What’s the level of Song Yi in Reba?

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Original title: Beauty stratagem second bullet: what’s the level of Reba Song Yi?

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On the hot search list these days, the life pictures of female stars are really out of the circle frequently, and everyone is super beautiful!

Accidentally brush to Reba’s health map, so thin and beautiful ~ determined not to eat dinner today, the result is unknown, but Reba’s face + body, Xiaobian is really greedy.

To say that the hot bar is absolutely salt and sweet, the green neck hanging skirt collocation with chain belt will perfectly outline the figure, and be sexy and beautiful. The collocation of black suit is more handsome.

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Since the birth of the picture in recent years, the demand for female stars is higher and higher, but there are always some female stars can stand out, and from time to time there will be a few new faces.

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Song Yi is one of them.

Song Yi in the picture is eye-catching, with a star aura. With fluffy hair, elegant sitting posture and white shining skin, it’s hard to walk on the street without being recognized by others.

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In addition to Song Yi, I have to mention one of the most popular figures recently – Jingtian. With Siteng, Jingtian is quite popular this time. If you take off your cheongsam and skirt and change into a green one-piece suit, you will also focus on your aura and temperament. Even if you take a casual photo, you will get full marks for your posture. This upright posture is like a natural dancer.

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Whether it’s sitting or standing, female stars need to pay attention all the time.


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The problem of hunchback with chest is the taboo of good posture. There are many people with good facial features. The reason why they always give people the feeling of no temperament is that they are poor.

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Ni Ni can be said to be the benchmark in this respect. She took part in the brand activities two days ago. She was dressed in a clean white suit with neat short hair. She really went to Xiaobian. Normally, a girl as tall as her is easy to have the problem of hunchback, but she doesn’t have it at all. The high-level feeling comes from the inside, and a glance and a smile are touching.

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Many female stars have been trying to overcome the problem of posture, Wu Xin is one of them.

Before, in Miss beauty, she generously admitted that she had a hunchback problem, thought about a lot of tricks, and finally tried a suitable one for herself. She chooses to use two yoga sticks, cross and stretch every day. After a period of time, her hunchback will improve significantly.

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If you think it’s troublesome to use props, you can stand against the wall for 15 to 20 minutes before going to bed, which can improve your posture and sleep.

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In addition to posture, there are also some actresses who directly rely on their hair to win. After all, it’s not easy to have healthy hair now.

Healthy hair

I do not know everyone’s standard for healthy hair is what kind of, not dry? No bifurcation? Or more hair?

These are the most basic standards for hair at most. The hair of female stars is more than these. The most important thing is fluffy.

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Some time ago, baby’s running man Reuters picture is the best proof, fluffy hair not only plays a role in modifying the face shape, but also the finishing touch of modeling.

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A lot of people have doubts, the hair is not fluffy, in fact, it is not. Walking on the street, there are not a few people with a large amount of hair, but it is rare to see a particularly beautiful hairstyle, mainly because of sticking to the scalp and not taking care of it.

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Once the hair is fluffy, it will not only look like it has a sense of modeling, even if you have little hair, it will also give people the illusion that you have a lot of hair.

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In fact, it’s not difficult to get fluffy hair. There are many straight clips on the market to pad the hair roots. Girls who have trouble sticking to their scalp can prepare one for themselves. They can perm their hair before important occasions. The operation is not difficult.

There is also the possibility of changing their own care products, try to choose those with fluffy hair effect.

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Now everyone’s aesthetic is no longer limited to three court five eyes are extremely standard is beautiful, many girls may not be delicate facial features, but good skin + can wear clothes will also get everyone’s favor.

Skin condition

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Naza is definitely a female star in the skin state has been maintained good, but where it is her picture, Xiaobian has never seen her face flaws.

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In order to show politeness and respect and increase their self-confidence, many girls will wear some make-up on their faces. Here to remind you: make-up is important, but make-up is more important.

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Naza is very concerned about face cleaning. Not long ago, she shared her skin care process, and cleaning is the main part.

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Nowadays, it’s still common to wear a mask every day when you go out. It’s really common to keep your mouth shut. Since many girls know that brushing acid can shut their mouth and remove acne, it’s like grasping a life-saving straw. If there is a small problem on their face, it’s definitely brushing acid.

This idea must be put an end to! Acid brushing is effective, but long-term acid brushing can cause skin barrier damage and even direct allergy.

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It’s better for us to integrate cleaning into our daily skin care like Naza. Applying a cleaning mud film once or twice a week can also prevent mouth closure and acne.

Once the face is clean and white, you will be confident. No need to make up. Who doesn’t want to!

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We often say that the student map killer, in fact, more reflects the beauty of a girl’s atmosphere. Maybe we can’t compare the facial features of female stars, but we need to improve ourselves through good posture, skin condition and healthy hair in our daily life. Even if the facial features are not delicate, the overall beauty, but also a good way to change the United States.


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