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Hello, babies! Two days ago, Xiaobian gave the babies Amway a lot of excellent domestic skin care products, but just when Xiaobian was doing her homework, she found that one of Xiaobo’s domestic skin care products had the idea of Bose! The pupil…

Can \插图 When it comes to Bose, all the babies must know that this is the leader of L’Oreal Group. Its money circulation ability is comparable to that of a banknote printing machine. Now that there is no Bose product on hand, I am embarrassed to say that I am a serious skincare expert! It’s such a hot product. Recently, many brands have taken a fancy to it, competing with each other for popularity. Is it patent expiration? Or are they whoring for nothing? Today, Xiaobian will take daga to have a good understanding of the difference between Bose and domestic Bose~

Can \插图1 If you want to know the difference between the two, you need to have a detailed understanding of Bose. what? Do you know the anti wrinkles? No, Bose, the power group, can’t make it clear in a word or two. Let Xiaobian give daga a good explanation~

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Many babies think Bose is extracted from European beech trees, but Xiaobian is here to set things right today. Because Bose is a substance that does not exist in nature, it was jointly created by the three early founders of \

Hydroxypropyl tetrahydropyrantriol is a kind of xylose discovered by L’Oreal in beech at the beginning, but beech trees can’t do anything if they want to use it on a large scale and add it in high concentration. But these small problems can’t defeat L’Oreal. They specially developed a set of synthesis technology, which used xylose derivatives to synthesize the Bose gene that we use now. They also registered a household registration and registered a patent protection for it. Can \插图3

To say that L’OREAL’s safety awareness is in place, it is not because bosin’s anti-aging power is too attractive that it can be called \
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But when the skin goes into an aging state, glycosaminoglycans will fly away, the whole structure breaks down, and even the water will escape one after another. How can there be any support? At this time, we have to rely on our hero bosein to shine on the stage! It is like a railway maintenance worker who reconnects the broken glycosaminoglycan chains, redraws moisture, builds up all kinds of skin structures, reconnects them tightly, supports the already loose skin, and has the effect of repairing old age, which is the reason why Bao Bei loves black bandages.

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In addition to glycosaminoglycan, collagen naturally can not avoid its claws, is a brother must go together! Bose will play its powerful \

Can \插图6 So boson can get many brands of coveted, naturally there are two brushes, compared to a single stimulation of collagen antiaging ingredients, bosin because of a price of two happy harvest. What’s more, compared with the competitor a alcohol, it’s more gentle and skin friendly, so it’s highly praised! However, because Bose has been protected by patents for a long time, other brands are just staring at it and can’t start. However, it is said that the patent is about to expire recently, and every company can’t resist the desire to rub the heat, so they have to copy online~

Can \插图7 Although L’Oreal has long disclosed the synthesis method of Bose, some of them carry private goods. Of course, the core part of the synthesis process will not be disclosed to the public. Therefore, it is difficult to reproduce 100% of the same Bose of L’Oreal~

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Synthesis efficiency and subsequent impurities

First of all, L’Oreal Baba buried a big hole for daga in the synthesis process. Although there are only two steps in the synthesis process of bosein, the first step is the synthesis of intermediates from xylose and acetylacetone under alkaline conditions. The next step is the classical reduction reaction of organic chemistry. It seems very simple, but the difficulty lies in the reduction reaction, because there will be acetate impurities in the reduction process, which is the key to affect the quality of Bose!

So what kind of reducing agent can directly affect the conversion rate, purity and final effect of the final product and the efficacy of the skin. It is the core of the core and the secret of the secret for the production of an ingredient. Unfortunately, L’Oreal did not tell you what kind of reducing agent was used, so daga had to explore the process by itself.

  02 Can \插图9

Is the concentration comparable

As you all know, the best Bose in the circle of money is priced according to its concentration. If you look at the black bandage, it’s just because there are 30% Bose blessings that you can hold the title of lady. But a Dai found that among the domestic Bose related skin care products, the price of skin care products with high concentration Bose is only a few hundred, even if you count the brand premium, it’s not so different, That’s what I found out~

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The nouveau riche Helena black bandage, known as 30% Bose, refers to the amount of raw material solution. This shows that Helena is real, Versailles, and is a luxury. A bottle of cream is 3.
Chengdu is Bose! Can \插图10

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And Xiaobian found in a domestic brand of the 30% refers to the \
Can \插图11 Is there a lot of babies who fall into this kind of writing trap? Maybe when domestic Bose will choose to be honest because its products can clearly indicate the content, instead of relying on these clever tricks to deceive us, so that it can be qualified to compete with L’Oreal~


Manufacturers and production processes are uneven

You know, many brands of ingredients are purchased from well-known raw material factories, such as BASF, dezhixin and so on. However, this shortcut is not feasible in Ou Niangniang, because the raw material manufacturer of Bose is chimex. Although it is not well-known, it is actually a wholly-owned subsidiary of L’Oreal, and all the self-developed ingredients of L’Oreal will be produced here, such as Bose, and L’Oreal’s own sunscreen maser filter.

Source: rocketreach co@chimex -profile

Therefore, the whole synthesis process is undertaken by chimex. I don’t know that L’Oreal was born in 007. All kinds of confidentiality work are in place. In this way, for manufacturers who want to reproduce Bose, it’s like crossing the river by feeling the stone. How to achieve L’Oreal’s high-quality technology still needs time to study~

Can \插图12

So it seems that the development of domestic Bose in still has a long way to go and needs a certain amount of time. Just thinking about copying is not enough. Moreover, L’Oreal is still working hard to apply for \

Therefore, if the babies come for Bose, they still recommend L’Oreal’s products. After all, all kinds of product lines from high concentration to low concentration are complete. What’s more, the quality control is excellent, and daga can be assured to use boldly~

Can \插图13 To talk about the high concentration part, it is inevitable that the black bandage will bring the earthquake field. However, there is a minority player who can reach 30% concentration. The popularity is generally the same, but the price tag is better than the black bandage. It is the AGE cream of Xiu Li Ke.

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Can \插图14 Although the AGE cream is called Helena’s black bandage (no parity), in fact, apart from the similar concentration of Bose, the difference between the two products is quite large. The black bandage is mainly used to maintain stability and resist old age. You can use 4% blueberry essence and 2% sphingosine to cooperate with Bose in order to delay the aging and saccharification of skin.

Can \插图15

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Can \插图16 In terms of texture, xiulike is also lighter. It’s silky ice cream texture. It’s not so thick to use, so it’s very suitable for big oil skin babies. As long as Xiaobian’s skin is not in a good state, it should be sent out. With it, the skin can return to a full and elastic state, and feel that the touch of the skin is much better, not so rough. Cute people can also use it with a alcohol or acid skin care products to feel its soothing and repairing effect. Can \插图17

In the medium concentration products, I want to praise Yuxi by name. After all, Yuxi used to be one of our domestic brands. After being purchased by Ou Niangniang, it has developed better. Bose has joined us. There is no reason not to support it!

The biggest surprise for this essence is 9% Bose + snow Cordyceps Extract, 9% of which has reached the middle class’s richness, luxurious addition of Cordyceps essence, strong combination to help promote collagen production, retard skin aging, and proper lady products. If you want to be a gentle and anti aging baby, you must not miss it!

Can \插图18

The essence is pale yellow gel, with no strong flavor, but the smell of herbal medicine is very reassuring. The texture is clear and moist, and the ductility is excellent. In addition to smearing on the whole face, Xiaobian will also focus on the more obvious position of the legal lines and mandibular lines. The tightening effect is quite good. Occasionally stay up late, can also send it to save an urgent, so the next day’s face does not look so haggard, feel still runrunruntan, who can know when I hi~ Can \插图19

To say that the low price products are cost-effective, the best bottle of the bottle is fully deserve the winner. Like Yuesai, it is later joined the L’OREAL family. With its excellent ingredients and the price of the people, especially the bottle essence of its home, the dummy has already used several bottles. Can \插图20
Can \插图21

It has to be said that after L’Oreal’s acquisition of Meiji, it is really treating Meiji as its own son. Take this light filling bottle for example, it contains not only 4% nicotinamide, but also 5% Bose. The concentration of both is just right. Bose reaches the effective concentration, while 4% nicotinamide has the dual effect of oil control and brightening. Let’s look at the price of more than 100, It’s full of sincerity! Isn’t it more fragrant than some unknown products?

Can \插图22

The texture of the essence is not broken at all. The drop is transparent water texture. The face is smooth, absorptive and dry. It does not feel sticky or irritation. This kind of skin feeling is pretty good in the same price product used by Xiaobian. The effect of anti-aging part needs to be persisted for a long time, but on the lightening, the filling bottle can really change the naked eye. After a bottle is used up, my skin is fine and smooth. The ugly duck with the yellow face can turn into snow white. Can \插图23

Bose today
After a little research, it seems that domestic Bose products are not in a hurry to start, and they need to be further honed in terms of composition synthesis, production technology, skin feeling and technology. What other Bose skin care products have you used? You can leave a message in the comment area to share. See you next time!

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