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If you want me to say that there are too many people on the road of skin care in modern times, which is more popular than a certain wave day!

Some people spell it right, while others are on the wrong road of \

To ask which part of the skin care can not be delayed, the mask must have its name. After all, \

In addition, some sisters think that the food they eat is rich in nutrition, so can not the food on the face bring better skin care experience and enhance the effect? Nothing to do with what cucumber, potatoes, yogurt, honey mask has become a common occurrence!


Besides the delicacy mask, DIY (handmade) skin care products also have to be mentioned. Have ample food and clothing for the ladies, and they are awfully busy. Dongyi pump milk, and a little bit of Western cream begins to stir up, so that they can become the \

\插图2 Another is to follow the trend. For example, after hearing that the skin care concept of nourishing skin with oil became popular, some sisters ignored their skin types and made all kinds of \

And for a while, all the Internet is covered with ampoules (ampoules essence, ampoule mask, etc.), and many of the little buddy partners have not even figuring out what the ampoules are, so they start to follow suit and start with the full set of bottle skin care. Usually take out delivery fees have to consider half a day of you, when become so blind! \插图3

Visible, skin care on the road is really \

What is Anping \插图4

Let me first mercilessly expose the fact that the existence of \

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Today’s protagonist Anping can make skin care products enjoy a vacuum environment, protect those ingredients with \

The difference between ampoules and essence

In other words, an ampoule is, to some extent, a condensed essence, one containing the relationship with it. The essence of making an ampoule is usually in a closed environment, and it is more pure in the extraction of components and the control of concentration. Xiaobian thinks it is the best in essence. \插图5

So Xiaobian generally takes ampoules as a more effective essence, and does intensive nursing regularly. However, this is not the only option, we need to combine specific single product specific analysis.

Characteristics of Anping

Having said so much, there must be many beautiful women thinking: since they are so similar, why call them two names? What’s so special about Anping? Dog smash summed up the characteristics of ampoule, next will be introduced one by one!

  1 \插图6

Unstable \

As mentioned earlier, the main reason for the appearance of ampoules is to protect the unstable ingredients with \

If you think about it, you can also know that if the ingredients are stable enough, it can maintain a good state of mind in any environment. Why do we spend so much energy to put them into small bottles? No money for small bottles!


High concentration of \

The second characteristic of ampoule is that it will refine the core ingredients to a certain purity or concentration in order to achieve a better skin care experience. So often in skin problems when the \


Sealed storage, small dose, less preservative content \插图7

When it comes to unstable and high concentration, many beautiful women say that these are invisible things. Who will check the ingredients and concentration before buying! This is easy to identify: the ampoule is usually sealed, without adding too much preservatives, and generally needs to be used within 24 hours.

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If you can’t use the \


High unit price

In addition, because of the need for small bottles, the production cost of ampoules is generally high, so we need more money when we buy them. Therefore, it is suggested that we plant grass rationally according to our own situation~

Precautions for the use of ampoules

\插图8 After reading the features, I believe that many beautiful women have a deeper understanding of ampoules, and they can also reverse what they need to pay attention to in the process of using them.


After the use of make-up water, no need to superimpose essence.

Ampoule as the essence of enrichment, the normal use of the essence of the program is fine. Then save some money for the ball players, ladies and gentlemen. You don’t want to accumulate the essence after you use the ampoules. You don’t want to save money or get your face overnourishment.


Tolerance was first established in sensitive muscles

Similarly, because the concentration of ampoule is generally high and the efficacy is strong, if you are a little careless, you will lose your temper
Even if the product is marked \

In addition, even if the ampoule is sealed, the preservative content is low. But not everyone can use an ampoule at one time, some ampoules will still add certain preservatives. If you still hold the \


Daily use is not recommended

In addition to the high price of ampoules, the reason why I wait for working people is not suitable for daily use is mainly because of whose face can be built so that it can withstand everyday high concentration of essence. The suggestion of dog smashing is that one or two times a week is enough.

Should grass be planted in Anping

After all, should we plant grass for the sake of peace? In fact, goupao thinks that even now, Anping still has its foothold. If you have enough budget, you can start with it.


\插图9 Protection of volatile components

As I said before, there are many ingredients that are very powerful, but they break the heart of the formulator because of the instability. The appearance of ampoule is a big help. It protects the volatile ingredients from packaging and makes them work well.

Product recommendation

For example, vitamin C is a very good antioxidant, many products want to hire it to help brighten the skin. But it’s just that other people are unstable, and they are prone to oxidation. Especially in the daytime, it will lose efficacy soon after seeing ultraviolet light. Therefore, it can be well protected in the form of ampoules.

The third part of the essences of the tablets is vitamin C (ascorbic acid), with a concentration of 5%. Combined with its \

Coupled with the stronger proteoglycan, which helps skin promote collagen production, the old moisturizing ingredients such as propylene glycol and glycerin enhance skin moisturizing. A set of moisturizing and anti aging is three. It is very suitable for buddy with bright demand during the season.

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The key is that although the concentration is high, the texture is very light and the fluidity is very strong. It can be absorbed with a little wipe. There is no sticky feeling. The dog thinks that all kinds of skin types can hold.

377 (phenylethyl resorcinol) is also a very unstable brightening ingredient. Many products have made a lot of efforts on how to make it \

In addition to the top moisturizing ingredients, the rest are mainly antioxidant, soothing and brightening ingredients, which can be said to be very considerate.

\插图11 Photo source: Little Red Book

Although the materials used by other people are quite fierce, they also control the texture firmly in the light weight. It’s very smooth to push it away, and you can be absorbed with a little tap. Then you will feel very fresh and have no burden. It’s not too much to say that you are using makeup water~ \插图12
\插图13 My face is easy to dry during the season change, and I feel much more comfortable after using it. For example, the skin around my mouth has improved a lot. What’s more, it’s also very good for smoothing skin color. After the dog smashed it for a period of time, it felt that the yellow gas on the face was much less.


Higher concentration, more effect \插图14

Although the original intention of ampoule is to protect those unstable ingredients, it can not be said that the main ingredient of the product is stable. Reusing ampoule is \

Product recommendation \插图15

One of the most representative is L’OREAL ampoule essence, the main ingredient is hyaluronic acid. As such a common moisturizing ingredient, we must be familiar with it. Its temperament is very stable, add to the product will play a role obediently. \插图16
\插图17 So stable ingredients don’t need to be made into ampoules? In fact, this can better help improve the concentration of hyaluronic acid and enhance the moisturizing power.

Its composition table is very concise, only 13 kinds, four of which are moisturizing ingredients. Although there are two kinds of preservatives, they are not irritant in themselves, and they are mild on the whole.

Transparent light gel texture, liquidity is very strong, pour on the hand gently it will flow down, super light. After wiping, it will be absorbed quickly. It feels that the skin becomes moist and soft. Dog smash recommends dry skin to intensively moisturize and repair the face.

Photo source: Little Red Book

Ruxin Meiji uses a transparent glass bottle with the product name pressed. It looks very simple and feels very Buddhist. However, people are also awesome for moisturizing.

\插图18 From the composition table, most of them focus on moisturizing. The specific \

Photo source: Little Red Book vinkai_ C

\插图19 And its texture is very light, it is not too watery to say. Wipe it on your hand and it will be absorbed quickly. What you feel is moistening, not greasy. It’s not too friendly for me to pursue a sense of freshness!

  3 \插图20
\插图21 Vacuum packaging, convenient and hygienic

In addition to the pleasing ingredients and efficacy, ampoule also has a good packaging. Vacuum packaging is more hygienic, a small one is easy to carry, needless to say. However, the operational safety of this packaging has been controversial. This is not, the way is always more difficult than today’s dog smash also said that several packaging more \
\插图22 Product recommendation

Marty De Fu can be said to be the big brother in the field of ampoules. Her family’s ampoules will be equipped with a bottle opener. Each time you use it, just press it gently to realize the freedom of opening ampoules!


It’s summer now, and the beautiful girl with bright complexion is very suitable for using the bright skin ampoule essence of his family. The main brightening components are hexylresorcinol, VC glycoside and tranexamic acid.

\插图24 Hexylresorcinol is responsible for keeping watch at the source of pigment formation. VC glycosides are used to kill tyrosinase, which is the most effective agent. The acid is used to ambush the marching road of pigment, and it is not allowed to express. The cooperation is quite tacit. In addition, the extract of duxingcaya can release the aged cutin freely, which can brighten and rejuvenate the skin at the same time! \插图25

Not to mention the daisy essence helps relieve the skin, and the whole \

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The texture of the microemulsion looks thicker and thicker, but it is refreshing. It’s very easy to push and absorb. Because it contains flavors, it smells sweet, but it spreads easily. Dog smash as a dry sensitive muscle, feel good, feel suitable for all kinds of skin. It’s a good choice for sisters who want to brighten their skin color in the new season~

In other words, when I first started with tijiating Aqua bottle, I went to this package (please call me novelty editor) to travel or something. It’s more convenient than the bottled one! However, there is a saying that the amount of 2ml of each capsule is often disposable, which really gives me a headache.

\插图26 Its ingredient list is also the longest in today’s all-in-one ampoules, with as many as 40 kinds. It’s long and smooth, and you can’t see the edge at a glance. There are 21 kinds of light moisturizing ingredients. I know the reason why every time the face is not dry enough, using one of them can save the emergency! Not to mention that there are many plant extracts in it, and its antioxidant capacity is also excellent.


As soon as you say it, the texture is thick and has the feeling of gel. Add the content of xanthan gum is not low, a little careless, did not wait for the essence absorbed completely to superimpose subsequent products, rubbing mud is not discussed. I like this kind of small face (not allowed to refute), unit area is used more, also glorious among rub mud big family ~ so, suggest daga must a small amount of many times to wipe, patience enough!


\插图28 It can meet the needs of efficacy nursing

As mentioned earlier, ampoules can protect the unstable ingredients and concentrate the stable ingredients. In the final analysis, the ampoule form can make the product more effective. If you have put the skin care function such as anti aging and light tattoo on the agenda, and the budget is enough, don’t miss the bottle. \插图29
\插图30 Product recommendation

Among them, I love a very recent Vichy ampoule essence. Its main features are as follows

\插图31 It is divided into multiple peptides (two peptides + three peptides) and 12% vitamin C. It focuses on stimulating the production of skin collagen and has a good set of anti-aging.

\插图32 The ingredient list is much more streamlined, like preservatives, alcohol and flavors. Just 10 kinds of ingredients are either moisturizing for their own responsibility, or antioxidant, even bright skin, work conscientiously and responsibly, can not help but want to give it a thumbs up.

\插图34 In addition, the texture containing 12% vitamin C can be made so light and refreshing, which is one of the reasons why I like it. It’s as sticky as make-up water? It doesn’t exist! Also, don’t think it’s easy to lose the active ingredients in this full vial if it doesn’t contain preservatives. I once broke it off and used it up the next morning. I didn’t see it change color. Sure enough, Vic and Anping are true love!

Olay’s little red bullet is a little different from several ampoules mentioned above: its dosage is relatively large. It is packed in a needle tube vacuum package. When you use it, squeeze it a little. When you use it, you can close the lid. There are also four \

Because the dosage is relatively large, it can’t be used up in a few days, so preservatives are added more, and the ranking is also higher. Flavors also failed to \

The three heavy peptides together create a youthful state for the skin, and the anti aging effect of the light stripe is excellent. But as a dry sensitive muscle, Xiaobian is still willing to use the skin condition very stable.

Its texture is also relatively thick, but the ductility is good, a small drop can be applied to half the back of the hand, the taste is very soft. \插图35

← apply to lacrimal groove

Daub pattern → \插图36

\插图37 ← apply mandibular line \插图38

When I use it, I will mainly take care of the lacrimal groove, decree lines and mandible lines, which are easy to be sunken, long lines and show aging. I will massage while daubing them. It’s very comfortable to use. Don’t mention it. Slowly, you will find that your face feels more elastic and looks more puffy!

\插图39 Well, today’s Anping is over. How do you know about Anping? Have you ever been planted with grass? I want to know that when you choose ampoules, you will look at the ingredient list. What do you think of some ampoules that still have preservatives?

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