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Original title: can’t the makeup remover be cleaned on Saturday evaluation day? Don’t ask, ask is play!

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How are you, rich women and young people! Today is the test and evaluation of Xiaobian online!

Two days ago, Xiaobian’s little sister went to Weihai to participate in the three-day League building activities, and then something happened that was both angry and funny (she was very angry, I felt funny after listening). What happened? Listen to me tell you in detail

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Originally, she was full of expectations for her trip to Weihai. She packed a box full of clothes, shoes, skin care products and cosmetics. When she opened the box in the hotel, she found that the box was full of sticky liquid.

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It turned out that she broke the makeup remover in the process of shipment, which led to the bad luck of all the items in the box. Her whole popularity was almost separated. It is said that she cleaned up all day later. Ha ha ha, it’s sad and funny

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I’m so angry! Have you ever seen someone wash clothes in a hotel for a day???

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, that’s so funny!

It’s better to listen to your take off makeup towel and go out, Wuwu

Later, she said she would make complaints about WeChat, and she would rather listen to me and bring out a convenient and good remover towel. Otherwise, there would be no such tragedy.

This is not a small make-up simply this Saturday evaluation day with makeup towel as the theme, find out the better one, to avoid everyone going abroad will also appear the same \

Which is easy to use插图3 * from left to right: unny, Meikang fandai, Olay, mystery of New Zealand, huaxizi, lucky miyue, perran, ukiss, perfect diary

Xiaobian plans to evaluate them from the dimensions of packaging + price + composition, material, makeup removal power and water oil value~

So next, let’s have a good understanding of these players!

First impression

Which is easy to use插图4 The packaging design of huaxizi makeup remover is very exquisite. Just look at the pink and tender appearance, it reminds me of my maiden heart! And the ingredients are not bad, it added a lot of natural oil and amino acid coconut oil, to nourish the skin, make the skin moist after cleaning.

In addition, ginseng extract and avocado extract, the two great generals, take care of the skin together, which can not only inhibit the production of pigment, make the skin become even, but also relieve the damaged barrier, quietly warm and nourish like a knight. The key is that it does not add alcohol and fluorescent agent, and is quite friendly to sensitive muscle babies!

Which is easy to use插图5 The white and black color matching of unny makeup remover is full of simple and fashionable feeling. I think it should be related to his family’s consistent minimalism concept. There is no unnecessary embellishment. What we are going to do is \

Xiaobian took a look at its ingredients, and was a little surprised. Trehalose was added to the makeup remover to maintain the moisture on the surface of the skin, reduce the damage to the cuticle, take care of the fragile skin and keep it moist.

In addition, South Africa Phoenix grass and polar oat oil work together to stabilize skin barrier, enhance defense, make face more elastic and avoid dryness after makeup removal, so as to have both effects of makeup removal and skin care!

Xiaobian thinks that the new western mystery remover is the most convenient way to carry out all the remover towels. This small box size is almost the same as a 12 color eye shadow, and it doesn’t take up any place in the bag. Which is easy to use插图6

What’s more, it’s the same unloading and protecting route as unny, which adds a lot of moisturizing ingredients. Good guy! At first glance, I thought what I bought was moisturizing water. Glycine, betaine, hyaluronic acid and glycerin were all used together, which can not only mildly moisturize, but also make the skin feel smoother and more tender after removing makeup!

The white fat man on the perfect diary makeup remover towel is also so lovely. It makes Xiaobian feel the impulse to cut it off and stick it on the hand account! Which is easy to use插图7

In addition to the cute packaging, even the ingredients make Xiaobian want to praise. It adds 15 kinds of amino acids to give full play to the moisturizing effect, so that the face after cleansing can avoid dryness. In addition, there is vitamin B5, which can provide sufficient moisture when cleaning the face. It can also repair and moisturize the skin without worrying about the stimulation of the skin in the process of removing makeup.

Lucky key makeup remover is a dark blue main color with gold pattern, a high-grade texture, looks expensive, I feel it is the highest value in this evaluation. Which is easy to use插图8

Xiaobian didn’t expect that the ratio of water to oil is 61:39. When removing makeup, it can go deep into the pores for cleaning, and improve the skin’s secretion of excessive oil and the residue of makeup that is difficult to clean.

In addition, the essence of three barrier repair (lotus extract, pomegranate fruit extract, iris extract) infiltrates into the muscle floor for nourishing, reducing the redness and darkening of the face. But it contains phenoxyethanol preservatives, the baby allergic to this ingredient to be careful!

Although they are all pink and tender in appearance, I don’t think the color matching of huaxizi is better. Fortunately, the price of Meikang powder is very cheap, and it won’t hurt to use it. Which is easy to use插图9

The main ingredients of Xiaobian are water and glycerin. Although it is nothing special, it can reduce the water loss of the skin while ensuring the cleaning power, so that the face can be used without tension. Want other efficacy or rely on follow-up skin care products~

Perran, a brand of Xiaobian, has only used his home’s make-up before. It’s not bad to use it, so I started to try the make-up remover. However, the price of more than three yuan really makes me feel a little sore. I don’t know whether the effect of using it is worthy of its value. Which is easy to use插图10

First, let’s take a look at its composition. The main ingredients are Tangyuan hot spring water and sodium hyaluronate. The two hum two of the replenishment and moisturizing field will enable the face to \
Don’t worry, go ahead boldly~

Ukiss family’s make-up is no stranger to daga? Since the color make-up is well done, naturally other aspects of strength will not be too bad, this is not a small make-up of his family’s towel also added to the evaluation, first of all, the price did not let me down, as always cost-effective ha ha. Which is easy to use插图11

The former can increase skin elasticity and keep the face moist for a long time. It feels delicate and soft. The latter is responsible for soothing and repairing the damaged skin, creating a clear and moisturizing state.

Olay make-up remover is different from the above models. It’s not packaged independently. It’s a bag of make-up remover in a plastic box. Especially, the make-up remover is dry. If you go out and use it, you can put it directly in a plastic bag. It’s unsanitary after 8 years. My image is greatly reduced! Which is easy to use插图12

The reason why it is a dry remover is because it adds micron pure facial technology. Only when it meets water can it release the osmotic force, that is to say, when it is used, it needs rubbing bubbles with water. By the way, because Xiaobian’s version is mild, it mainly contains amino acids, which can moisturize, moisturize, soothe and improve the skin’s resistance. It’s quite nice!

Comparison results

Huaxizi > ukiss > Perfect diary > unny > the mystery of New Zealand > Olay > meikangfandai > lucky key > perran


It’s very important whether the material of makeup remover is soft and moist. After all, if it doesn’t meet the requirements, it may pull the skin, which is not worth it!

And if the area of the makeup remover is not large enough, it will lead to insufficient use in the end, and the scene will be very embarrassing. And it’s too luxurious to use two at a time, so Xiaobian uses iPhone 12 as a reference for comparison~

Huaxizi Which is easy to use插图13

Softness: 3 Which is easy to use插图14

Humidity: 3

Paper size: 3

Huaxizi makeup remover is made of natural lignocellulose. It can absorb water very well. You can feel the full liquid on it with a little squeeze. It’s soft, comfortable and moist. It still smells of flowers.

The pattern of the film cloth is plain, and the tightness is very strong. Xiaobian used the old version of his family before, which is very skin friendly. Although the new version of the film cloth is thickened, it is not rough at all, and it is still as comfortable to wipe on the face! And this one is more than the size of two iphone12, and one is enough for full face use.

  unny Which is easy to use插图15

Softness: 2 Which is easy to use插图16

Humidity: 2

Paper size: 3

Unny makeup remover is made of non-woven fabric, which is generally water absorbent. Take out the membrane cloth. There is not a lot of liquid on it. Most of them are looking at me quietly in the bag. The softness is worth mentioning. It’s not hard at all. When you open it in your hand, you can see the small circular pattern on the membrane cloth. It looks dense, but it’s not very strong in practice. It’s easy to tear.

Its paper size is about the same as huaxizi’s. although one sheet is enough for the whole face, considering its vulnerability, two sheets are safer.

The mystery of New Zealand Which is easy to use插图17

Softness: 3 Which is easy to use插图18

Humidity: 3

Paper size: 1

The puzzle of New Zealand this film cloth’s water absorption effect should say is really strong! Just took out the film cloth is full of liquid, feel if there are a few pieces of cotton on hand can drop on it as makeup remover, and feel very soft and comfortable.

Its texture is as plain as huaxizi, and its texture is very delicate. Not to mention, its structure is very compact. Unless you pull it with great force, it is not easy to break. Although the official claims that the film cloth has also been upgraded, it seems to be about the size of two mobile phones. If you want to remove the full makeup, you’d better take two~

Perfect diary Which is easy to use插图19

Softness: 2 Which is easy to use插图20

Humidity: 3

Paper size: 3

Perfect diary the material of this film cloth is also selected from natural lignocellulose, which has strong water absorption. The liquid fried chicken on the film cloth is more, and the ice cold and soft film cloth make it feel great.

I don’t think it smells very good. Maybe it’s not my ribbon. It’s plain, but it’s big enough. It’s more than two mobile phones. If you go out, you can use a full face~

Lucky key Which is easy to use插图21

Softness: 3 Which is easy to use插图22

Humidity: 1

Paper size: 2

The key to luck is pure physical textile material. Although the film is wet, it’s not as good as the previous ones. However, its softness is not inferior. It feels soft.

Its grain has no characteristics. It’s plain grain, but it’s not tight enough. It’s easy to deform if you pull a little. It’s the size of two mobile phones, but as I said before, it’s not as wet as other players. It dries very fast when it’s used. It’s recommended to prepare more.

Meikang powder Which is easy to use插图23

Softness: 1 Which is easy to use插图24

Humidity: 3

Paper size: 3

Meikang powder is made of cotton and has strong water absorption, so there is no need to worry about waste. I think its softness is not as soft as I think, and it is also so rough. But it also has good points, for example, its tightness is still good, there is no tearing when it is pulled during the test, and it is like a feather sliding through the skin, so it is comfortable to knock!

Xiaobian saw that the size of its paper was amazing. It was almost the size of three mobile phones. I felt that this one was enough for painting a big heavy makeup.

Peiran Which is easy to use插图25

Softness: 1 Which is easy to use插图26

Humidity: 1

Paper size: 1

Perran is a Spunlaced fabric with poor water absorption and hard handle, which is not very friendly to the soft little face. It’s still on the film
Is that kind of netting, a little effort will have a sense of being torn.

What makes Xiaobian disappointing is its smell. It smells like a bit of a choke when it’s not on your face. It’s mixed up like a few bottles of inferior perfume. What a spicy eye if you take off your eyes! And it’s not very big. It’s almost the size of one and a half mobile phones. If you use it, you’ll need several~

  ukiss Which is easy to use插图27

Softness: 3 Which is easy to use插图28

Humidity: 2

Paper size: 2

Ukiss is made of Yamano cotton fiber. It doesn’t feel that the water absorption effect is particularly strong, but it’s not disappointing in the softness. It feels soft and not rough at all, but the grain is still plain (I feel that these same patterns can be combined).

Ukiss hidden but beautiful spot, mobile size, which is two meters bigger than the size of the mobile phone.

  olay Which is easy to use插图29

Softness: 1 Which is easy to use插图30

Humidity: 3

Paper size: 2

Olay makeup remover is special. It needs to be wet. It feels rough when it’s dry. However, it becomes a little softer after being rubbed and foamed with water, but it’s almost as good as those before. Its pattern is reticulated, there is a kind of gauze to catch up with the feet, feel in front of the rub out of the bubble along the reticulated away.

The area of the paper is very large. It’s almost the size of two and a half mobile phones. When removing makeup, as long as it’s not super heavy makeup, one piece is enough.

Comparison results

Huaxizi > Perfect diary > unny = mystery of New Zealand = Meikang fandai = ukiss > lucky key = Olay > perran

Make up remover

Finally came to the most critical dimension. Xiaobian painted the eyeliner and Lip Glaze on his arm this time, and then cleaned and cleaned three remover napkins.

Top three

Huaxizi Which is easy to use插图31

Peiran Which is easy to use插图32

  unny Which is easy to use插图33

The above three models perform very well in the makeup removal test, especially huaxizi. I can hardly see the words I wrote in my hand. The strength is strong visible to the naked eye! The other two perran and unny can also clean up the 77 words very well. I think they can take off the makeup after two more strokes. I believe I can trust them to make up my face!

The cleaning power is slightly weak

  olay Which is easy to use插图34

The mystery of New Zealand Which is easy to use插图35

Meikang powder Which is easy to use插图36

Olay, the mystery of new West and the makeup of Mei Kang powder are slightly weaker. After the makeup is removed, it can also indistinct the traces of eyeliner and lipstick. It can be cleaned more times in the process of removing the makeup, and it also needs cleansing cream with strong cleansing power. Otherwise, the residual color will easily be infected.

Poor cleaning

Perfect diary Which is easy to use插图37

Lucky key Which is easy to use插图38

  ukiss Which is easy to use插图39

Too horrible to look at the other three parts, no matter lipstick or eyeliner, they leave traces on their arms. Xiaobian suggests that you can give up the three items. Is it not fragrant to consider the front few sections?

Comparison results

Huaxizi > perran > unny > Olay > mysteries of New Zealand > meikangfandai > Perfect diary > lucky key > ukiss

Water oil value

Some make-up towel after use will make people feel dry, some are no response, but a sense of moisture. This time Xiaobian will pass the water oil value test, Kangkang, to see whose moisturizing effect is good ~ is it as described in the previous composition?

Water and oil content of skin before test

The result of this test proves that my skin is dry and oily again. The moisture value before measurement is only 28%, but the oil value is as high as 43%. I went to the corner to wipe my tears. Which is easy to use插图40

Xiaobian found that in this link, the moisturizing strength and oil control strength of each player are excellent! So Xiaobian can be divided into 50 + group, 40 + group and 30 + group according to water content

Huaxizi Which is easy to use插图41

The mystery of New Zealand Which is easy to use插图42

Meikang powder Which is easy to use插图43

Peiran Which is easy to use插图44

  ukiss Which is easy to use插图45

Among them, huaxizi stands out with the excellent results of 52% moisture and 16% oil. It seems that its moisturizing and oil control effect is really powerful! The second is ukiss. Its water content is 51% and oil content is 16%!

40 + group

  unny Which is easy to use插图46

Perfect diary Which is easy to use插图47

  olay Which is easy to use插图48

Although the water and oil values of unny, perfect diary and Olay are slightly inferior, there is no big gap between them. For example, Olay with 49% water and 18% oil is also very nice, while the water values of unny and perfect diary are even, both are 48%, and the oil value is only 1%, which makes me very happy~

30 + group

Lucky key Which is easy to use插图49

In fact, the moisture value of lucky key is still in the past. After removing makeup, it has increased to 36%, but the oil value is terrible, as high as 34%! This made me suspect that there was a problem with the test pen for a time. Later, Xiaobian tested it twice, and the results were almost the same. That only proved that its oil control effect was really not good! It is recommended to keep oily skin away from your baby and do not use it for other skin types in summer!

Comparison results

Huaxizi > ukiss > meikangfandai > mystery of New Zealand = perran > Olay > Perfect diary > unny > lucky key

Evaluation results

Xiaobian has made a summary of the pictures and pictures for you this time. Let’s watch it by ourselves

Which is easy to use插图50
Which is easy to use插图51
Which is easy to use插图52
Which is easy to use插图53
Which is easy to use插图54
Which is easy to use插图55
Which is easy to use插图56
Which is easy to use插图57 After a comprehensive comparison, Xiaobian recommends huaxizi, because I feel that it is qualified in terms of its sense of use and makeup removal power, which is very suitable for my dry sensitive muscle! Which is easy to use插图58

It’s over for a long time
Next, Xiaobian will start to nag about the makeup remover~

What’s the specific usage of makeup remover?

First of all, you need to wash your hands, then take out the make-up towel for use, and then apply the make-up towel to the part that needs to be removed for about 10 ~ 15 seconds. After the part is fully wetted, gently wipe it.

By the way, the makeup remover can be used on both sides. Don’t throw it away when you use it, to avoid waste! Which is easy to use插图59

Can make-up removing towel replace other make-up removing products?

Of course not. Although the make-up remover can clean to a great extent, it is far less useful than the make-up remover and oil in terms of thorough cleanliness and skin repair, but it is relatively more convenient to carry.

Do you still wash your face after using the makeup remover?

Naturally, you need to use it. Although some make-up removers say that you don’t need to clean it again, it has chemical dosage after all, which is more or less irritating to the skin. Moreover, you don’t know whether you have cleaned the make-up on your face or not.

So you need to wash your face after using the makeup remover, 8 is too wide to choose clean water or not so strong cleanser. Which is easy to use插图60

Well, that’s all for today’s evaluation of makeup removers. Now that daga has a more comprehensive understanding of these makeup removers, do you have what you like? Cheese people can according to their own actual situation and preferences to choose, sauce, worship~ Which is easy to use插图61

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