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How are you? It’s dog smashing~

Did you pay attention to the 2021 finals of the Creation Camp? After several months of stage rating and fans’ voting, finally

Come out in groups It’s over!

Don’t join the \插图 This year’s group night even earned the tears of dog smashing. The eliminated younger brothers returned to the stage, and the chorus \

Although most of the eleven younger brothers of into1 objectively evaluated are based on their strength, how can there be no sense in the draft? Comprehensive strength can, fans krypton gold ability is strong, just be squeezed down by the royal family! This year, the dog hit the heart of the idea is difficult to calm Pitiful son It’s over~

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He has a \

Despite all this, geese have made some innovations this year. It’s really a relatively new model to set up an international group. Although the debut list of into1 is not perfect in the heart of the dog, but if the skin care industry also has an exciting competition

International Group draft Don’t join the \插图2 Competition, I will definitely put the heart of these \
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   Background of Chinese \
Background: from the unknown

Small transparent

, With a modest attitude and unremitting efforts, national skin care has more and more founders’ support!
Specialty: moisturizing and soothing foundation, skincare easy to master, in the Anti aging layer
Is a full potential stock, at the same time not arrogant, comprehensive cost performance is really high.


Budding members

Natural hall has been famous in the field of domestic skin care for many years, and has really achieved quite good results. The representative of his family is a small bottle of purple bottle essence, which is the best choice for many late night parties.

Schizosaccharomyces bifidus , It can go deep into the bottom of the skin, repair the damage and wake up the vitality of the skin.
Core components Extraction of red algal balls It is rich in astaxanthin, which can help reduce skin oxidation and delay skin aging. Finally, match with scientific matching nicotinamide
Make skin transparent.

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The semitransparent essence of water can be applied to the whole face with a dropper, and it will soon be absorbed by the skin. It will bring a refreshing and non greasy skin feeling to dogs, and will not affect the absorption of subsequent emulsions and cream. The dog hit me

Stay up late

I especially love it when I use it. The skin is pretty good after every use Delicate and transparent Yes, the face that had been yellow and dark after the night was suddenly counseled (hiding far away).

The green based product packaging of Bai Queling family is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people Don’t join the \插图6 Face cream Don’t join the \插图7 It’s no surprise, but the superior light grain ability is worth mentioning. The core black technology ingredient – originally because provta is good, it can repair the skin in multiple layers, enhance the tightness of collagen by mucopolysaccharide, and strengthen the muscle base by hyaluronic acid, so as to improve the existing fine lines and block hidden fine lines.

Retinol, Centella essence and

Ginseng Essence in Microencapsulation technology With the help of, it can penetrate into the skin layer by layer, which can not only help to improve the fine lines, but also improve the self repairing ability of the skin.

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Milky ice cream texture soft, a touch of water, on the face silk smooth. Gently massage to be absorbed after the face becomes smooth and tender, from time to time also exudes a wave

Herbal fragrance

。 Recently, the dry feeling of goupao’s face caused by water shortage due to long-term air conditioning is not so obvious after persisting in use. The follow-up makeup doesn’t rub mud, and the base makeup becomes more comfortable~

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A brief introduction to the background of Korean players

Background: skin care products in South Korea belong to the type that has accumulated a lot of popularity before the competition, which has been popular for many years when many sisters were young

Crazy infatuation

It’s been a long time. Enjoying the high popularity also shows from the side that their beauty and strength will not be how to pull the hip.
Features: most of the products are added with plants Ginseng
、 There are many ingredients, such as spices

Centella asiatica

The extract is like a small green umbrella for the skin stimulated by the outside world, which can enhance the skin resistance, moisturize and repair the barrier at the same time~

The sisters may be more familiar with the \

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Light green partial dense cream texture, cream body although slightly heavy, but the face is still quite open Moistening Yes, it doesn’t feel greasy. It absorbs quickly. Since the dog smashed with tijiating nutrition cream, it’s like grasping the \

What’s more, Laneige sleep mask, which also has the main ingredients of Centella asiatica ingredients? Except for the indelible merit of Centella asiatica, the green forest mask is added.

Forest yeast Don’t join the \插图11 Repair ability is much higher than Centella asiatica extract. It can not only improve the problem of cutin peeling due to dryness, but also repair fragile skin and strengthen barrier.

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The skin is creamy and creamy, and has a fresh and pleasant smell. On the face, Bing Bing is cool and uncool. His daily thin thin layer is used as a face cream to moisten. Before going to bed, it is used as a sleeping mask. The next day, the nose is not so serious, and the skin on the face is not so wild. It is suggested that sisters with dry skin, like dogs, should apply a thick layer on the dry and red skin to make the skin full of water. Mild, low stimulation, no washing

The mask is simply Don’t join the \插图12 A must for lazy people Don’t join the \插图13 Skin care products~


   Background of French \

Background: compared with skin care products in other countries, French products are like sweet and quiet singing \
Don’t join the \插图14 Features: it will not get obvious effect in a short time,

water flowing out in a trickle takes a long time to exhaust Skin care is more in line with its characteristics, whether it is in the maintenance of stability or repair are paying attention to step by step.

Don’t join the \插图15 Lancome’s net red product black bottle essence is large because it adds double yeast and 5 major probiotics. Don’t join the \插图16 Double yeast

It’s just like buff is added to the skin to help repair the damaged skin, enhance the ability to resist external injury, and reduce the frequency of small emotions.

Five prebiotics

Put a layer of protective shield on the skin, supplement energy and strengthen protection at the same time. both Collaboration , The skin condition has been stabilized, and the problems of coarseness, mouth closure and redness have been improved.

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The egg white is transparent and has good fluidity. After a drop of the pump is pushed away from the palm of the hand, it is \

Next, the red frost dog of Blanc saint spring added French color

Mont Saint spring

, Rich repair minerals have a very good performance in improving skin texture. In addition, vitamin B5 and Centella asiatica can repair the damaged skin, strengthen the barrier, and improve the redness of the skin Pseudoleaf tree Extract, let the skin care. Finally, there are


And vitamin E, reduce skin discomfort, moisturize skin.

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Though it is frost, it is a good emulsion texture with good wetness. The ductility is good. The upper face has an unexpected sense of refreshing. The dog thinks it’s pretty

Suitable for sensitive muscles Don’t join the \插图17 It’s mild in composition and won’t bring extra burden to face. It’s easy to use after sun exposure

Red skin It can also help to get back to a good state after use.

Don’t join the \插图18
Don’t join the \插图19   

Background of German \

Background: just like their character, the standard

rigorous , I’m diligent and pragmatic. I don’t spend much time on marketing, and I don’t stand out by gorgeous packaging, but I still rely on what I can do Business capability I got some of the founders’ love.

Features: in the composition of the walk Don’t join the \插图20 intelligent nutrients

Even in relieving redness and repairing skin, fruit acid products are not commonly used, and too cumbersome skin care methods are not carried out.

   German family Pay attention to our skin care products Organic components

, It doesn’t damage the normal operation of the skin, but focuses on stimulating the repair power of the skin itself. This rhythmic conditioner is no exception, adding a lot of organic plant extracts. Calendula extract as usual to moisturize the skin, Hamamelis extract is also honest to do the work of water oil balance. Don’t join the \插图21 Medicated villous flower extract Don’t join the \插图22 It’s powerful. It’s the unique precious ingredient of the German family. It directly hits the deep layer of the damaged skin, and then strengthens the skin barrier.

Cr: Little Red Book
Color value is still very high, transparent bottle with orange liquid. The design of nozzle pressing type will not cause unnecessary waste, The spray is very dense.

, And there’s a hint of it

herbaceous 。 Dog smash generally directly used as toner, absorption fast, face oil, but also Fine pores , Improve the closure, the whole face becomes clean and smooth a lot. The essence of its refusal is its delicate muscles.

Anna Berlin small white tube eye cream is the same product with organic ingredients. The difference of plant extract is that small white tube is added with green olive squalane extracted from plants, which is highly moisturizing and forms a protective film on the skin. It also has certain antioxidant effect. Moisturizing agent Wheat germ oil and organic sesame oil Can reduce the possibility of dry lines around the eyes. Let’s talk about it

Ascorbyl palmitate

It can help to block pigment generation and improve skin permeability, and improve panda eyes to a certain extent.

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Light yellow ointment texture, just a little thick, but after emulsifying with fingers, it will turn into a layer of essential oil, at this time, massage around the eyes, and it will be absorbed soon. It’s very moisturizing It’s very suitable for dogs to smash this kind of dry skin. After using it, I found that the fine lines at the moment really ran away,

Cheap and easy to use Don’t join the \插图23 The eye cream fund is not rich sisters can rush!

Today, the dog hit the heart of the skin care International Group’s debut in the first tentative of these eight! What other popular products do sisters push Comment area Amway, give it to me~

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