What’s the use of honey besides fattening?

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Original title: what’s the use of honey besides fattening?

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How are you, rich women and young people? Ingredient 7 is online~

Harm! As soon as I think that I’m going to resume my status as a migrant worker and enter a serious mode of work tomorrow, I feel very sad. I always feel that the first day of the holiday is still yesterday

What’s the use of honey besides fattening?插图

This life is too hard, always find their own sweet! So my disobedient hands, always can’t help but want a cup of milk tea to comfort themselves, but you also know that this 7 weight loss is not easy, so this period of time is to rely on honey hydrolysis greedy.

At the beginning, because I believed the \

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This means that honey, from the perspective of nutrition, is just a common food with high calorie and single nutrition?!

How can this thing be popular in the field of food, health care and even skin care? 77 think for a long time did not come to an end, so decided to take you gradually explore the \

Where does honey come from

We can eat delicious honey, relying on the \

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What’s the use of honey besides fattening?插图2 Due to the limitation of invertase, the worker bees on business trips have to spit out their preliminary processed nectar when they get home. About 100 worker bees on duty take turns to inhale and spit out nectar, and countless \

Cold knowledge: bees have two stomachs, a \

Sisters think so, is it more balanced?

Although we’ve been ruined two weekends, we’ve got at least five rest days to drink honey water, but the little bee has to rush to work day and night. It’s not too miserable!

What’s the use of honey besides fattening?插图3 Nutritional value of honey

Cough, it’s too far away. Let’s go back to the theme! As we all know from the production process of honey, the core raw materials of \

But no matter what the difference is, I can tell you responsibly that honey is essentially a supersaturated solution of sugar.

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In addition to a large amount of fructose, glucose, some water and a small amount of sucrose, the main components are a small amount of protein, amino acids, vitamin B2 \/ B3 \/ B5 \/ B6, vitamin C, organic acids, enzymes, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and other trace elements and minerals.

It seems that the nutrients are very rich, but the actual content is far lower than that of ordinary fruits and vegetables. If we analyze it from the perspective of food and nutrition, it does not have very high nutritional value. What’s the use of honey besides fattening?插图4

Does honey work

Understand the nutritional components of honey, we use their own little brain, to answer a question!

What do you think honey is good for?


Runchang Tongbian


Help lose weight


Relieve fatigue



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Hehe ~ unexpectedly, the real effect of honey is to relieve fatigue!

This is mainly because the rich glucose and fructose in honey can be quickly absorbed by the human body and converted into energy required for various physical activities. Glucose is the main energy substance of brain neurons, and the ability of refreshing and relieving fatigue is very guaranteed.

Runchang Tongbian: mainly for fructose intolerance.

Help lose weight: 321 kcal \/ 100g, self calculation

Beauty: Er… Can eating pig’s hoof supplement collagen?

As for the other three \

Can honey skin care be trusted

[drink] honey wild road is completely broken, then [use] honey work? For example, apply manual honey mask, honey water wash face and so on?

Ah, as a professional beauty blogger, I always do not advocate handmade facial mask, fancy face wash and so on. On the one hand, health and safety cannot be guaranteed; on the other hand, the effect of a single ingredient is often limited, and it is not rigorous to talk about the effect regardless of the specific formula.

You don’t have to be disappointed. Honey is well known as the \

L’Oreal honey pot

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For example, I always like L’Oreal honey pot! The core ingredient of anti aging cream is the \

Manuka honey is rich in polyphenols and has good antioxidant capacity. With the addition of active ingredient UMF, the effect of moistening skin and promoting metabolism is really worth boasting!

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However, the small honeypot can match the big brand’s anti old strength. It is not the Manuka honey, but the L’OREAL’s proprietary Bose, the gold four peptide and its cooperative cooperation \

Bosein has been introduced many times before. It can not only
To prevent water loss, but also promote the synthesis of collagen, help fill the bottom of the muscle. As a member of the peptide family specializing in collagen distribution, Sisheng peptide can help firm the skin, let alone cow!

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Yes! Small honeypot has recently adopted the technology of \

Jiaolan emperor’s honey

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What’s the use of honey besides fattening?插图8 In addition to L’Oreal jinzhizhen nectar series, Jiaolan Dihuang Fengzi series is also a famous product line focusing on honey skin care, especially \
What’s the use of honey besides fattening?插图9 Its core ingredients are pure black bee honey and precious royal jelly. With the good permeability, water retention and moisture absorption of honey, the active ingredients can penetrate into the bottom of the skin layer by layer, helping the skin to be more firm and elastic, and at the same time, improving the skin color.

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Relatively refreshing delicate essence of oil, which is also rich in myrrh oil gold particles, painted on the skin is a light skin like water, but after absorption is like oil nourishing moisturizing effect!

What’s the use of honey besides fattening?插图10

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Every time 3 ~ 5 drops, after the palm slightly hot, gently press on the face, after absorption, you will find your face as full of vitality as the earth after the rain! Dry skin sisters have the opportunity to try, moisturizing effect wonderful!

Like me, mixed oil skin may feel over moistened in summer, but it’s very good to use it as muscle base fluid in autumn and winter~ What’s the use of honey besides fattening?插图11

Fresh Fu Lei Shi Gu Yuan honey mask

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What’s the use of honey besides fattening?插图13 Speaking of honey skin care products, there is still one thing I have to exaggerate is that I love Fresh Fu Lei Shi Guyuan honey mask last year!

The core ingredient is Buckfast honey, which can soften the skin and achieve better moisturizing effect!

* source account number, please indicate the source of reprint

In order to enhance the power of repair, the mask also contains white fatty flower oil, which contains special fatty acids and synergistic anti oxidant. It also helps to extract the purple Echinacea extract, vitamin E and seabuckthorn oil.

What’s the use of honey besides fattening?插图14 It is no exaggeration to say that every time I apply the mask, I will pour it into the beautiful repair strength. The face will be smooth, smooth and soft. It will make people feel happier than drinking honey water.

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Texture is very thick honey cheese texture, smelling also has a strong toffee, mask when the feeling of thieves cured! What’s the use of honey besides fattening?插图15

Mask extension is not bad. The amount of two coins per coin is enough to fill the whole face (thin coating is good, not recommended thick compress), stay for 10 minutes or so with clean water, you can feel its wonderful repair force.

Introduced so many good things, daga should understand what honey is used in skin care products, right?

In fact, honey added to skin care products is generally used as antioxidant and moisturizer. In order to achieve better repair and toughening effect, there must be other ingredients to assist. And even if only as a moisturizer, it is only after purification and refining that it is allowed to be added to skin care products!

What’s the use of honey besides fattening?插图16
What’s the use of honey besides fattening?插图17 Well, happy time is always short. Let’s make a brief summary of today’s sharing~

What’s the use of honey?

Delicious and easy to absorb sugar, can help quickly restore blood sugar.

After purification, it can be used for skin care, with good moisturizing effect and auxiliary antioxidant.

Well, I’ve shared a large article, but the focus is just on the last two sentences. I hope it will be helpful to the rich women and children. Have a good time in the last few hours of the holiday. See you next time~

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