Face saving Guide: just give it to me

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Original title: face saving Guide? Acne? Dark? Just give it to me~

Author: oli sauce

Recently, I have been observing myself carefully. I am in my early twenties. My skin is rough, loose, dark, blackhead, acne and other problems emerge one after another!

I read the backstage message, and many fans are the same as me. I guess young girls like to stay up late and don’t like sports, and then they can’t resist the temptation of milk tea fried chicken hot pot barbecue, so they have skin problems. Small lines, acne and dark all come to our door! People in their 20s have the same skin condition as those in their 30s.

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Xiaobian today to bring you a skin rescue strategy, are some of the questions you often ask, don’t say much, hurry up!

One. How to deal with the problem of skin aging

Now the most troubling skin problem for Xiaobian is working with computers all day long, and staying up late at night without restraint. Dry lines and fine lines often appear on my face, and the skin is loose and dark, which can’t even be saved by makeup!

If Jimei people have similar skin problems with me, would you please arrange anti-aging skin care products immediately?! Recently, I used the star product of antioxidant industry given by my friend Amway – Nivea lock fresh small Q bottle. The skin has improved a lot visibly, especially the problem of dark and fine lines. The number of times that harass me is less and less~

Back to the point, what makes the effect of locking fresh small Q bottle so good? The most important thing is to praise its composition!

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As a strict German skincare brand, Nivea’s things have always existed like the Shaolin Temple floor sweeper. They are low-key but easy to use. The small Q bottle of fresh lock shared today is no exception.

The core ingredient is coenzyme Q10, the big man in the antioxidant industry. You know, Nivea has studied Q10 for more than 20 years, so the gold content of Q10 products launched by Nivea need not be understood by everyone!

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Not only has the Nobel Prize blessing, but also has 20 times of the original antioxidant capacity (data from the official), which can make the skin firm, plump and tender. Who can see it without boasting!

A few days ago, Xiaobian also wrote about the antioxidant capacity of vitamin C, which is one of the best antioxidant components. What’s the difference?

First of all, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C have similar reducing ability. They both reduce the \

Face saving Guide: just give it to me插图3 But the difference is that coenzyme Q10 also has a big move that vitamin C is deterred from, that is, to participate in the metabolism of cell energy. It can continuously deliver energy to cells, just like rechargeable batteries. It can constantly charge the skin and make the skin full of vitality, so that it will not be easily knocked down!

Besides, Nivea has also achieved the food grade coenzyme Q10, which is consistent with the structure of Q10 contained in the human body. It is very mild and can be quickly absorbed by the skin. Moreover, it is added to 98% of the high purity, and it can be used boldly and confidently by friends with fragile and sensitive skin! You can fight against the new age with me at any time~

Face saving Guide: just give it to me插图4 It can not only resist free radicals, but also continuously supply energy to the skin. It’s not a matter of minutes to reduce small lines and make the skin feel Q elastic and firm?

Two. How does blain blain always come pester to do

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Say a Yue wood source is pox muscle mother, should no one refute it? From the beginning of mushroom water, it has been sought after by brothers and sisters. Today, this gel rise above the common herd of acne.

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The gel’s texture is very easy to wipe on the skin, dip it with cotton swabs and smear it on acne. It’s cool and comfortable. It will become a protective film which is usually covered with acne. It may cause obvious pain at the beginning, but it will be good to bear it.

The next morning, when I got up and looked in the mirror, the red and swollen acne had shrunk down, and there was no pain when I touched it gently. After two days of painting, I could not see the acne at all. I had to say that it was really easy to use!

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Before my aunt came, I often burst out many red, swollen and acne. When I wash my face, I feel painful and want to cry. At this time, I’ll give it a chance to save you from fire and water. It’s necessary for girls with acne at home~

Three. What if you shut up and join in the fun

Face saving Guide: just give it to me插图9 Material: canva

People like me, who don’t work and eat regularly, can’t escape the \

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Stridex this green salicylic acid cotton tablets, salicylic acid content of 0.5%, for novice baby or sensitive muscle girls are very friendly, don’t worry about skin irritation, thus damage to the skin barrier.

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The most intimate thing about it is to make two sides into different patterns, so we can distinguish two different ways to use it. The friction force with concave and convex texture is large, which can be used to wipe the skin; And smooth surface takes wet compress again good, but, can and face close fit~

After a period of time, the closure of the forehead and chin really subsided a lot, and finally it didn’t feel like a knot in one’s heart! But Aoli sauce or to remind you, brush acid must remember to sunscreen Oh, otherwise can white brush, will let the skin hurt ha~ Face saving Guide: just give it to me插图13

Four. How to deal with the problems of darkening, color spots and pockmarks

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These visible and palpable skin problems have been solved, as well as some stubborn problems, such as darkening, pockmarks, and so on
We need to get rid of the color spots! Keyan’s white bottle is very good. One bottle can say goodbye to these problems~

The combination of transparent vitamin C and Bose can not only prevent the problem of pigmentation, fade the existing spots, improve the unpleasant darkening of skin, but also repair the damaged skin barrier, making our face strong and elastic. Face saving Guide: just give it to me插图15

After use, the skin is really delicate and white to the naked eye. The original color spots and pockmarks are also significantly reduced. The skin color of the face is even, moist and translucent. It’s closer to the natural skin. It’s not too good!

Face saving Guide: just give it to me插图16 I have to store several bottles every time. After all, it is very useful to brighten and even the skin color and lighten the acne mark. It also meets my need to simplify skin care now. When I use up the skin water, it will not dry and will not be oily. It’s worth a try~ Face saving Guide: just give it to me插图17

I don’t know if you have learned about the face saving plan in this issue. If you want to develop good skin, besides arranging regular and reasonable work and rest for yourself, you can’t be short of skin care products with the right medicine. If you have any annoying skin problems recently, please come to talk with me~

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