around the eyes! However, the skin around the eyes is the first to shoulder the banner of aging. If we don’t take some strong medicine, it means that we are weak and surrender! This is not the reason why the new super speed eye cream in Clarins takes this into consideration. It specially adds harengana, who can compete with retinol.

Can retinol become a big winner?插图19

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Compared with alcohol a, halongana is more suitable for fragile skin around the eyes. It can not only promote the synthesis of collagen, but also relieve irritation on the basis of tightening light lines. Without establishing tolerance, fragile and sensitive skin around the eyes can be easily controlled. In addition, the eye cream also contains Albizzia + caffeine + aescin these three ingredients, whether it is dark circles, or eye edema, relaxation problems, just need to speed eye cream can be a key to deal with, the proper \

Can retinol become a big winner?插图20 Photo source: Little Red Book @ Clarins Can retinol become a big winner?插图21
Can retinol become a big winner?插图22 Every time Xiaobian is tired for a day, he wants to take a bath and relax his eyes with super speed eye cream. Eye cream feels delicate and smooth, not the feeling of paste on the face. A little massage turns it into water and is absorbed. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s speeding. Recently, Xiaobian obviously feels that the skin around the eyes is much more delicate, and the lifting feeling is also very obvious. It doesn’t look as loose as before! Eye lines & dark circles are gradually thinning, even the recent photos are a qualitative leap!

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Can retinol become a big winner?插图23 As a senior lazy cancer patient, Xiaobian feels that every day I go to work has exhausted all my energy, life has been so tired, and the cumbersome makeup removal steps at home are even worse! Granny Xiang lives up to the expectations of the public. The two in one cleansing gel for cleansing and makeup removal is tailor-made for our senior cancer patients! The packaging is still xianggranny’s high-end luxury line. The frosted gold bottle is fashionable and atmospheric. I feel that all the products on my dressing table have been eclipsed by it!

Can retinol become a big winner?插图24 Source: ins@heidi_ yeo

As an upgraded version of the original luxury essence cleanser, xianggranny specially added may vanilla pod essence and harengana extract this time. Every time, Xiaobian wondered whether I was washing my face or doing skin care( It’s my usual urine

Can retinol become a big winner?插图25 Source: ins@heidi_ yeo Can retinol become a big winner?插图26
Can retinol become a big winner?插图27 Because it is refreshing gel texture, so its use method is also different from ordinary cleansing. You need to dry your hands and face like makeup remover. After the friction and heating between your face and hands, you can obviously feel that it has changed from gel to oil makeup texture. After a little massage and then wash with water, it will naturally emulsify, remove makeup and clean face!

Because the cleansing powder is rich in emollient ingredients, it will not feel tight after washing, and a kind of face has used the essence of delicate and moist feeling.

Can retinol become a big winner?插图28 In plant retinol, Bidens pilosa extract has always been the existence of a running dragon, either with a-alcohol, or with psoralen. But gradually daga found that Bidens pilosa extract can actually be independent. It can directly bind to vitamin A acid receptor and play an anti-aging effect similar to A acid. At the same time, it has stronger photostability and can avoid the problem of peeling, tingling and redness caused by retinol [5].

Photo source: see data reference [5]

The data showed that the light stability of Bidens pilosa extract was higher in different environments

Can retinol become a big winner?插图29 In addition to having similar anti aging effects with A alcohol, Bidens Trifolium extract has good antioxidant effects, and it is also easy to cope with free radicals. The little cute can shoot two hawks with one arrow at a time, and it can enjoy the antioxidant capacity of VC, and enjoy the anti-aging effect of VA.

Can retinol become a big winner?插图30 Source: ins@renskincare

Ren is a little strange to little cute, but it’s Unilever’s main plant mild brand. Its ingredients and reputation are all famous figures in European and American circles! And all kinds of retinol products
Compared with the product, it is more like a soft cute girl. It is not only warm and stimulating, but also can bring quite good effect~

Source: ins@renskincare

Can retinol become a big winner?插图31 The main component is compound revinage + psoralen. Psoralen Akuma has been introduced to daga in detail before. Revinage is a compound composed of Bidens pilosa + palm oil + Gossypium seed oil + flaxseed oil. A large amount of antioxidant oil is used as the base. It has made considerable achievements in anti-aging, anti-oxidation and skin repair. In addition, Bidens pilosa has the function of activating retinol receptor, The effect of anti aging is even higher.

The more important thing about REN is that it uses essential oils to wrap plants. The skin tone is not only higher than a level (grade). Skin intolerance and thin skinned baby need not worry. Without the consequences of skin irritation, you can enjoy similar anti-aging effects with retinol. After cleansing every night, 4-5 drops into the palm warm, gently press to the face, massage until fully absorbed. Collocation with the same series of cream, anti aging effect plus ride

Can retinol become a big winner?插图32

In the end, the candidate for plant retinol is a bit unpopular. Fortunately, it has few brands at present. But don’t look down on the little ones. Its background is not ordinary. It is from the home of BASF BASF, the raw material giant, and Ke Yan’s choice to stand up and stand up. It is also a rising star in the old circle.

Its principle of action is very simple. It directly extracts the soluble protein from Aconitum carmichaeli seed and adds it as an active ingredient in skin care products. With the help of relatives of collagen, the activity of collagen in the skin can be stimulated to resist skin aging [5]~ Can retinol become a big winner?插图33

Ke Yan’s strong backing of L’OREAL group, naturally in the field of anti-aging, and not only has the full support of bosine, but also in the plant retinol area, the Aconitum Vigna seed is the new generation flower of Ke Yan. It has the ability to simulate retinol, whether in promoting metabolism, resisting free radicals or smoothing skin has a very strong strength. What’s more touching is that with it, you don’t have to be afraid to see the light. You can use it in the daytime~ Can retinol become a big winner?插图34

Can retinol become a big winner?插图35 In addition, purple glass a also has the blessing of the leading Huadan bosein, as well as the polyphenols of the rare plant Betula platyphylla, including anti-aging, anti saccharification and anti-oxidation. There are three kings of anti aging ingredients that go deep into the skin and carry out repairs from inside to outside. This makes Xiaobian feel good. With this bottle of cream, it saves a lot of money.

Can retinol become a big winner?插图36 Not only purple glass a conquered me in composition, but also unique mousse texture stepped on my favorite point! It will not be as thick as the cream of antiquity, but the texture that is rich and light. It can be integrated into the skin and has excellent performance in all aspects of ductility and absorbency. Recently, Xiaobian, with its blessing, feels that the falling feeling of the face has been significantly reduced, replaced by the firmness of the face!

Can retinol become a big winner?插图37 After seeing today’s plant retinol, do you think you see the new hope of resisting old age? Skinny, sensitive, intolerant little cute can quickly try this kind of new ingredients, will not let you down! Can retinol become a big winner?插图38

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