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Some time ago, you must know something about the \

Anger comes from anger. Some public figures are very convinced in the speed of dealing with right and wrong. They directly announce the termination of their contracts with unclear brands and strongly support domestic brands.

In fact, the \
Do not buy popular domestic products插图 In this issue, I’d like to share with you some domestic skin care brands that I think are easy to use and reasonable in price~

When I first came into contact with Zhiben, Xiaobian once thought it was a wechat business brand, perhaps because the brand itself rarely did publicity, so he focused on the product. Zhiben, who has no background, has captured a wave of fans with its unique packaging style. There are not many product series. There are three series (excluding Body Care Series) of Tean repair, Shuyan repair and multiple excellent effects to improve different skin problems, that is, first rescue, then maintain stability, and finally upgrade, so as to cover the problem of skin repair.

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Do not buy popular domestic products插图2 In general, it is more suitable for sisters who are sensitive to their own skin and whose skin barrier is damaged. It can help improve the fragile condition of the skin and strengthen the skin barrier. But we should grasp the degree of everything. Xiaobian doesn’t suggest that the sisters act too hastily. We can start with maintenance first~ Do not buy popular domestic products插图3
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The ingredients in bente’an repairing muscle base liquid are very interesting. Firstly, mushroom mycelium extract and tea extract are self-developed active ingredients, which can relieve skin discomfort. Secondly, self-developed active package delivery technology is used to promote product absorption; The filtrate of Lactobacillus and soybean milk fermentation products helps to resist external stimulation and maintain skin microbial balance; Grape fruit extract helps to improve the self repairing ability of skin; Asiaticoside and Laminaria cuneata extract can reduce the external damage to skin.

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Xiaobian likes the design of its vacuum pressure pump. It not only preserves the active ingredients in the muscle base fluid, but also is clean and convenient to use. The essence of the egg white is that it does not feel sticky at all, and the face is light and thin. It is absorbed by the skin for a short time. The face is smooth and slippery, and its face is no longer tight and dry.

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Cr: Little Red Book @ shioiooo

Do not buy popular domestic products插图7 It’s the spring and summer season. Xiaobian is used to use it once in the morning and once in the evening. Every time he runs out, he feels that his face has no burden and stabilizes the skin condition. The skin care products on his face are better absorbed. When he makes up again, he has a lot of base makeup.

Similar to the muscle base fluid, Shu Yan repair lotion also used its own active ingredients: the extract of the extract from the extract of the split foot fungus has antioxidant, promoting collagen production, deeply repairing the muscle bottom, and then making the face more firm and smooth. Rich in ceramide, fatty acids and other components, timely replenish and lock water; Eczemin (i.e. tetrahydro methylpyrimidine carboxylic acid in the ingredient list) and Cladosporium starfish are the advanced skin protective barrier to form a strong protective film against the damage of the external environment; There are also perilla, Schisandra, balsam pear and other plant essence coordination, nourish the skin, this hand is very wonderful.

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Squeeze out is milky white texture, not sticky, good ductility. Smear on the face, moist and not greasy, absorbed the face of the lotion.

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The collocation is usually used after the muscle fluid is used, and then it is used together with the emulsion. It can feel that the lotion is better eaten by the skin. The strength of this moisturizing is just good in spring and summer. It’s like boiled water. It doesn’t have all kinds of amazing effects, but it moistens things silently, moisturizes and maintains stability, which makes the skin easy to be sensitive and fragile. Do not buy popular domestic products插图10
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Compared with Zhiben, who has no background, Winona has a little family background. It is a skin care brand jointly developed by many professionals, mostly for sisters with sensitive skin. Many products are mild and non irritation from ingredients, such as common flavors, alcohol, preservatives, and so on.

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Do not buy popular domestic products插图13 Although many skin care brands serve for people with sensitive and vulnerable skin, Winona is like a modest and low-key Xueba in my heart, who is unambiguous in defending the skin barrier. Do not buy popular domestic products插图14
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From the naming, we can see some clues. The core ingredient of this spray is green prickle oil, which helps skin to produce ceramide, repair damaged skin barrier, and replenish water and moisturize. Lotus essence (lotus flower extract from ingredient list) and beet alkali help skin lock down moisture and reduce loss, forming a protective layer of water. In addition, purslane extract can relieve skin discomfort to a certain extent. Lotus, betaine and purslane are three plant extracts that work together to repair skin from the inside out.

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The spray is very delicate, accompanied by a light fragrance. Drops of water cover the face, very light and cool. Two random slaps into the skin, spray enough also rarely pull dry feeling.

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Cr: xiaohongshu @ VV is a capital v Do not buy popular domestic products插图18
Do not buy popular domestic products插图19 I like to use it for after sun repair. After sun, the skin is fragile. If you do not care well, you will become red. If you spray your face with spray, you will feel that your face after exposure will be \

Moisturizing cream is used in a spray similar to the ingredients, purslane and green prickle oil double essence to maintain skin condition, relieve skin redness and other discomfort problems. Double molecule hyaluronic acid and mushroom dextran can replenish and lock water, improve skin gloss. In addition, the \

Do not buy popular domestic products插图20 Vacuum press packaging is very convenient to use. Although it is a face cream, it has a slightly stronger white lotion. It doesn’t feel heavy on the face. It soaks through the skin like milk. When the face is absorbed, the skin is like drinking enough water, which is moist, clear and has no burden.

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Sisters who have no problems with their skin may think it’s ordinary, and even there seems to be nothing to boast about except the basic moisturizing. But in fact, fairies with sensitive and fragile skin, like Xiaobian, use it as daily skin care, just like to put a layer of \

Do not buy popular domestic products插图22 There is a specialty in the art industry, and the runbaiyan, which is backed by Huaxi biology, has gone smoothly all the way. Do not buy popular domestic products插图23

Huaxi biology

Do not buy popular domestic products插图24 Our skin care brand can’t even put down Jiugongge~

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Do not buy popular domestic products插图29 Even though Huaxi bio has many skin care brands, runbaiyan is just like its daughter. She is very considerate and makes herself bigger and stronger. Committed to building the core advantages of hyaluronic acid, it has become the leader of \
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Do not buy popular domestic products插图31 The effect of hyaluronic acid added to skin care products is like the \
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Do not buy popular domestic products插图33 It is the essence of water, but in fact, it is very mobile. It can be well eaten by the skin when it is lightly massaged, and at the same time it can smell faint roses. There is an illusion that you can do advanced SPA at home.

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Cr: Little Red Book @ JJ_ KK

Do not buy popular domestic products插图35 I usually like to use cotton pad to wet compress. After wet compress, my face becomes clean and transparent. It’s so smooth and tender that I can’t help touching it twice. It’s really boiled egg. If the sisters’ faces are dry and worried about makeup card powder, it’s not impossible to apply makeup after wet compress!

Do not buy popular domestic products插图36 How can he not mention the classic ampoule essence of his family? It was used as an example in the popular science of Anping before. In fact, the core component of this product is hyaluronic acid. Macromolecular hyaluronic acid is like a conscientious guard, helping to reduce the water loss of the skin; Small molecule hyaluronic acid is like an \
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Compared with the ordinary bottled essence, it is easy to carry, and is environmentally friendly and hygienic. Travel break off a few, put in make-up bag is very light, still don’t take up much space.

Do not buy popular domestic products插图38 The essence is clear collocation, helps skin moisturize and moisturize. Sisters can use emulsion and cream to increase skin’s water retention. With the use of liquid foundation can make the makeup more obedient. Even sisters who don’t need money can use it as body care. It’s like a brick, where it needs to be moved.

Do not buy popular domestic products插图39 In the early stage, the brand recognition of pelea by Xiaobian remained at the memory point of \

Do not buy popular domestic products插图40 Cr: Official Website of pereal Do not buy popular domestic products插图41

However, in recent years, pereal may be aware of its own disadvantages, and has seized the concept of \

Do not buy popular domestic products插图42 The essence of double resistance is to implement the brand concept well, and multidimensional snipe. High concentration of ergot thioin, Haematococcus pluvialis astaxanthin and other ingredients can reduce the oxidative pressure of the skin and make the face less prone to darkening; Decarboxylated carnosine prevents the glycosylation of collagen by blocking the glycosylation reaction in vivo; There are also microalgae, icodorine, olive oil and other essential ingredients to help improve skin color and texture from different dimensions.

Do not buy popular domestic products插图43 So, see? Often stay up late, like to eat sweets, skin dark, easy to no color sister to draw the point! Press the pump head to release the pale orange essence and shake it up. The pale orange transparent texture looks slightly thicker but highly mobile. It is moist and not greasy. It only takes a few seconds to push it into the skin. Do not buy popular domestic products插图44

There is one saying that the essence of the two pairs of anti acne is always pulling me when I am unscrupulous and staying up late, which causes the skin to be dark. It makes my face less dark and easy. It looks less gaunt. Imperceptibly, I also have a plain face (Xiao Bian secretly delighted).

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Some time ago, in order to save me, because of the dark and gaunt face of staying up late, after using the double anti essence, I would also put on the red ruby cream of his family. The core ingredient of the cream is the six peptide -1, which can help improve the expression pattern of the skin. At the same time, microalgae, proteoglycan, hyaluronic acid peptide and lactic acid bacteria enzyme nourish the body
The essence has contributed to nourish the face.

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The cream is soft mashed potato texture, the upper face is light and comfortable, and it spreads quickly and is absorbed by the skin immediately. Then it presents an advanced matte facial mask.

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Cr: Little Red Book @ proya

Do not buy popular domestic products插图49 Xiao Bian insisted on using it, and found that it was rare to get up in the morning. Because the skin is short of water, stay up late appear fine lines also reduced a lot, really surprised.

Today’s sharing of domestic skin care products is over for the time being. In the process of writing this article, I am full of pride. Domestic products are really getting better and better. Of course, there are many products that have not been introduced. Sisters, please share them with me in the comments area. Do not buy popular domestic products插图50

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